Monday, 18 October 2010

When you write what's in your head...

Today I am going to write a stream of consciousness.

Today I am feeling quite blue. I'm missing Ben and I'm in need of one of his cuddles.

I have a roommate now. An uninvited one. He's just there, watching me. Well it feels like he's watching me. He's probably got his eyes shut. Can spiders shut their eyes? Do spiders blink? I think this spider must be the one who left me that beast of a web when I'd only been here a couple of days. That was a scary thing to wake up to. Or maybe I swallowed that spider in my sleep, and this is his/her sister/brother out for revenge.

I'm not sure if I should be scared of this spider. I went out this morning and observed the position that he/she was in. When I came back, he/she (...let's just call it a he instincts tell me he's a he and when it comes to realising a person's gender, my instinct are usually quite trustworthy...) ...where was I? Oh yes. When I came back, he was in the same position. However! When I looked up looked up to the ceiling just now, I realised that he was no longer tucked up in a neat little spidery ball, but his two front legs were spread out in quite a menacing position. Hmmm.

Last night I saw a really cool Suzanne Vega poster advert thing on eBay and I think I might treat myself to it. I don't know why, but I just like it lots. It'll be my first eBay purchase and it's from the USA. Rather exciting.

I'm lunching at the moment. I had bran flakes with rice milk (because I'm lactose intolerant) for breakfast and I decided to have the same for lunch. Not because I don't have anything else to eat. I have lots that I could eat. I'm just really avant garde. I'm breaking the mould man. And for dessert, I'm satisfying my sweetcorn addiction. Because I caaaaaan duuuude. Extreme lunching.

And now I shall listen to music and anticipate a tummy ache.

TTFN xxxx


Larry said...

Oh my goodness! Poor dear. Sounds like you need to pick up a can of bug spray and give the room a dose and then leave it for a half hour. Most kinds work on spiders too. Fall is spider season so do not be too alarmed. Same thing is happening everywhere.

Maybe give Ben a call? He said he is 'just on the other end of the phone'. Bet that would help. :)

If all else fails, get real busy, lol. Good luck!

me said...

Hellooooooo X
The weather has been a bit cold and grey today hasn't it. You will get days like this but like lovely Larry suggests, try and keep as busy as you can.
Looking forward to seeing you in less than 3 weeks and not long before you see your special boy ;)
A spider ~ eek ~ I bet you could do with dad there and his jam jar that keeps missing ~ lol! Maybe it's just Fred from under the fire who has come with you to keep you company. xxxxxx

xenonrush said...

Sounds like dad is a black belt in Zen and the Art of Harmonious Life and the Spider. I suggest you get a plastic pint mug because it's nice and big and a piece of card to cover the top. The mug needs to be plastic in case the spider moves a leg when you are about to capture it and you panic and drop the mug. Once you have the spider in the mug you can rehouse him some where nice and warm with a bit of a draft so he gets some tasty bits in his web.
The only downside to this approach is that you will be all alone when he has gone. :-)

Uncle Tim said...

Sound advice from Xeno! Good luck with the spider....