Monday, 8 February 2010

Beyond the Silent Sea

Hey everyone. :)

Just thought I'd tell you a bit more exciting news! Lol. :)

Did I ever tell you about my song 'Will You Come Home' being made into a trance/dance song? Lol. - Well if I didn't, I have now! :)

Darren Smith, the man behind 'New Aged Travellers' tranced it up a bit (a lot) by my request. I think someone suggested it on the original video on YouTube and as we wanted to collaborate on something, I asked him if he was up for it, and he certainly was. :)

And the result is 'Beyond the Silent Sea' and it is currently the best-selling track on a Dance Compilation CD - and the joint best-selling track released by a certain record label. (Called Diamond Life Records) Pretty cool!!!

Here is the link if you'd like to have a listen to it in its entirety. :)

:D I just know that this will be TV's cuppa tea! ;)

TTFN xxxxx


xenonrush said...

It was chatted about a bit in October blog.
I said "Found the original original - Will you come home - wow Holly has come a long way in a year. If it wasn't for the name Holly Kirby on New aged travellers I would never have known - it's so totally different. She sounds good enough on that track to front Nightwish, Sirenia, Epica or Evanescence. It'll certainly impress the fan base if it gets on alpet07."
Looks like you have impressed the fan base on iTunes.

Onward and upward.

Larry said...

Wow! How about that! I remember when that happened and liked it then. Congrats!

TV said...

I still don't understand, how people are even able to listen to such things :D
I'll stay with a cup of coffee instead :D

Larry said...

Think, 'Dancing', TV, lol!

me said...

@ TV ~ Yeah right!! ;)

PBS said...

Talking of Nightwish I still really like Welcome The Night :-)

xenonrush said...

PBS ~ Hadn't really noticed 'I Welcome the Night' before. Excellent voice (again). I love the soaring female voice which fronts some of the better 'opera rock' goth bands. Shame about the background music. It lacks ooooomph and doesn't do justice to Holly's voice.
I'd love to hear her do something like this with a strong band:

or this:

As I've said before Holly's range of vocals is amazing.

PBS said...

I love the Nightwish one. That's my kind of music ;-)

Michael said...

HA! What a surprise! Love it. I could see a few more of these being made, in fact, I would suggest it's a great idea to get your voice heard in as many ways as poss as it sells itself :) Good old trance track and your singing fits well with it :)

Seriously, you should maybe find some more collaborators to maybe make remixes in different ways. Hey, why not set a challenge and see who can come up with a unique remix of some of your music? Might end up as good promotion :)

Larry said...

Hope you are feeling much better! Oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day! :)