Thursday, 29 April 2010


Hi everyone. :) I hope you are groovy. my 'mock test'...well, it wasn't reeeeally a mock was kind of just for me to see how a real test would be. I guess I've just defined 'mock test' haven't I? :-S Anyhooow...if it had been my real test, I would have...

failed. :-S

Right, what happened waaaas...I driving along this road, and then there was a learner driver (bloomin' learners) doing a turn in the road. So I stopped, all good. And then she continued along the road, and before I moved off again, I forgot to check over my shoulder, so that was an instant fail.

You can have up to 15 minor faults on your test before you fail, and no serious or dangerous faults. But I got 5 minors (dipping the clutch when I didn't need to, being too hesitant at a junction, not checking my mirrors in slow moving traffic, being a little bit far out from the kerb on a reverse round a corner, not looking in my mirror before changing gear) and a serious. It's OK though, it just means that I'll be extra, extra observant in the future. :)

I have also uploaded a little video of choir's Zombie. :) Sorry the sound quality isn't very good - it was done through my laptop.

Check out the harmonies for the chorus :D - I can't take credit for those - they were made by the lovely Chloe. :)

Anyway, I'd best be off now. Lots to do. :)

TTFN xxxxx

Monday, 26 April 2010


Hello everyone. :D

I though I'd just do a blog post before I go out driving. I'm a bit scared at the mo because my teacher says that I'm ready for my test. :-S It's a scary thought for me...and probably for other drivers too. :-S

So today we're doing a mock test to give me an idea of how I'd get on in a real test. Uh ooooh! Bit scared.

On the music front, my album sales appear to be going well. :D I finished my first box yesterday. (I got 10 boxes in total... ;)) I'll be publicising it a bit more over the next few days and will probably be putting a video on YouTube about it. :)

Other YouTubey things......Darren Smith and I have created another trancey tune. (Sorry TV! I know you love it really! :P) and I hope to be making a video for that one shortly. (As soon I have an idea.) gorgeous choir have a little performance opportunity coming up shortly so we're preparing for that at the mo. On Friday we sang Zombie by The Cranberries. They're really quick at picking things up. I actually recorded a take of Zombie on my laptop - the quality isn't great, and the door opens and closes a few times and makes a funny sticky noise, but you can still hear their uber cool singing. :) I'll try to upload the audio track to show you when I come back from driving. :)



Monday, 19 April 2010

***Debut album available now!***

Hi everyone!

I've just got back from the Post Office where I sent off the pre-orders/donator's CDs. - Hopefully they should be with people soon - but I can't say exactly when because of the mahoosive volcanic ash cloud thing. :-S UK orders shouldn't be affected though.

So - Holly's first ever/debut album is finally available on the website under the Holly's Shop section. :D Phew! And the orders are coming in, so Holly is busy. :D All is groovy. :)

I'd better go and do some of my admin. I am now a business woman as well as a musician. Hah! I've always fancied the idea of power dressing...

:) TTFN xxxxx

Friday, 16 April 2010


Yaaaaaaay!!! At last! They're here!!! All covered in plastic and new and cool. :D

Here are SIX of the TEN boxes!

I have a new seat! Hooray! Lol.

Now...have they sent me the right CDs?

They certainly have!!! :D

Reading the booklet! :)

Now comes the hard part...delivering etc. Hopefully all will be OK though. :) I can feel a to do list coming

I guess I'd better get started!

They should be available for sale on my website this weekend/next week. I'll let you know. :D

TTFN xxxxx

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Howdy peeps!

Today is Thursday - the CD delivery day...until I received a phone call saying that they are going to be delivering them tomorrow instead. Hmm. Oh well, I guess it gives me more time to make sure that I've got everything ready this end. :)

Ooh - by the way, I've sorted myself out on Second Life - and my name is 'Holly...' Hang on. Before I say my last name I have to explain that I had to choose it from a list of names that they provided. It's 'Holly Birdsong' - I chose that one because Birdsong is one of my favourite books, although very sad. And I like listening to the birds singing. :)
I don't know if you can find someone just be knowing their name, but there it is - if you come across me that's who I am. :) (And I'm wearing a red beret. :))

Anyway, I'd better go and do some admin. :)

TTFN and fingers crossed for tomorrow! xxxxxx

Monday, 12 April 2010

Second Life

Hi everyone :)

I thought I'd just do a blog to let you know what's occurin'. :)

I got an email the other day from the manufacturers - and my CDs should be arriving here on Thursday! Eek! Exciting stuff though. :) - So now I'm just getting ready for when they arrive. :)

Thankyou for your brilliant comments about about about about love. :P (Especially you TV, I just knew you'd love it! Lol)

It was really great collaborating with Rob and Darren, - two very talented peeps. :) Lyrics by Rob, vocal melody/singing/video by Holly and musical production by Darren. :)

I warn you now - there may well be another cheesy trance tune by Darren and Holly on the way soon. - So keep a look out for that TV! ;)

Ah - also...

