Friday, 14 May 2010

A trip to London...

Hello everyone :)

I am back and I shall now tell you a bit about London. :)

Day 1

On Monday morning we (Donna and I) set off bright and early and boarded the Red Jet to get us across that little stretch of water. We were a bit may be able to tell...
Then when we reached the other side we went to the bus stop - after stopping off for a cuppa on the Southampton Red Jet side.
It's the first time we caught the Greyhound coach...but it was ever so easy. Here we are. :)

Then we got to Victoria Station and it was all very Londonish and exciting. We had been told to meet Tomas in Starbucks so I struggled with my phone, trying to find out exactly
where we were and how we'd get to Starbucks. We couldn't really work it out so we thought we'd just go for it and leave the station. After doing so we saw Starbucks directly opposite us. Hmmm...So we waited there for a bit before going to meet Amanda.

Amanda is a brilliant person. She's got such a's hard to explain. It's great to be around her...a very refreshing feeling. I wish I'd had more time to talk to her about things.

After meeting Amanda we caught the taxi to Katy's house, which is where we were staying. Katy is really lovely - she was very welcoming and made us feel really comfortable. :)

Carl, who was the DJ at the party, was also staying at Katy's...

Then later on we went out shopping with Amanda for something to wear. We
met Dounia and her lovely Mum too. Dounia is the very talented little girl who was also singing at the party. Shopping with Amanda was really cool and we got some lovely things. :)

In the evening Donna and I went out for a Thai meal. It was reeeeeally yummy. :D
Day 2

On Tuesday we got up and went to go and see Amanda again. Whilst she was at her tango lesson Tomas took us along Sloane Street. - We were going to see the Saatchi Gallery, but when we got there it was closed, so we just had a potter round and Tomas and I went to Subway and had a meatball roll thing. It was YUM. :)

Then we went back to Amanda's and I played some songs to her...we decided that I should perform Beautiful Deceit and Riddles and Rhymes at the party...

At that we went back to Katy's and ordered a yummy takeaway. :)

Day 3

On Wednesday (party day!) we went to the venue for a soundcheck. It was a lovely decommissioned church in Mayfair...

Then we went back to Amanda's to have our hair and make up done, which was really cool. :)

Here's Dounia and I...

Then we made our way to the venue to get ready for the party. :)

Dounia was on before I was - she was brilliant. She has such an amazing voice. Here's one of her videos on YouTube...

Then it was my turn. - I wasn't nervous really - more excited. It seems that once I get nervous I can't get rid of the feeling...but I managed to keep it at bay this time. So I went on and did my songs and then came off again. I got some claps which was good. :)

Then we enjoyed the rest of the party. :)

Amanda and Holly...

Then we went back to Katy's and went to sleep. :)

Day 4

On Thursday morning we both woke up feeling very tired. *Yaaaawn* We went downstairs and had breakfast and a chat before packing our bags, saying our goodbyes and heading home. :)

It was a great adventure...but it's also nice to be home again. :)

TTFN xxxxx


Larry said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure of a lifetime. At least that is what I would call it! it was so amazing, from start to finish and, the pictures were great. My head id still spinning, lol!

Uncle Tim said...

Great pictures and an amazing adventure. You'll have to include a few words about this experience in one of your songs one day!

xenonrush said...

Your outfit (very tasty) when you played your songs for Amanda's party reminded me a bit of the guitar on the left in this:
Looks like you had a great time and discovered a new look with the eyes.

Trevor said...

Hi Holly, thank you so much for giving us all an exciting few days as we followed you and Donna through a London many of us have never seen before.The photo's have been lovely.I'm so glad the performance went well --- I think you're incredibly brave to take on a challenge like that.Your generous appreciation and promotion of Dounia's singing is typical and speaks volumes for your good nature:she is indeed really really good,isn't she ? Donna, cheerful throughout, looked like the perfect travelling companion.
Wot Larks !

D.N.H. said...

I enjoyed reading about your London adventure. I've only spent one day in London, and most of that was on one of those double deck tour buses where they point out all the famous sights. Perhaps someday they'll be pointing out the venue where Holly Kirby played her first London performance. :)

I also enjoyed the rest of the pictures on Donna's HK FB fan page.