Sunday, 3 January 2010

What do you reckon? xx

Hi peeps :)

What do you think? :)

Love Hollyxxxxxx


Larry said...

I think the concept is great! Of course, I *would* think that since I feel that watching you make music is one life's loveliest pleasures for this music old lover.

As for 'In Dreams', I have only heard it a few times and will reserve comment for now. New music generally takes some time to 'sink in' with me, although some wonderful times, I am blown right away on the first listen, and may take a heavy dose of it. Sometimes, I will listen to one song for an hour or more too. Whatever feels right at the time is what I go with. Music and I have a very strange and profound relationship, lol!

Larry said...

Typo: Above should have read, "...old music lover." (See what I mean about the 'old'?) lol

Uncle Tim said...

I also think it's a great concept, but need time to listen to the song properly - I'm off to work now, unfortunately!

TV said...

Great resolution :D
But it sounds a little random to me :P similar to my songwriting: write as many riffs as you can and combine the good ones.

For the song: I like it, but it isn't that special.

H said...

I definitely won't be singing for your band now then TV. ;) x

wolfgang said...

Terrorvogel, I missed you, nice to have you back again.
The lyrics of your song, Holly, reminds me of this scene in Syberberg's Parsifal movie
A night, a quest, a guide, a dream, a fight, what else?

xenonrush said...

"lost among the piles of pieces of paper" sounds like someone commenting on a nasty attack of untidy bedroom syndrome. I think the channel is an interesting concept. First time I have seen/heard an embryonic unpolished Holly track. I guess they all start off like this before they see the light of day as those lovely 'lots of production values' tracks that hit YT. I like the individual verses (you are a good wordsmith) but I am not too sure how well they hang together as a whole. For me the lines:
So come with me and we'll go on
Through mountain, pathway and through song' don't really work with the rest of the song - but since I don't write songs what do I know.
I'll have to listen to it a few more time without being distracted by the ace clown picture over your right shoulder.

me said...

lol @ xeno :)
Not the bedroom ~ that's ok ~ it's her music corner ~ in the kitchen :S

I think the song was about a specific dream H had. She grabbed her guitar and disappeared into the lounge for a while ~ 'cos it was still fresh in her mind ~ I guess dreams don't always make sense :) She did something similar with Gone For Good after months of struggling to come to terms with everything, she had a dream which brought everything to the surface ~ so she wrote the song..........

In Dreams sounds 100% better in 'real life' ~ that recording is annoyingly 'pants'. :)

p.s WE HAVE SNOW!!! ~ At last :D (probs be gone by tomorrow tho' :(

Larry said...

Snow? Just keep it over there, please, lol. We might get a bit in a couple days. It has been very cold here. I do not know what dreams are but if a song writer had to write a song about mine, I bet they would retire. I can only hope I am not as insane as my dreams! But... something that happened this morning makes me wonder now. :(

xenonrush said...

We've got snow too - again. It's just started falling. Forecast is 20-30cm Ugh!
When I saw the title In Dreams I thought it was going to be a Roy O cover. Looking forward to the polished version.
And enjoy the snow.

xenonrush said...
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me said...

That Roy O number was good wasn't it! I liked his music.

You mean you are fed up with it already Xeno ~ lol! ~ it does look pretty bad on the News tho'.
We are forecast 10-20cm here ~ but I'm not holding my breath. It has been really icy here the last few days ~ very dangerous ~ especially in our Lane, which doesn't get gritted!

LARRY ~ What happened this morning???? You are worrying me now ~ are you ok? ~ or was it just a 'senior moment' ;):)

I have had a couple of dreams over the years that came true, and they both involved people dying ~ one was about an Indian country ~ sooooo weird! *shiver*

Larry said...

A senior moment but an amazing one, lol. Yes, I am fine, TY!

xenonrush said...

Just got back from the cinema [Nowhere Boy - very good, lovely sense of the time] and it is now chucking snow down. Hardly any cars on the road. Everything is going white so I guess we will be snowed in for tomorrow.

xenonrush said...

And it's still snowing.
Been going since dawn.

Larry said...

xeno, the pictures are lovely but it looks so cold, lol! Just got up here and it is a bit warmer at -5C than it has been, and they are saying we might get a little dusting or so tomorrow night. Good luck with that snow!