Tuesday, 16 March 2010

CD art and Bestivaaaaal!!!

Hi everyone. :)

Hope you're groovy. :) I hope you've had a good weekend. - I've been in Bournemouth and arrived home yesterday.

I thought I'd do a quick blog to let you know that I've sent off my artwork to the manufacturers! Hooraaaay!!! :D Hopefully everything will be in order. :-S *Fingers crossed* - ooh, also...

I'm going to be playing at the Bestival! On the bandstand. :) - Here's a link to the...

Right, I'd best be off now - I'm going to do a bit of recording. :)


Lots of love.xxxxx


Larry said...

Glad you had a weekend away and, made it safely. Nothing like a break, lol.
Still looking for the Bestival link in the post, lol. I saw it somewhere before... maybe FB?

wolfgang said...

Bestival fill not fit, but me and my wife will leave the continent for a one week journey in August heading towards your island and the concert at the Anchor Inn.
Ich freu' mich schon!

Uncle Tim said...

Great news about Bestival and all the other things that you're doing and will be doing! Looking forward to the CD!

Dave said...

Very cool site... Makes me want to jump a jet plane and go there. Best of Luck at the Bestival... They need details on you yet.

H said...

@ Larry - Thankyou Larry :) - it was a very sunny weekend. :) I enjoyed it lots. :) And also ate scallops for the first time! Lol. Very yummy. Here's the link if you haven't seen it... www.bestival.net :)

@ WG - WOW! That's so cool! It will be lovely to see you both!!! :D The Anchor is a lovely traditional English pub too - log fire - not that they'll have that on in August! Lol. Ich freu' mich auch! :) (Is that right?) Lol.

@Uncle Tim - I'm really excited about the Bestival. :D It should be fun. :D

@Dave - Hello! :) The website is very cool. - The theme this year is 'fantasy' - so you have to dress up accordingly. :D Don't know what I'll go as yet! Lol. Bestival stuff is always really colourful and chilled. :) Thanks for your comment! :)

wolfgang said...

@Holly - Yes it's right. Hilde is now searching for a plane from Frankfurt to Southampton. I'll think we will stay for four or five days.