Monday, 4 October 2010


Hello everyone :)

So, here I am - at Uni.

I'm coping better than I thought I would. Things are so busy at the moment that you don't really get time to dwell on things. I feel very lucky to have met some lovely people too. :)

The course starts today, which I am quite excited about. :) I have Electronic Music at 11am.

I'd better go now and get ready. :)


I hope you are all well. :)


P.S - Sorry for this being really short. - I'll write little updates and things when I


Larry said...

It is really great to hear from you! Glad you are doing OK too. I knew you would be meeting those 'wonderful people', lol. There will be many more. Enjoy your experience there for it is a once in a lifetime joy!

D.N.H. said...

Looking forward to hearing more. Best wishes.

xenonrush said...

Pleased to see that you are soooo busy that you don't have time to sit at the PC for ages (but I hope you get time to write some songs). Is it just one lecture a week, like arts courses, or do they treat it more like engineering and science in which case you will have lectures and labs everyday and lots of project work to do too.
Hope you are getting time to hone your meal in a jug recipies.

me said...

I have spoken to H most days in some form or other and I am so pleased that H has settled in so well and is really enjoying the new experience.
As well as the uni workload (its the 2nd option Xeno ~ at least one lecture every day etc....which she is finding really interesting)she is having to fit in all of her own cooking, washing, cleaning, shopping etc, which will probably come as a bit of a shock ~ lol!
She is doing a bit of guitar practise though and did a couple of songs at the uni open mic night which is every Thursday I think.
Keep these updates coming H ~ we're looking forward to your first uni created YT video ~ or channel ;)

Larry said...

Wonderful news! :)

xenonrush said...

"own cooking, washing, cleaning, shopping etc" as well. Made me feel quite tired just reading about it.

Trevor said...

A few lines written recently by Holly :

I came to University to be with others of my kind,
But cooking and cleaning are a bit of a bind;
And to do washing as well is really unkind,
Think I'll send it to mum.....she won't mind !

Trevor said...

Newly discovered diary entry written by Me at midnight on Wednesday 6th October 2010 :

Some people hate washing ,but I disagree.
I'do anyone's washing and do it for free ;
Some say I'm silly,but that's just Me,
Besides which I'd do anything to help Holly....
Get her Degree !

Editorial comment : What a lovely mum !

Larry said...

Trev, you are a poet and don't know it. Make a rhyme every time. :)

It just occurred to me, now Holly knows what my life is like. The life of a bachelor, lol!

Trevor said...

Larry, Good News !

I've just spoken to Me and she says that she will do your washing for you ! ....Or was it that she would have nothing to do with you ? Anyway,when I was eleven' Bachelor Boy ' by Cliff Richards ( our version of Elvis ) was my favourite song and I sang it in front of the class ! I really ought to have been locked up years ago :)

Larry said...

Heard that! :)