Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Wickham Festival & BBC Radio Solent

Hello everyone :)

How are you? I hope you are all good. :)

Things are pretty busy around here at the mo. I've got a few things to report on, and have a few more coming up soon. Also, I have started getting ready for Uni! Another chapter is about to begin...so I'm kind of mentally preparing myself for that too. I will continue to write in my blog whilst at Uni...but not from home. Aaaaah! From my room at Uni. How very strange that thought is. I'm a little scared/apprehensive...but I'm ready to embrace the change. I think it'll do me good.


Friday was a very exciting day - I was invited to play at Wickham Festival! So early in the morning, (too early for me) we got up and set off for the mainland. Wickham is a little place near Botley in Southern England...here's the festival's website...


It was so lovely and chilled. A really family friendly kind of festival. Everyone (well, almost everyone) had brought their own fold-out chairs to sit on. - The stage was a big top kind of thing. And it was quite big! I said in my set, I think it's the loudest I've ever been! Lol.

Here are a few piccies from it. (Courtesy of Donna Taylor)

I had my own artist portacabin!!! How cool is that?!

And it had my name next to the door and everything!!! :D The toilets were rather posh too! And the soaps had a little 'welcome' on them...

I thought that was particularly impressive.

Here's a picture of me onstage with a singing face.

And here's one of a part of the audience too...

So that was pretty cool! :) I had a lovely time - and they were a really nice audience. The organisers were also really nice and we were made to feel very welcome.

Then the next day we got up early again and headed of towards the Mainland. - This time to BBC Radio Solent. :) I was very excited about this as we have it on at home every day and was looking forward to seeing what it looked like and how everything works there.

I went over on the ferry with Dad, Donna and my guitar to sing some tunes on Sally Taylor's Saturday morning show - aka - Sally On Saturday. Here's the link...


The show was live (aaaaah!) so I was a bit nervous about that! But I managed to get through the songs and interview without any cringeworthy mistakes. (Phew! Lol.)

The interview/songs are available to listen to on my website...


...halfway(ish) down the page.

I had a really great time and it was lovely to meet Sally and Geoff (the producer). The songs I sang were 'Smooth Talking' and 'Warmer In May' - I haven't put these on YouTube yet - but I hope to soon. :)

Here are a few pics...

That scary red light means that we're live. (Aah!!!)

Here's one of Sally, Holly and Geoff. :)

So that was a very cool day! :D

And tomorrow I have got another gig at the Anchor, at which I hope to meet some very special German friends! ;) ...and it's also a certain photographer I know's birthday! ;)

Anyway, I'd best be off - hope you're well! :)

TTFN xxxxx


Larry said...

Oh my, how wonderful this all sounds! I am so happy you had a great experience and I can well imagine how scary it must have been, lol.
It is also delightful to hear that you are going to Uni. I was so hoping you would. It is sure to be a fantastic life experience that will really broaden your horizons in many ways and make you an even more interesting person. Congrats!!!

I sure wish you all the very best in everything you do and look forward to hearing about your adventures as you grow. Why? Because I care! LOL :)

D.N.H. said...

Very cool that you played the Wickham Festival by invitation and were also invited to a live radio interview/performance. I enjoyed listening to it. Sounds like some of your web fans are coming to see you live? I'd like to do that sometime while the concert tickets are still affordable. :)

Larry said...

Just wanted to add that I really enjoyed the radio show. It was super to get to hear you there. The songs were... just WOW! You did an awesome job! Next stop: Ventnor. :)

Trevor said...

Hi Holly, thank you so much for keeping us all up to date with everything you've been doing recently.How busy you've been ! And what great things you've been doing ! It's lovely to see you being so happy and bubbly --- it's infectious you know,as you can see from Larry's comments :)
Thanks for the web link to the Radio Solent interview,I really enjoyed it ------ and what about those songs ? As a famous American music critic said recently, WOW ! I loved them both,but I have to say ' Warming in May ' is a gem.... I must learn how to play it ! Have you any more gigs in August other than the ones already listed ?

xenonrush said...

Wow! You've been busy. I hope the Anchor night was a great success. Did you manage to get Wolfie to do a duet with you? I really liked your 'Smooth Talking' track which you did on The Solent Meets Holly last Saturday and am looking forward to it's YT debut.
I'm pleased to hear that you decided to go the uni route. I'm sure you will have a great time there. Are you still doing the same course?

wolfgang said...

Back in Neumarkt! The concert at the Anchor Inn was great, it was pure pleasure to listen Holly live. It was also great to see many of the people in reality that you have known only via internet. If Holly will give me her permission, I will upload a little snippet of video made at the Anchor.

Trevor said...

Good for you, Wolfgang. I'm really pleased you had a lovely time seeing Holly and hearing her sing live.I've yet to have that pleasure but ,as they say, everything comes to he who waits ! Or am I just deluding myself?

Larry said...

Wow, Wolfie! You are making me turn green with envy, lol. You and Xeno. It is just toooo far for me. :(

Trev... no comment, lol! But I am with ya. :)

wolfgang said...

Trevor, what would life be without illusions and delusions.
Larry, it's not too far. Pack your things and cross this tiny little ocean! These islanders are really kind people, except when they are drunk. Before crossing the street, you habe to watch the right side at first!!!And they do have a currency, that is named after Ezra Pound, but curiously the person on the bills seems to be his mother. Mmmmhhh.

Trevor said...

