Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bestival :)

Hello everyone. :)

So the other day I played at the Bestival, which was rather cool. :)

This time, I had company on stage - in the form of the lovely Olli, who helped me to produce my album.

So we arrived at Bestival, and set off to look for the Gazebo In The Woods, where we were set to be playing. It took us about 40 minutes to actually find the gazebo. It was hidden well! Well actually it wasn't, but we took a turning off when we should have just followed the straight path.

- Anyway, after a while we managed to find the gazebo and watched the act before us whilst we got ready to play.

We had half an hour - here's our set list...

Beautiful Deceit
Warmer In May
Sweet Romance
Gold & Blue
Smooth Talking
Riddles & Rhymes
99 Luftballons


And here are a few piccies. (Ta Donna! :))

The Gazebo in the Woods...

Ooh look! A fairy! :P (Or butterfly...)

Holly and Olli - the fact that our names are so similar caused a great deal of confusion. Lol...

A winking, drinking

If you'd like to see some more Bestival photos then there's a gallery here. I'm sure you can get the general vibe from the pics. ;)

IWCP Gallery

I hope you are all well. :)




Trevor said...

Hello Holly,
Lovely photos ( thank you,Donna ) and lovely costume too; the Fairy Crown deserves another outing even without the costume itself .Having said this I've just realised that this might be my Summer of '69 self talking :)
The setting looks fantastic and you look as though you're really enjoying yourself. 'Sweet Romance' ? Have we heard that yet? Enjoy your last week ~ for a while~ on the Island :)

Larry said...

Glad you had a good time! And how about having Olli there too! Knowing you guys made an awesome pair. Your costume was adorable and I really enjoyed seeing all of Donna's pictures. Hope all is going well with preparing for uni. :)

D.N.H. said...

Hi Holly. You make a lovely wood nymph. But were you planning to go jumping in puddles? :)