Saturday, 6 February 2010

:D :D :D


I'm feeling exceedingly chipper this evening. I thought I'd just share a quick thought with you before I go up the wooden hill to bed. :)

About an hour ago, I left a little message for Suzanne Vega on Twitter - (as you can see on my Twitter page) - and she replied!!! It was just a 'thank you!!!!!' but it shows that she's a nice person as well as being a brilliant musician. :)

YAY!!! :)

Anyhoooow. Lol.

TTFN xxxx


Larry said...

Wow! That is so cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Holly, that is wonderful and I understand that feeling. There have been a few famous people whom I have written to, just to express my admiration and not expecing anything in return and then when you do hear back, it is a lovely feeling. You think 'wow a genuinely nice person AND so talented' - anyway I rejoice for you - Love Susan (and Spoggy)

wolfgang said...

Holly, Du verdienst die Aufmerksamkeit der Welt und Du bekommst sie auch mehr und mehr (und das Alles ohne Casting-Show). Gleichwohl ist es einfach ein netter Zug von Suzanne Vega, Dir zu antworten. Ich mag ihre Musik auch sehr, insbesondere "Luka".

wolfgang said...

Holly, I have to reverse my judgement on Enya. "Evening falls" is one of the best songs I ever heard and I'm listening to it over and over. Your voice gives this song, I will call it the transparency, which is able to let shine through this other world
(where no other can follow).

I'm really in a quest now for the questions about this preverbal world, which could only be circumscribed or put into music. It's very difficult, because in this world I will be confronted with fear ("Angst") and many negative feelings, but it doesn't help to avoid it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne Vegas!! yeahh!! infact i was at her concert in Westchester, NY a week ago. she was really amazing! Holly..i would love to see "you you" singing over here oneday. will be waiting....:))