Wolfgang, your erudition and sense of humour are equally matched........... or could this be another example of my delusional mind? Mmmmm

wolfgang said...

Trevor, I'm hesitating with the answer until this inconvenient bill question will be led to a final solution.

Trevor said...

It really is quite simple,Wolfgang.It is a long standing tradition in this country that every 150 years we change the name of our currency.Each time there is a theme eg artists, volcanos etc. and people choose the one they would like to have.Once the winning name has been chosen by popular acclaim ,a lottery is held and the winner gets to have a picture of their mother printed on the new banknotes as we call them.
So when the last vote was cast the theme or category was English and American writers.The shortlist consisted of Eliot,Whitman ,Yeats,Pound,Owen,Sassoon and though it was a close run contest,Pound just squeezed home ahead of Sassoon.when the lottery was then held it was won by a Mr Joe King of Liverpool and he chose to have a portrait of his mother,Eliza,printed on the new banknotes.
So although our present currency is named after Ezra Pound ,it could so easily have been the Sassoon or the Eliot and so on. But the important thing to remember is that there is no familial relationship between the person after whom the currency is named and the portrait shown on the banknotes.
It's a quaint custom,isn't it? Our previous currency was named following a vote in the category of small animals.If my memory is correct,I think the shortlist consisted of Rabbit,Vole ,Badger,Guinea Pig,Squirrel and the Guinea Pig ,or just Guinea as it became known,was a hugely popular winner.The next competition is in 2080 and there's simply no way of establishing what name will prove to be popular at that time.
Anyway,I hope I've helped to clear that up.If I can be of any further assistance,please feel free to ask :)

wolfgang said...

Dear Trevor, many thanks for your all-embracing answer. I feel now well-informed about the regularities and mores of creating currency in your lovely country. There is a deep and wise logic in these constructions. Much more than call a currency 'Euro', quite tasteless in my opinion.
So we can step to further to answer your question: 'Yes it is your delusional mind.'

xenonrush said...

Wolfgang did you not know that the Euro is named because it sounds like the noise that people make when throwing up. Because the British don't really like 'bathroom' noises they decided to keep the Pound rather than join the Euro.

wolfgang said...

We could have a vote for a new name in 2080 too, but I doubt that much of Britannia will remain, because of the climate change.

Trevor said...

I didn't know that,xeno,but it makes perfectly good sense: it explains why the Euro looks good value when you first look at it but after three or four goes there's hardly any left.
Wolfgang,I'm really pleased that you can see the almost poetic charm with which we choose the name of our currency.thank you too for confirming that I suffer from delusions ---- I thought no-one had noticed.
We've got the climate change thing covered,thank you.On the 1st May 2025 everybody in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has been instructed to gather in Scotland when at 6.00pm we are all to jump in the air as high as we can for ten minutes.It is estimated that Southern England and Wales will rise by approximately 300 feet; indeed it is thought by some that there is a possibility that we may expose the land bridge which once connected us to mainland Europe. We certainly live in interesting times,don't we ?

xenonrush said...

Trevor ~ I think that WG's concern about not much of Britannia remaining in 2080 is that with global warming England will be the foremost wine growing region in Europe and it will have been invaded by the French who will claim that wine is really a French invention and cannot be produced unless the French have the right to blockade the roads. France will of course be part of the Islamic Republic of North Africa by then and Germany will be part of Turkey.

Trevor said...

You may well be right,Xeno.I think we might have a reasonable chance of coming to some form of agreement with the French or even,dare I say it,a coalition : stranger things have happened. But what you say about the future of Germany certainly has a ring of truth about it.Perhaps WG ought to condider coming to live in England !

wolfgang said...

Fellows, my place will be a nice and charming cemetary on the upper ridges of the Isle of Wight, buffeted by the tropical storms of a widespread shallow sea.

Trevor said...

WG, you have a kind and poetic soul and wherever your final resting place may be, it will be honoured and revered.

PS May we please end this topic now, I'm finding it very dispiriting .

Trevor said...

Sorry everyone . The sky suddenly clouded over.Better weather now.

wolfgang said...

The lonesome blog-guard is going up and down and in his boredom a poem came to his mind. But unfortunately it came out to be a German one:


Träumend steh ich vor der Pforte,
weiß nichts über Tag und Nacht.
Ließ mich nieder an dem Orte.
Bin nie aus dem Traum erwacht.

Hör den Singsang der Sirenen,
der des Träumers Herz durchdringt,
kurz, nur kurz, spür ich ein Sehnen,
das erschlafft zu Boden sinkt.

Könnt ich dieses Tor durchschreiten,
würde in der Wüste Sand
sich ein Meer aus Blumen weiten,
und die Seele wär ein Land,

das nicht fruchtlos liegt im Winde,
trocken, öde, fahl und kalt,
wo ich gliche einem Kinde,
spiegelnd sich in See und Wald.

Spiegelnd sich in jenen Augen,
die mir fern und doch auch nah.
Nahe mir und doch auch fern,
spiegelnd sich im Augenstern.

Doch das Glas, es ist zerbrochen.
Fiel schon vor so langer Zeit,
und aus seinen Scherben krochen
Schlangen der Unendlichkeit.

Banden mich an diesem Orte,
hielten mich in ihrem Bann,
daher blieb ich vor der Pforte,
wo wie Sand die Zeit zerrann.

Tip tap, tip tap... The blog-guard is on his way again.