Friday, 31 December 2010

An end and a beginning

So...another year over. Surely it's not a whole year since we welcomed 2010? The time has gone by so very quickly. And when I think back...a lot has happened.

Memorable moments...
  • Album recordings finished
  • Album artwork designed
  • Sales begin...
  • Website redesigned
  • Amanda's party
  • Album launch (and met a wicked cool duck, I mean person)
  • Learnt to drive
  • Helped with school choir
  • Played at IW Festival
  • Met Suzanne Vega
  • Played at Bestival with Olli
  • Met some brilliant people at the Anchor
  • Played at Ventnor Church and met some more brilliant people
  • Started University
  • Met some more brilliant people at Uni
  • Late night recording in Studio One
  • Turned 20
...I feel that since I started University I have grown a lot...but then again...I haven't really changed. I think I'm too set in my ways to change. I'll just go along picking up things that I like and try to hold on to them.

I seem to have been able to keep my new resolutions for this past year which is a first! Following on from the success of my 2010 resolution keeping behaviour, I shall have to make some more...
  1. Don't let being too afraid stop you from doing things.
  2. Have more confidence/walk tall.
  3. Drop a dress size/get a flat belly.
That'll do for now!

Oh and...

4. Make 2011 the best year yet.

I hope you have a wonderful new year's eve and an even better new year...I'm going out to see the new year in tonight. It's the first time that I haven't been at home and seen it in with my family, which is quite sad. Hmmm...

Anyway, I'd best be off. - Thank you so much for your brilliant support over the past year. It's because of you that I'm able to do what I love. :)

Take care and lots of love,

See you in the new year. :)



Larry said...

My lovely Holly. How wonderfully eloquent. Have a wonderful time tonight and I just know 2011 will be the bestest ever! :(

wolfgang said...

Happy New Year Holly and all the other fellows!
Drop a dress size and get flat belly, shall be a goal for me too.
A n d meeting Susan and her Mum in Vienna.
A n d watching blossoming magnolias with Xeno in Wilhelma.

Trevor said...

What a lovely and aptly named blog ,Holly :) What a great year and what positive resolutions ( apart from dropping the dress size etc upon which no gentleman should comment ) ! We should all wear a smile and look forward to a fantastic 2011 . As someone quite close to you would undoubtedly say ' Onward and Upward ! ' . Happy New Year everyone :)

Larry said...

Errr... good luck on dropping that dress size, Wolfie. I would have never guessed... :)

Trevor said...

I'm with you , Larry . Mind you he is dropping down from a size 18 ~~ which , in any country in the world , is an L with a lot of X's in front of it !

wolfgang said...

A certain smell of sulphur is in the air. I have to close the smokestack.

me said...

Happy New Year to all!!
Wishing you all that you wish for yourselves...peace,love,laughter, good health, peace, understanding, happinesss, peace....oh did I repeat myself ;-) ~ but wouldn't that be soooo nice ~ oh well ~ one can only dream.
(((hugs))) xxx