Saturday, 2 January 2010

Lots of work (and fun :)) at HL Studios recording my Spring album...

Hoooooraaaaay!!! I finally finished the video! (Kind of :-S)

It's a little squished and slightly rough, but it's there for you to see, if you would like to. :-)

Thankyou so much again for making this possible. You're brilliant. :-)

I wish you a VERY Happy New Year.

Lots of love xxxxxxx


xenonrush said...

Will the CD have all the giggles on it too. Like the out-takes they sometimes show at the end of a movie? How's the art work going for the CD? Oh and Happy 2010 (can't say it enough).

Larry said...

I did a long comment and by the time I posted it, the 'double' had been removed and my comment with it, lol.

The video is perfect! A masterpiece. I just love it. One thing though... I knew we were getting a drummer, and I can hear him at the end, like the last 23 seconds or so. Just wondering, does he do anything else on the album? hehe j/k

Yes, the video is great! Thank you for taking the time to make it for us!

Uncle Tim said...

Yes, the video is great - it really gives a good idea of what your time in the recording studio was like. Fascinating.

Larry said...

What was going on at 8:27 - 8:29 with the towel? Not a pain, I hope! lol And, if I may ask, did Sis do the filming? It is very nice work!

Larry said...

Isn't it amazing what this video has brought out of the woodwork, comments wise. Just think about all the money you have saved by not having to pay for all this advice. Truth be known, you could tell them all how it is done but, I do not see you owing this to anyone, lol. To me, it is all very impressive and informative. You did a GREAT job! And did I say, 'Thank you'?

Larry said...

I should qualify that post above by saying that it refers to YT, lol.

Holly said...

Hi Larry! :)

Haha. :D That was my scarf - I was 'hiding' from the camera. It didn't really work though! Lol.

Hehe - yes, you're right! Now I've done it I get all this 'advice'. :-S People will always have conflicting opinions though. I wish I could please everyone, but that's 'Impossible' (and it would make me a people pleaser. ;)) It's a shame that even though I've had some wonderful comments, the negative ones sort of stick out. :( Oh well, I just have to focus on the lovely ones. :) - Thankyou very much for yours. :)

As for the filming, it was Dad this time. :) He came across to the studio with me - as my roadie, cameraman and provider of yummy lunch. Lol. :D And as my Dad of course. :)

I hope you're having a good day. :) xxxxx

Larry said...

Thanks, Holly. Dad did a Super job all the way around! How wonderful of him! Yes, some of those comments give me such a chuckle, lol.
Oh yeah, heck, did I mention that I could have saved you some money on production? Yep. I am a BIG producer and have made several CDs from YT videos! Yep. Yep! LOL!

Uncle Tim said...

Lol, Larry.

Holly, I still haven't heard any of the tracks, so can't comment on them. As regards the advice, I think most of it is well meant, and some of it may even be well-informed, but the problem is distinguishing between the good advice and the bad. Only you can do that, according to whether it will help you create the type of music that you want to create.