Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Wickham Festival & BBC Radio Solent

Hello everyone :)

How are you? I hope you are all good. :)

Things are pretty busy around here at the mo. I've got a few things to report on, and have a few more coming up soon. Also, I have started getting ready for Uni! Another chapter is about to begin...so I'm kind of mentally preparing myself for that too. I will continue to write in my blog whilst at Uni...but not from home. Aaaaah! From my room at Uni. How very strange that thought is. I'm a little scared/apprehensive...but I'm ready to embrace the change. I think it'll do me good.


Friday was a very exciting day - I was invited to play at Wickham Festival! So early in the morning, (too early for me) we got up and set off for the mainland. Wickham is a little place near Botley in Southern England...here's the festival's website...


It was so lovely and chilled. A really family friendly kind of festival. Everyone (well, almost everyone) had brought their own fold-out chairs to sit on. - The stage was a big top kind of thing. And it was quite big! I said in my set, I think it's the loudest I've ever been! Lol.

Here are a few piccies from it. (Courtesy of Donna Taylor)

I had my own artist portacabin!!! How cool is that?!

And it had my name next to the door and everything!!! :D The toilets were rather posh too! And the soaps had a little 'welcome' on them...

I thought that was particularly impressive.

Here's a picture of me onstage with a singing face.

And here's one of a part of the audience too...

So that was pretty cool! :) I had a lovely time - and they were a really nice audience. The organisers were also really nice and we were made to feel very welcome.

Then the next day we got up early again and headed of towards the Mainland. - This time to BBC Radio Solent. :) I was very excited about this as we have it on at home every day and was looking forward to seeing what it looked like and how everything works there.

I went over on the ferry with Dad, Donna and my guitar to sing some tunes on Sally Taylor's Saturday morning show - aka - Sally On Saturday. Here's the link...


The show was live (aaaaah!) so I was a bit nervous about that! But I managed to get through the songs and interview without any cringeworthy mistakes. (Phew! Lol.)

The interview/songs are available to listen to on my website...


...halfway(ish) down the page.

I had a really great time and it was lovely to meet Sally and Geoff (the producer). The songs I sang were 'Smooth Talking' and 'Warmer In May' - I haven't put these on YouTube yet - but I hope to soon. :)

Here are a few pics...

That scary red light means that we're live. (Aah!!!)

Here's one of Sally, Holly and Geoff. :)

So that was a very cool day! :D

And tomorrow I have got another gig at the Anchor, at which I hope to meet some very special German friends! ;) ...and it's also a certain photographer I know's birthday! ;)

Anyway, I'd best be off - hope you're well! :)

TTFN xxxxx