I've just joined Second Life. Here's a little bit about it if you don't know what it is...

Second Life is a three-dimensional virtual community created entirely by its membership. Members assume an identity and take up residence in Second Life, creating a customized avatar or personage to represent themselves. The avatar moves about in the virtual world using mouse control and intuitive keyboard buttons.

Second Life’s virtual world also includes sound; wind in the swaying trees, babbling brooks, audible conversation, and built-in chat and instant messaging. Residents buy property, start businesses, game with other residents, create objects, join clubs, attend classes, or just hang out. The rendering of Second Life is remarkable, making it an instant guilty pleasure.

I joined because I've been reading various articles about marketing music and its name has cropped up a few times. Apparently, musicians are able to put on live gigs in Second Life - their live audio playing out as if their little avatar thingy is singing. It's also great for socialising...

So I downloaded it the other day and my little avatar thing got plonked down into this brand new 'Second Life' world. There were lots of people walking around me...(real people, aaah!)...and I couldn't help feeling the same shy/nervous feeling that I do in real life. (Or 'First Life' as I believe 'Second Life' people call it.)

So I quickly switched to 'Edit Appearance' mode where no one could talk to me...what a wuss...and tried to make me look more like me. Admittedly, that's not the point of Second can go wild and get multiple piercings/tattoos etc., but because I'm on there as myself, as a musician, I thought it best to try and copy my own appearance. If I turned myself into a beautiful buxom brunette, then people would be pretty disappointed when they saw what I actually looked like! :P

I've been on Second Life twice so far. I'm currently wandering round, trying to find a hairstyle that's a bit like mine, preferably a beret that's a bit like mine and hopefully clothes that are a bit like mine. - You can't easily design your own clothes/hair so people make shops which 'sell' them. Second Life actually has its own currency called 'Linden Dollars' - The current exchange rate is about 250 Linden Dollars to 1 US Dollar. I haven't spent any money yet. - You don't really have to - lots of places do things for free. Well, some places. Haven't found a free beret yet though. :-S

I haven't spoken to anyone yet either. I'm a little bit scared. I need the security of a beret and a different hairstyle to do that. You know when a lady says 'Ooh I can't answer the door, I haven't got my make-up on!'? - Well I kind of feel a bit like that at the moment. Lol.

Anyway, I'm still getting the hang of it. There seems like lots to learn about, but once I've got myself sorted out appearance-wise I'll be hanging round the musicy bits for a couple of minutes each day. On Second Life, you can even build houses, get married etc. - it's incredible. I don't think I'll be doing that though. Lol.

TTFN xxxxxx

P.S - If any of you use Second Life, then I'll post my name on here when I've sorted myself out!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

About Love...

Holly did a vid...

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Intervieeeew. :)

Hello everyone! :)

I thought I'd just do a blog post to say 'hello'. :) I hope you're all well...we've got lovely weather over here today. - Sunny...although a bit 'airish'. ;)

I'm still waiting for my CDs - hopefully they'll be here next week. Oooooh! Exciting! (It's taking a while isn't it! Lol) They'll be available from my website as soon as I get them though. :)

- Oh - also, I did an interview a few days ago - if you'd like to have a look, it's on this blog...

Nick's really nice and has been around on YouTube for a while - you may recognise his username. :)


Holly xxxxx

P.S - I hope to be uploading a collaboration soon - be warned - it's very different! Lol. :)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

To sell? Or not to sell...?

Hello everyone :)

I hope you're well. :) I just thought I'd do a quick blog whilst I'm waiting for my music computer to 'warm up'!

My CD is currently at the printers and I have been informed that I will receive all the copies back...all 1000! (eek!) about a week and a half. - Though we won't know for sure until they confirm a date. It's getting more and more real! - Well, it was real anyway, but you know what I mean. ;) Now I have to sort out my jiffy bags ready for sending them out to people. :) (Hopefully anyway! Lol) I have an image in my head of myself just sitting here with a pile of boxes of CDs and jiffy bags, just refreshing my inbox checking for orders, and never getting rid of them. :-S

A bit like this really...

Let's hope not! :-S *I'm crossing my fingers already*...

As you can see, Violet will do nothing to help me...though she was pretty helpful with the artwork...

"Oh yes! That's me!...Good choice..."

Anyway, I shall leave you in peace now. As you can see, I'm not the greatest drawer! Lol.

Lots of love xxxxx

P.S - You can click on the artwork, Violet and Holly photo to make it bigger and get a sort of preview of the album art. :)