Thursday, 15 April 2010


Howdy peeps!

Today is Thursday - the CD delivery day...until I received a phone call saying that they are going to be delivering them tomorrow instead. Hmm. Oh well, I guess it gives me more time to make sure that I've got everything ready this end. :)

Ooh - by the way, I've sorted myself out on Second Life - and my name is 'Holly...' Hang on. Before I say my last name I have to explain that I had to choose it from a list of names that they provided. It's 'Holly Birdsong' - I chose that one because Birdsong is one of my favourite books, although very sad. And I like listening to the birds singing. :)
I don't know if you can find someone just be knowing their name, but there it is - if you come across me that's who I am. :) (And I'm wearing a red beret. :))

Anyway, I'd better go and do some admin. :)

TTFN and fingers crossed for tomorrow! xxxxxx


Larry said...

Tomorrow! Outstanding! Holly Birdsong... that could be a cool Cherokee Indian name, lol! Very fitting!

Trevor said...

Oh,the sun'll come out tomorrow,so you gotta hang on 'til tomorrow -- come what may....Tomorrow,tomorrow,I love you tomorrow,you're only a day away !!
Holly Birdsong is a lovely name --it reminds me of the wonderful Eva Cassidy's Songbird : For you there'll be no crying....For you,the sun will be shining.What a lovely association:)

TV said...

By now, I must own the ugliest Second Life avatar ever created.

wolfgang said...

Einen Terrorvogel halt, was sonst, junger Mann... und nicht immer junge Frauen erschrecken wollen... und über dem Second Life nicht das Primäre vergessen, schließlich steht jetzt das Abitur an und da bestehen noch ein paar Lücken im Vorfeld, die unbedingt geschlossen werden müssen....So, Wolfgang, genügend Moralinsäure verspritzt. Tschüss TV

TV said...

Ich finde das Spiel bisher ziemlich schlecht, weshalb ich etwa 20 Minuten drin war und dann keine Lust mehr hatte.
Und vom Abi ist ja auch nur das mündliche übrig. Nur das mit den anderen Lücken würde mich jetzt mal interessieren :D

me said...

It's all very well everyone being excited about these CDs but.......where are we going to put them...eeeek! 10 boxes each containing 100 CDs!!!! I know...we'll have to buy a new shed to put them in ;)

wolfgang said...

Die Lücken bezogen sich aufs Abitur, aber das ist ja schon vorbei. So früh im Jahr, unbegreiflich... für einen Bayern, da geht es erst übernächste Woche los.

Trevor said...

But Me you are such a lucky person for you have been granted the great gift of personal sacrifice.

Trevor said...

I am not at all sure about Second Life -- of course,as usual,I know nothing about it,but do you have to act a part all the time ie you become someone else for a period of time?Is it to do with temporarily escaping the limitations and constraints of our real lives? Or is it a creative exploration of other ways of being?Can it become addictive?
Also,and of the greatest importance,if I were to join would I have to be a Grumpy Old Man or could I just be myself ? :)

me said...

Thankyou Trevor...that makes me feel much better *cough* ;)

I am not very up on Second Life. I am sure Holly Birdsong will explain it later (if she is not packing CDs ;))...but I understood that you could choose to escape from your normal life if you wished to or like Holly stay as a musician. I think she said she can actually sing on it ~ lol!
You could be an astronaut!!!....or a Grumpy old man...or just be yourself ;)

Larry ~ I agree! Sounds very indian like. Maybe she could have called herself that instead of Holly Kirby :)

TV ~ now I must ask H to show me your Avatar ~ she told me the name, which made me laugh,(sorry), but didn't show me the pic! :(

*Drums fingers on kitchen worktop..nervously waiting for CD delivery...thinks..please please please let it be errors whatsoever!!!*

xenonrush said...

me ~ Hope you haven't worn the kitchen worktop out with the drumming(and have you recorded it - it could become a backing track).

Wouldn't it be fascinating to know how many people are on tenterhooks waiting for the CD. There's obviously us lot but everywhere I look, FB and YT there seem to be lots of people panting with anticipation.
Did check FB a bit earlier to see if there was a "Weeeeee! They've arrived posting". Maybe they have to wait for high tide so the ship can dock with its precious cargo. But I guess everyone on IoW knows the tide tables by heart just like we all had to learn our times tables so H has taken that into account.

me said...

Yes Xeno ~ I have recorded my drumming ~ great minds and all that ;)

H is at work this morning so doesn't know anything yet!

It would be interesting to know about prospective buyers but I would guess that the/you internet peeps are her loveliest fans as this Island is not so big and outlets would only be where she does her gigs and when she has a launch evening ~ we shall see :) I hope she sells plenty so I can have my dining room back :D