Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Quite Blue - an original song by Holly Kirby

Hi everyone. :)

Here it is - my 200th post and my last video before University. (Only three sleeps to go! Eek!)

I hope you like it. :)

Lots of love xxxxx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Smooth Talking - original song by Holly Kirby

Hi everyone - one of a few that I intend to post on YT before I go (next week). (AAAAH!)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bestival :)

Hello everyone. :)

So the other day I played at the Bestival, which was rather cool. :)

This time, I had company on stage - in the form of the lovely Olli, who helped me to produce my album.

So we arrived at Bestival, and set off to look for the Gazebo In The Woods, where we were set to be playing. It took us about 40 minutes to actually find the gazebo. It was hidden well! Well actually it wasn't, but we took a turning off when we should have just followed the straight path.

- Anyway, after a while we managed to find the gazebo and watched the act before us whilst we got ready to play.

We had half an hour - here's our set list...

Beautiful Deceit
Warmer In May
Sweet Romance
Gold & Blue
Smooth Talking
Riddles & Rhymes
99 Luftballons


And here are a few piccies. (Ta Donna! :))

The Gazebo in the Woods...

Ooh look! A fairy! :P (Or butterfly...)

Holly and Olli - the fact that our names are so similar caused a great deal of confusion. Lol...

A winking, drinking

If you'd like to see some more Bestival photos then there's a gallery here. I'm sure you can get the general vibe from the pics. ;)

IWCP Gallery

I hope you are all well. :)



Saturday, 4 September 2010

Urge For...Writing

I have an urge for writing, but I have no idea what I'm going to write, so I'll just go with the flow and see which letters my fingers choose.

Things are gearing up towards going off to University now. I'm pretty nervous actually. I'll miss the Island and the people on it so much. I'm very much a home-bod and I don't like to be away for any long stretch of time. For me, a month is a long stretch. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be fine. It's not like all ties will be cut or anything. I have technology to help me out there. I've also cyber-met some people from the course, and they seem nice, so that's all good.

I've been thinking a lot about lyrics recently. - About the rhythm that they make, the different sounds and emotions that they generate. I think a big part of why I love singing so much is actually about how the words feel when they come out of your mouth. Ok, that might sound a bit weird, but it's true. Sometimes I listen to a song, and there's a certain line or phrase that just clicks with me, so I do a cover, just so I can have a go at singing those lines. I think that's part of the reason that I love Suzanne Vega's songs. They're very lyrically focussed. The lyrics are very clever, imaginative and make you think. I was just going to try to pick out an example from one of her songs, but there are too many parts in too many of her songs that I love. Instead I'll leave you with a little selection of some of my favourites of hers...

In Liverpool, Blood Makes Noise, Gypsy.

When I write songs I now think more about how the words sound, rather than making the meaning concise. The meaning behind the words is still very important to me, but sometimes it's nice to let the mind wander. In the more ambiguous songs it's like you're giving a kind of framework to the listener and they build their own unique story around it. As a listener I find that very freeing. And inspiring. An ambiguous song holds a variety of different meanings, whereas a concise one is limited.

I've recently written a song which doesn't really 'end'. It's not a never-ending song, but there's no conclusion. It kind of makes you feel uncomfortable and I wonder to myself how it will go down at performances. Whether people will be intrigued and talk to me about it...or think...well that's a bit annoying! - However - the subject of the song is waiting and waiting for something...and when the time that she's waiting for arrives...nothing really happens. - So it kind of fits in with the mood of the song.

When you write from inside you, you are writing your direct thoughts, and thoughts are continuous. They don't end - you always continue to wonder...

I would post the song, but I've currently got a really annoying cold. :( I've had to cancel a gig because of it. Grrr...

I'm performing at Bestival next weekend and the fancy dress theme this year is 'fantasy'. I have no idea what I'm going to go as. There are the normal fantasy kind of things like fairies and stuff, but I normally like to go for something a bit different. I might take 'fantasy' in the more abstract sense of the word. Imagination rather than fairytale.

Anyway, I'd better go now.

Speak soon. :)