Saturday, 31 July 2010

Gigs number 2 :)

Hello peeps! :)

I'm back with the 2nd instalment of the recent gig blog thing.

Ok now where were we?...

Ah yes.

After Folkstation I had a nice gig at the Woodvale. I say 'nice' because it's a good place to play. It's kind of like practice. - I don't mean that in a bad way - I just mean that people are sort of listening, and sort of not. It's kind of in between a concert and a pub gig. Anyway - I did my 2 hour set. Actually I think I did 2 and half hours - and I felt it the next day. :-S

Here's a photo taken by a friend called Ben (hope it's OK to use it!) at the Woodvale...

Then the next day I woke up feeling very tired with a croaky voice...and I had two gigs to do. :-S

The first one was a really lovely little festival called 'FONStival' - the FONS standing for 'Friends Of Niton School'. A lady asked me to play there after seeing me perform on the Acoustic Stage at the IW Festival. She has a lovely little girl who also sings and plays the guitar. Maybe a duet is in order! :)

Then later in the evening I went out to perform at Dimbola Lodge. It's a lovely place and I met some great people. Dimbola Lodge was home to the Victorian photographer, Julia Margaret's the website if you're interested in having a look...

I performed at a gig called 'Home Made 2' along with two other acts - Michael Champion and Hosanna Rhythms. It was Vaguely Sunny's 150th gig so it felt a bit special to play there... :)
Here's a pre-event article...
(Do you think they're running out of pictures? Lol)

I felt especially lucky to play at Dimbola because of its history. Tennyson would have been to Dimbola many times, so Lady felt very much at home there. ;)

I'm afraid I don't have any pics from those two events as Donna wasn't there. Lol.



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Larry said...

Gosh, but you have been a busy little Holly, lol. I bet it is nice to be able to summon Phoebe now, lol. Good picture, Ben. Thanks!