Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Today I woke up, feeling a little drowsy...I really need to start getting some early nights!

Anyway...I stepped on to the carpet and did a great big stretch and looked up to see if our friend *shudder* Mr. Spider was still up there, sitting on my ceiling.

He wasn't. - A slight shock.

Then the shock went away because I realised that I had observed that he was not there the previous night and had already been shocked then.

The odds were that he'd probably crawled into my mouth when I was sleeping, and he was now making an intricate web in my tummy. Ok - maybe the odds weren't in favour of this particular scenario, but my imagination was running wild! The sensible sounding odds were that he'd just creepy crawlied his way to another corner or crevice in my room and was just sitting there. Waiting. (And plotting a way to crawl into my mouth when I was sleeping.)

Anyway. I went into the bathroom to freshen up and when I returned I noticed that THE SPIDER WAS ABSEILING DOWN FROM MY LIGHT. AAAAAAAHHHHH!

At this point I realised that I could either shut my eyes and run away or be really brave and 'get rid of' the spider. I then deduced that, taking my personal levels of 'fear of the not knowing where the spider is', and 'fear of spiders' into account, the most sensible option, for me personally, would be to 'get rid of' the spider.

But how was I going to do this? Panic stricken as the spider started to retreat up his line of web, the multiple 'get rid of' methods were whizzing through my mind.

I didn't want to touch the spider. Ewwww.

I didn't want to kill the spider. He hadn't done anything wrong, and he probably had a family to take care of.

I needed a MASSIVE container to capture him in, so that the distance between us could be maintained.

Then I realised that this was unrealistic and there was a handily placed plastic ex-half-a-tin-of-sweetcorn container on my desk, next to a crusty cereal bowl. So I picked up the potential spider container and emptied it of its sweetcorn juices and approached the acrobatic spider.

Then I suddenly got really really brave, (I think it may have been adrenalin), and placed the container around the spider and put the lid on. Then I opened my window and shook the spider out of the container. Then, with slight trepidation, I brought the container back into the room. There was a moment of anxiety when I thought that the spider may have crawled on to my hand, or clung on to the container for dear life, not wanting to leave the warmth of my room, but no, all seemed fine and the spider was nowhere to be seen.

So I'm guessing that the spider is now outside, enjoying his new found freedom. Making webs wherever he pleases, catching flies and other creepy crawlies, eating other bugs and scaring different people.

That, or he's found his way back in here...


Monday, 18 October 2010

When you write what's in your head...

Today I am going to write a stream of consciousness.

Today I am feeling quite blue. I'm missing Ben and I'm in need of one of his cuddles.

I have a roommate now. An uninvited one. He's just there, watching me. Well it feels like he's watching me. He's probably got his eyes shut. Can spiders shut their eyes? Do spiders blink? I think this spider must be the one who left me that beast of a web when I'd only been here a couple of days. That was a scary thing to wake up to. Or maybe I swallowed that spider in my sleep, and this is his/her sister/brother out for revenge.

I'm not sure if I should be scared of this spider. I went out this morning and observed the position that he/she was in. When I came back, he/she (...let's just call it a he spider...my instincts tell me he's a he and when it comes to realising a person's gender, my instinct are usually quite trustworthy...) ...where was I? Oh yes. When I came back, he was in the same position. However! When I looked up looked up to the ceiling just now, I realised that he was no longer tucked up in a neat little spidery ball, but his two front legs were spread out in quite a menacing position. Hmmm.

Last night I saw a really cool Suzanne Vega poster advert thing on eBay and I think I might treat myself to it. I don't know why, but I just like it lots. It'll be my first eBay purchase and it's from the USA. Rather exciting.

I'm lunching at the moment. I had bran flakes with rice milk (because I'm lactose intolerant) for breakfast and I decided to have the same for lunch. Not because I don't have anything else to eat. I have lots that I could eat. I'm just really avant garde. I'm breaking the mould man. And for dessert, I'm satisfying my sweetcorn addiction. Because I caaaaaan duuuude. Extreme lunching.

And now I shall listen to music and anticipate a tummy ache.

TTFN xxxx

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Waiting for a potato

Hellooo there. :)

I just thought I'd do a blog post. :)

I think I'm getting into the swing of Uni life now. I'm starting to feel grown up and I'm getting to grips with looking after myself! Washing, cooking, cleaning, being tidy, working - it's hard to fit it all in!

I'm enjoying the course - I find all of my lectures interesting. My favourite lectures are about Electronic Music. Our lecturer is trying to help turn us into 'thinking musicians'...we're constantly questioning what music is and what can be classed as music. Where does the term 'music' actually end? Or is it an infinite term?

I find that kind of thing really interesting. Stuff that makes you think. :)

We've just been set the task of writing a piece of music which contains only one pitch! Which will a be a challenge - but a very cool one. It'll be interesting to hear everyone's unique interpretations. I have to decide what I'd like to express and then get recording! I'm quite excited actually.

I'm writing this blog as I'm waiting for my baked potato to cook. They take ages don't they? I think I need to invest in a metal skewer as it says on the packet that it halves cooking time - and I'm slow enough as it is already!

I've also found myself some recording equipment now, so I should be a little more active. :) I'll post my one pitch piece when it's done too. It'll be very different! Hopefully not too terrible though! Lol. I'm quite liking the limitation of this task actually. When people give you too much choice things start getting scary and I tend to drift aimlessly from one idea to the next. Boundaries provide comfort sometimes. :)

Anyhow, my potato is nearly done.



Monday, 4 October 2010


Hello everyone :)

So, here I am - at Uni.

I'm coping better than I thought I would. Things are so busy at the moment that you don't really get time to dwell on things. I feel very lucky to have met some lovely people too. :)

The course starts today, which I am quite excited about. :) I have Electronic Music at 11am.

I'd better go now and get ready. :)


I hope you are all well. :)


P.S - Sorry for this being really short. - I'll write little updates and things when I can.xxx