Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I think it's called my destiny...

Today I feel like I have a tidy mind...it must be because I tidied my room recently. But because I have a tidy mind, I can see all of the things that were previously blocked out by clutter.

I had a bit of a moment today where I suddenly thought...

This is what I want to be. I want to be a singer/songwriter. I know this whole year has been aimed at me doing my music and working as a musician. But I know now that this is what I want to do.

I've always 'wanted' to do it, but not with a great conviction. When you're at school, you're asked what you want to do after you've finished school, and generally it's a career which is based around your education...your GCSEs, A-Levels or whatever...and you aim towards that particular career. I'm currently on this path. I have accepted my place on a University course to study Creative Music Technology, after which I plan to study to become a teacher. The theory I have been following is this: if anything magical happens along the way, then that's great. If it doesn't, it doesn't. But now...I don't feel that's enough.

Singer/songwriter for a living has always been an afterthought. But if it's what I love to do, then why is it an afterthought?


There's no stability in the career.
There are so many who want to be the same thing.
Much of it is being in the right place at the right time.
It's a gamble.

But recently I've come to realise that it really it is what I want to do.

When I see a stage, I want to be up there, and when I'm up there, I don't want it to end.

I live by Walt Disney's quote: If you can dream it, you can do it.

But why am I ignoring this when it comes to a career in music?

It seems that now, things are picking up, and I'm getting more gigs and I'm learning a lot and I'm enjoying it. I'm getting some lovely feedback from people, the Island's music scene is brilliant, and when I go to Uni, it's just going to stop. I can say that I'll come back for gigs, but it's easier said than done. The total journey time is about 2 and a half hours, and I'm sure that I'll be busier up there than I first imagined I'd be.

Which leads me to think about my Uni course again. Over the past year and a bit I've been iffy about it. - Wondering whether it's the course for me etc....

Thinking of Holly as a musician...I put myself into my songs. I don't want to go to Uni to learn how to write better bass lines, or to create better mixes. I don't have to do everything myself. When I'm at gigs I present myself, my voice, my words, my simple chords, my melodies and it seems to go down well.

I'm not saying that's all I need. But to grow and become a better singer/songwriter I don't need to know how to create a really good mix. I have a basic knowledge of production etc. and I know how I like things to sound. To grow as a singer/songwriter, I need these things...

Life experience
Guitar lessons (!)
A larger range of vocabulary

That's what I feel I need. Recently I haven't had a chance to do any reading, so I'm not improving. Sometimes when I'm writing lyrics I feel as though I'm trapped in a pen or something. (Not the writing implement kind, but the other kind.) And the boundaries are closing in and so is my mind. And you can't write songs with a closed mind. And I don't think studying Creative Music Technology will improve my vocabulary.

Yesterday I had the pie in the sky idea of doing an Open University course in English from home and still being able to pursue a music career. So now I'm going to do a list of pros and cons...

Let's get the cons out of the way first...


It means that I'd be living at home still, and I don't want to be sponging of my parents if I don't have any gigs for a while. (I imagine they'd probably like some peace and quiet too!)

I wouldn't gain the 'life experience' that Uni has to offer.

I wouldn't have a base to do gigs from in Guildford.

(I'm sure there are more...I'll come back to it...)


I'd be able to continue with my Island gigs. Regular slots etc.

I wouldn't get homesick!

I'd still get a degree and I'd HAVE to read.

My vocabulary would improve and I could have guitar lessons on the Island.

(I got an A for A-Level English and a C for Music (a D for the composition section))

And I've done OK living on the Island this year. I've had some wonderful experiences. The trip to London...meeting Suzanne Vega...an incredibly fun album launch...making the album...gigs...passing my driving test...it's not like I've missed out by being here.

I wish I didn't feel as though it's expected of me to go to University. But that's how it is. To get a good job, that's the general, secure way to go.

I'll stop now before I start going round in circles.

TTFN xxxxx

Monday, 14 June 2010

Isle of Wight Festival 2010

Yo yo everyone :)

Goodness! It's been a while! Lol. Now what is there to report...?

AH! Yes, Isle of Wight Festival! :)

Well, on Friday I played in the Kashmir Cafe. :) I played for about 45 minutes, and it was really fun. :) There's always a lovely atmosphere - very chilled. Here's a pic...

(All photos courtesy of Donna ;))

I don't know what I was doing there. But this photo shows that I have legs so I thought I'd put it on.

I did a mixture of covers and originals. I think that 'Paint It Black' had the biggest clap. Lol. :)

Then on Saturday I wasn't playing at all so we just enjoyed the day (though it was very tiring) and watched the artists. In the morning we watched Melanie perform. I thought she was brilliant. At the end of her set she sang with one of our local choirs, which was really moving. I had tingles the whole way through!

Here's a video of the performance on Youtube...(They also went into 'Give Peace A Chance' at the end which was brilliant, but it got cut off the end of this video.)

We also saw Little Boots on the Acoustic Stage who was brilliant. She's got a great voice and is a fab piano player too. After that we watched Crowded House, who were good...and then in the evening we watched Blondie who were cool. :)

I also got to wear my uber cool wellies. (Please excuse the legs!)

Then on Sunday came the day for me to play on the Acoustic Stage. :D When I woke up in the morning I was a bit nervous, but when I was getting ready and saw the people who were going to be watching I felt fine. :)

So I started off with Gold & Blue. I was singing away happily, but I could tell that something wasn't quite the ticket, as people were pulling funny faces and the sound people looked a bit flustered. Then, near the end of the song people started clapping. :-S That confused me a lot...then I was told that people could only hear my guitar, and not my voice! I think that someone was left with the audio who wasn't really sure what was going on, and a setting was selected that shouldn't have been. But the man who was controlling my monitors (who was very good) went and sorted it out. :)

After that I did 'Beautiful Deceit', then 'Gone For Good', 'Riddles & Rhymes', 'Gold & Blue' (with voice!) and finished with 'Poetry'.

I really really enjoyed it, and people said some really lovely things afterwards. :)

Here are a few piccies...

I particularly like this one....Haha! This lady just started dancing in front of the stage. I dedicated Beautiful Deceit to her and she did a big ending and everything! Lol...

And I gave her a special clap at the end too. :)

Then in the evening we went back to the Acoustic Stage to watch Suzanne Vega. :) And because I played on the stage earlier I had my backstage pass - so I went back and met her! :D She's really nice. - I had my piccy taken with her too. :)

Her set was definitely the highlight of the Festival for me. :)

I hope you're all well. :)

TTFN from a very happy Hollyxxxxx

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A (not so) speedy update...

Hello everyone :)

Just thought I'd do a quick update. :)

I've got a gig tonight so most of my day has been spent preparing for that. It's at the Anchor Inn this time - 9pm start. :)

Also...I did my driving test today.


First time too! YEAH!!! I thought that I'd failed when we arrived back at the test centre, but he said..."I'm pleased to tell you that you've passed. Congratulations." And I said "Really?! Wow! Thank you!"

I got five minors. You're allowed to have 15 minor faults - 16 and you fail. One was for moving off safely...I think one time I moved off I was still partly looking over my shoulder. One was for observations at a junction...I didn't see a car until the last minute (but it was still safe)...and the other three minors were for going too slowly. OOPS! Lol.

Anyway, I'd better go and practise for tonight's gig.


Lots of love,