Friday, 16 April 2010


Yaaaaaaay!!! At last! They're here!!! All covered in plastic and new and cool. :D

Here are SIX of the TEN boxes!

I have a new seat! Hooray! Lol.

Now...have they sent me the right CDs?

They certainly have!!! :D

Reading the booklet! :)

Now comes the hard part...delivering etc. Hopefully all will be OK though. :) I can feel a to do list coming

I guess I'd better get started!

They should be available for sale on my website this weekend/next week. I'll let you know. :D

TTFN xxxxx


xenonrush said...

That should be a throne not a seat. Looks like you have helped me achieve an ambition. I said when I first heard you that I looked forward to buying your CD (albeit from HMV but that will come in time) and I am now only half a step away.
And you really do look as happy as Larry (so to speak).

Larry said...

Happy and also cuter than a speckled pup, as we say in the mountains, lol. YIPEEEEEE!!!

Larry said...

Oh yeah, I heard that Mum is gonna use them boxes to make a new table for the kitchen? LOL!

xenonrush said...

And I heard she was going to use them for packaging up the first load of cornbread, when she gets the kitchen back and the new oven.

me said...

Hey you lot ~ I am a busy working/multi-tasking mum ~ stop giving me even more jobs to do!!! :)

Trevor said...

Dear Holly ,what a wonderful,wonderful day!I am so pleased for you--it's a remarkable achievement.I'm childishly happy to share in such a moment --I feel like skipping !:-)

Trevor said...

Dear Me,as for you,please see above:)

TV said...

Jesse, my avatar will make you laugh even more, hehe.
So when Holly knows my name in there, she added me :D What an honour :D

And, let me say, I'm really looking forward to the great release.

wolfgang said...

Oh what a day!!!

Aaaaall hands on deck!!! Multitasking mother, singletasking father, no excuses..., the work has to be done!

H said...

Hi everyone! :D

Yeah, it's pretty cool. :D I've just realised that now I have loooooads to do. It's a bit of a shock after just waiting around for ages. Lol.

Let's just say that I'll be busy for a while. ;)

And we're just about to start organising the album launch tomorrow! Of course, you're all invited. ;)


Trevor said...

What does the launch involve, Holly ?

H said...

It will probably just be like a gig. (But in a theatre type place)... - this place to be precise. :)

And then afterwards I'll be talking to people and stuff like that. :) We'll be picking a date tomorrow. :D

Trevor said...

That sounds great--so it might be possible for outsiders to attend ? :)


yippie, they are here! how exciting! can't wait to order one from ya! =)

xenonrush said...

Launch party! Oooo! I feel a day trip coming on. Hope no volcanos block the Solent on the day.

PBS said...

Oooh - I might get to meet some of you in person! :-D