Thursday, 25 March 2010

A Thursday

Hello again. :)

There were about 13 at choir on Tuesday. That's a kind of middly amount really. Don't get me wrong, they're a lovely bunch. :) Choir is the highlight of my week, but it would also be lovely to see them all more regularly.

Today I've been practising for some of the gigs I've got coming up. - One this Saturday, and one next Saturday. :) Among the new songs are these two...


Chelsea Morning is one that I've been wanting to learn for ages but have never quite mastered the guitar part. But I think I've nearly got it now. :D I'd love to be a lot better at the guitar than I am at the mo.

I hope everyone is groovy. :) I'm still waiting for my proofs from the printers. - Should be soon... :)

TTFN xxxxx


Larry said...

That Stones song is one of my all time favorites!

BTW, how groovy is it to be on my 4th load of laundry today, LOL! Pretty warm day!

H said...

It's a really great song - today was the first time that I'd actually heard it properly.

4 lots of laundry?! Lol. :-O

me said...

4TH LOAD!!!! Are you washing for the whole street? lol!

Have you a new washing machine in your all mod cons kitchen Larry? :)

Raining here again :(

Larry said...

It has been a long winter, mum, lol!vasubsio

Larry said...

Boy, I really goofed that up. No, same old machine that I have to baby sit through each load, lol. It gets used very little but when it does... it does, lol!

Trevor said...

Great,great song but I now can't help thinking of that, was it Harry and Paul sketch where the elderly artist was always in danger of The Black,The Black !!

me said...

Is that Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse Trevor?
I don't remember that one unfortunately - sounds like it was a good one :)
I love the song too - my era :)
The Rolling Stones played here at the IW Festival in 2007.

D.N.H. said...

To me, the Chelsea Morning vocals/lyrics sound much more challenging.

Trevor said...

I agree with D.N.H. that the Chelsea Morning vocals/lyrics are more challenging but,having seen Holly make Carey all of her own,I am really confident that her version will be breathtaking.Having said that it's lovely to look forward to Holly rocking us with a Stones number.

xenonrush said...

OMG! Doesn't Jagger look young (he was 23). Like Larry that's an all time favourite. Loved the tracks on Aftermath. And this track from a couple of years earlier still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Would love to hear your recording of Chelsea Morning (hint, hint). You showed on Cary (brilliant version) that you've got Joni's vocal range so that final top note should be a breeze.

Larry ~ Did the warm day mean you could hang the laundry out to dry? I thought that in the States that was a capital offence.

Larry said...

Xeno, I took the clotheslines down when I moved in here 20 years ago because I collected old classic cars and had as many as 8 back there at one time, and needed the space. Used to build race cars here as well. So, I put a dryer in the garage (the house is too small) and it still kicks.
It is OK to hang the laundry out but almost no one around here does do anymore.