Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Intervieeeew. :)

Hello everyone! :)

I thought I'd just do a blog post to say 'hello'. :) I hope you're all well...we've got lovely weather over here today. - Sunny...although a bit 'airish'. ;)

I'm still waiting for my CDs - hopefully they'll be here next week. Oooooh! Exciting! (It's taking a while isn't it! Lol) They'll be available from my website as soon as I get them though. :)

- Oh - also, I did an interview a few days ago - if you'd like to have a look, it's on this blog...


Nick's really nice and has been around on YouTube for a while - you may recognise his username. :)


Holly xxxxx

P.S - I hope to be uploading a collaboration soon - be warned - it's very different! Lol. :)


Larry said...

Cannot wait for the 'collaboration'! And the CD, of course, lol.
Summertime has arrived here! Yesterday set a new record at 91F (32.7C) and today is supposed to be even warmer. Sure ain't nothing airish about that! LOL

D.N.H. said...

I enjoyed reading your interview over on Nick's blog. He did a very good job of posing questions that allowed you to elucidate, revealing much about yourself to the reader. Those that have been following you for awhile have gleaned most of that information in bits and pieces over time. This interview gathers it all in one place and offers an opportunity for those just getting to know you to catch up. I hope it gets lots of readers.

Looking forward to your CD!

Larry said...

Agree, Dan. I just read it and thought it was very good. I have been offline all day since late morning and am trying to play 'catchup' now, lol. Also watched both of the Amy videos again. Love them.