Thursday, 11 March 2010

Spicy Tuna Cakes :)

I'm currently feeling very chuffed with myself after cooking lunch AND tea for myself! :-O

For lunch I cooked some 'Spicy Tuna Cakes' :) - I kind of made up the recipe a bit though. And it worked! WOO! :D I did have a guide recipe, but I didn't have stuff that was on it.

For 6 large(ish) cakes I used...

2 tins of tuna
2 and a half tablespoons of mayo
2 and a half teaspoons of curry powder
1 egg (partly beaten)
A sprinkling of garlic
A good squeeze of fresh lemon juice
1 and a half teaspoons of English Mustard
1/3 cup of breadcrumbs
1 small onion/half an onion - finely diced
A sprinkling of black pepper

Then I splooged them together to make 'patties'? (I think that's what American people say. Lol.) And then I dredged them in a mix made of...

1/4 cup of plain flour
1/3 cup of breadcrumbs
A pinch of salt

And then I put them in the frying pan and cooked them until they had a nice crispy, golden brown outside layer. :)

They didn't fall apart! :-O And they ACTUALLY tasted yummy!!! :-O :-O I couldn't believe it! Lol. I ate them (well some of them ;)) with a sweet chilli dipping sauce which was reeeeeeeeeally yummy. :)

Here they are...
:D Hehehehehe. :)

For tea I cooked Egg Drop Noodles. I didn't bother taking a picture because they didn't look very good. Lol. But they did taste yummy. :) Check out the skillzzzz. :)

Anyway, I'd better go now - I've got some washing up to do! :-P

TTFN xxxxx


wolfgang said...

Oh nein, ich komme gerade nach Hause, sehe diese leckeren Dinger und bekomme solchen Huuuuuuunger!!!

Larry said...

Wow! You are getting to be quite the cook. That did look good. I am not too much on Tuna anyway but, you reminded me of a dreadful experience I once had with some. Cannot remember too much but, it had something to do with trying to bake it. It tasted so bad that I threw it out the backdoor for the possums! I doubt if THEY even ate it! :)

Uncle Tim said...

Looks good to me!

xenonrush said...

I'll have to give that a try. Looks very yummy and I am impressed that you managed to achieve that authentic home made look too. Can't find 'splooging' in our kitchen bible (Delia). I am guessing it's a combination of a spoon and fingers. You'll be far too well prepared for uni. There the traditional fare is baked bean on crumb.

Larry said...

This brings back memories of Ben's huge birthday feast that Holly prepared. But, I think the tuna was a tad easier to fix, lol!

D.N.H. said...

I love sweet chili sauce.

Uncle Tim said...

We gave your recipe a try - Jenny made some today. They were really nice, thanks. We like spicy food!

H said...

@WG - haha! Es tut mir Leid!!! :D

@Larry - Lol! I'm actually quite picky when it comes to seafood. I like tuna and salmon, and I like the little tins of Sild that you can get. And I really like mussels, prawns, clams, scallops, crab etc. - but not mackerel or cod... :-S I'm trying to train myself to like it though because I really want to like it. I don't actually think it's the taste...I just used to be scared of eating the bones in it when I was little and haven't quite got over that! :-S I'm sure the tuna wasn't THAT bad! Lol. The possums probably had quite a feast! :D - and yes, it was a LOT easier to prepare that Ben's birthday feast!!! :)

@Uncle Tim - Haha!! That's so coooool!!! Could she follow the recipe OK? (A sprinkling of garlic :-S before 'splooging' them together!!!) I don't think I'd do well on Masterchef. Lol.

@Xeno - Lol! Splooging is of course a technical term. Delia is far too amateur to know of it... :-P In Hollyland it is the action picking up small dollops of the mixture and pressing it together to make one big dollop. ;) I'm trying to prepare myself for Uni, but I fear that sometimes I will just have to put up with baked bean on crumb! Lol.

@DNH - Me too :) I'm actually putting it with everything at the moment! Lol. Maybe not everything. It wouldn't have gone with the porridge I had this morning... :-S

H said...

I meant *than* Ben's birthday feast. :-S x