Thursday, 29 April 2010


Hi everyone. :) I hope you are groovy. my 'mock test'...well, it wasn't reeeeally a mock was kind of just for me to see how a real test would be. I guess I've just defined 'mock test' haven't I? :-S Anyhooow...if it had been my real test, I would have...

failed. :-S

Right, what happened waaaas...I driving along this road, and then there was a learner driver (bloomin' learners) doing a turn in the road. So I stopped, all good. And then she continued along the road, and before I moved off again, I forgot to check over my shoulder, so that was an instant fail.

You can have up to 15 minor faults on your test before you fail, and no serious or dangerous faults. But I got 5 minors (dipping the clutch when I didn't need to, being too hesitant at a junction, not checking my mirrors in slow moving traffic, being a little bit far out from the kerb on a reverse round a corner, not looking in my mirror before changing gear) and a serious. It's OK though, it just means that I'll be extra, extra observant in the future. :)

I have also uploaded a little video of choir's Zombie. :) Sorry the sound quality isn't very good - it was done through my laptop.

Check out the harmonies for the chorus :D - I can't take credit for those - they were made by the lovely Chloe. :)

Anyway, I'd best be off now. Lots to do. :)

TTFN xxxxx


Larry said...

Lesson learned! As you said, you will now be more observant, which is a critical component of safe driving.

The choir sounds great and work together nicely. Thanks for sharing it!

TV said...

The last time I checked over my shoulder was my driving test :D
It's simply wonderul to drive without turning signal, 20 mph faster than you are allowed to or after having some beers :D

me said...

I HOPE you are joking!
You shouldn't be on the road! I am glad I am never likely to drive in Germany with you let loose on the roads! LOL
Aren't your drink driving laws the same as ours DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! ~ or else. ;)
Holly ~ take no notice of this naughty boy :)

Trevor said...

Thanks for uploading your choir singing 'Zombie',Holly. They're really good aren't they ? Well done you and well done Chloe.
Some of the stuff on the driving test seems bizarre but I suppose you just have to do as you're told.You'll have to leave the creative spirit at home for a few hours :)

TV said...

Hehe, as you may have noticed, I've been exaggerating a little bit :D
Well, the first one is true.
Most of those driving school rules are simply... stupid. You can't concentrate on driving, if you try to satisfy them all.