Thursday, 11 March 2010

Just a Thursday :)

Hello everyone :)

I thought I'd just do a quick blog. :)

On Tuesday I went to the Speech and Drama festival again - we did a Team Mime, which was really fun. :) We came 2nd out of...I'm not telling you. Lol. :)

After we'd done our performance a lady came up to me and told me that she really enjoyed my poems the other day (the ones I won the cup for :D). Which I thought was lovely. - I didn't know her, but she said she recognised me and wanted to tell me how much she enjoyed my performances. :) Cool, huh?

Yesterday I had my driving lesson...I'm getting there now! Lol. About time too. Karen has started to talk about taking my test! (EEK!) Scary stuff. I've managed to get over my fear of roundabouts now. I used to have this feeling of dread every time I approached one. Not mini ones, they were ok. Just big ones. If everyone used them properly it would be fine. But people cut you up and don't signal properly! :-O Which is very confusing. Especially for someone like me, where common sense is rarely present. ;) I do enjoy driving though. I look forward to each lesson.

Last night I packaged up my red book master, album art files, order form and a sample CD to send off to the manufacturers. Hopefully it's being posted off today. :D Then it'll be a couple of weeks (max) before I get the proofs back, then a couple more weeks before I get the CDs. :) I have to shift 1000 copies, which will be very tough! Lol. But hopefully I'll be able to do it in time. Hopefully I'll still be doing gigs when I'm at Surrey. Apparently Guildford is really good for live music.

I'd best get on now, got some musical stuff to do. :)


Lots of love xxxxxxxx


wolfgang said...

Holly, I think 1000 copies won't be enough. :-)

Larry said...

Oh, how exciting! I must say though, I am at a bit of a loss with a couple of the terms in the blog. Maybe someone over there could help me out here, lol. Like:
What is a 'roundabout'?
And what is meant by 'having to 'shift' (the 1000 copies)? 'Post', maybe?

That is so cool about your getting your license too. I think you will really enjoy peaceful drives out in the country sometimes. I sure do. And it is a good thing that you live on that beautiful island instead of in London when you desire to go on one of those drives, lol! Thanks for the post!

H said...

@WG - That would be amazing if I had to get more! Lol. We'll see. :)

@Larry - Lol.'s a roundabout...

That's really interesting! I didn't realise that they weren't too common over there. :)

By 'shift' I meant 'get rid of'! Lol. :)

I hope you're having a good day - I'm going to do another post later on. (About my lunch! Lol)


Larry said...

Thanks, Holly. OMG! That 'Roundabout' looks insane to me, lol! I can see why you would not like such a thing. No way would that work here due to the traffic volume and the 'rage' of the typical driver. Wonder who thought up that thing... maybe the same one who decided to drive on the wrong side of the road... hmmmm :)

xenonrush said...

Larry ~ I've come across roundabouts in New England. They call them traffic circles there.
And London is lovely for driving in. You can spend ages stationary in a traffic jam listening to Holly on the mp3 player.

Larry said...

Lol, xeno, it is like that here as well. One reason why I so enjoy going to my home in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. People there barely know what sunshine is. Let alone a 'traffic jam', lol!

D.N.H. said...

I've encountered roundabouts in some of my travels, and I actually prefer them to a stop sign or traffic signal control. Especially at intersections of more than 2 streets.

I hope you sell the whole lot Holly. Or at least enough to cover your investment with some left over to fund album #2.