Friday, 31 December 2010

An end and a beginning

So...another year over. Surely it's not a whole year since we welcomed 2010? The time has gone by so very quickly. And when I think back...a lot has happened.

Memorable moments...
  • Album recordings finished
  • Album artwork designed
  • Sales begin...
  • Website redesigned
  • Amanda's party
  • Album launch (and met a wicked cool duck, I mean person)
  • Learnt to drive
  • Helped with school choir
  • Played at IW Festival
  • Met Suzanne Vega
  • Played at Bestival with Olli
  • Met some brilliant people at the Anchor
  • Played at Ventnor Church and met some more brilliant people
  • Started University
  • Met some more brilliant people at Uni
  • Late night recording in Studio One
  • Turned 20
...I feel that since I started University I have grown a lot...but then again...I haven't really changed. I think I'm too set in my ways to change. I'll just go along picking up things that I like and try to hold on to them.

I seem to have been able to keep my new resolutions for this past year which is a first! Following on from the success of my 2010 resolution keeping behaviour, I shall have to make some more...
  1. Don't let being too afraid stop you from doing things.
  2. Have more confidence/walk tall.
  3. Drop a dress size/get a flat belly.
That'll do for now!

Oh and...

4. Make 2011 the best year yet.

I hope you have a wonderful new year's eve and an even better new year...I'm going out to see the new year in tonight. It's the first time that I haven't been at home and seen it in with my family, which is quite sad. Hmmm...

Anyway, I'd best be off. - Thank you so much for your brilliant support over the past year. It's because of you that I'm able to do what I love. :)

Take care and lots of love,

See you in the new year. :)


Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

Hello everyone. :)

Just a little message to say...


...and I hope you have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. :)

Thank you so much for your continued support. I'm very sorry that I haven't been around much lately. I shall make it my New Year's Resolution to blog more!

I hope you have a wonderful time.

Lots of love to you all.


Monday, 13 December 2010

An update from Uni... :)

I'm very sorry for my lack of blogging lately. I've had lots and lots of coursework to do, and with the completion of that, cooking, tidying, washing, revising etc. I've been left with very little time.

I'm finding the course really interesting...and also very challenging. It has taken me out of my comfort zone completely and plonked me in a brand new world of strange technical language and concepts that I don't understand.

I enjoy writing feels like a very natural thing to do...but composing instrumental pieces using software that I'm only just getting to grips with is something that I'm finding really difficult.

However, I'm getting the tasks done. And so far, on time. I haven't received any coursework grades yet though. We've done a few online tests though, and in 'Knowledge of Instruments' I currently have 70%, which is a first. Which I'm pleased with. However, for our Composition Technologies module, I was failing, but on our most recent test I managed to get over the pass mark, so am now passing - just.

I've met so many great people up here on the Mainland. Fellow students, housemates, lecturers...they're brilliant. I'm looking forward to being back on the Island though. I've been seeing on Facebook that some of my friends are at home already. Quite jealous about that...

I've written a few new songs since I've been here and I hope to put them online in some form or other soon. Perhaps over Christmas. :)

When I get back on the Island I'm playing in another gig at Missy J's which I'm really looking forward to. It'll be my first Island performance in what feels like ages. :)

Anyway, I'd better go now - early start tomorrow. (9am - is that early? ;))

Lots of love xxxxxx

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Little One (Holly's Lullaby) - an original song by Holly Kirby

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! :) xoxoxoxox

Friday, 5 November 2010

Home sweet home :)

Hello everyone :)

I'm currently sitting at home, chilling. :) It's nice to be back on the Island.

I came back to play a gig tomorrow, but woke up this morning with a hoarse voice and a sore throat, so I've had to cancel...exceedingly annoying.

However, I do get to spend time with my lovely family which is fantabulous. :) We wondered how Violet would react to my return...whether she'd ignore me or act like I hadn't been away. Luckily, it was the latter and she settled down on my lap in the evening.

I'm really enjoying life in Guildford too. :) Especially the company of the lovely people who I'm living with and my course friends, and the course. :) I'll take my camera back to Guildford when I go and take some pictures of campus to show you. :)

I hope you're all well. :)


Holly xxxxx

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Today I woke up, feeling a little drowsy...I really need to start getting some early nights!

Anyway...I stepped on to the carpet and did a great big stretch and looked up to see if our friend *shudder* Mr. Spider was still up there, sitting on my ceiling.

He wasn't. - A slight shock.

Then the shock went away because I realised that I had observed that he was not there the previous night and had already been shocked then.

The odds were that he'd probably crawled into my mouth when I was sleeping, and he was now making an intricate web in my tummy. Ok - maybe the odds weren't in favour of this particular scenario, but my imagination was running wild! The sensible sounding odds were that he'd just creepy crawlied his way to another corner or crevice in my room and was just sitting there. Waiting. (And plotting a way to crawl into my mouth when I was sleeping.)

Anyway. I went into the bathroom to freshen up and when I returned I noticed that THE SPIDER WAS ABSEILING DOWN FROM MY LIGHT. AAAAAAAHHHHH!

At this point I realised that I could either shut my eyes and run away or be really brave and 'get rid of' the spider. I then deduced that, taking my personal levels of 'fear of the not knowing where the spider is', and 'fear of spiders' into account, the most sensible option, for me personally, would be to 'get rid of' the spider.

But how was I going to do this? Panic stricken as the spider started to retreat up his line of web, the multiple 'get rid of' methods were whizzing through my mind.

I didn't want to touch the spider. Ewwww.

I didn't want to kill the spider. He hadn't done anything wrong, and he probably had a family to take care of.

I needed a MASSIVE container to capture him in, so that the distance between us could be maintained.

Then I realised that this was unrealistic and there was a handily placed plastic ex-half-a-tin-of-sweetcorn container on my desk, next to a crusty cereal bowl. So I picked up the potential spider container and emptied it of its sweetcorn juices and approached the acrobatic spider.

Then I suddenly got really really brave, (I think it may have been adrenalin), and placed the container around the spider and put the lid on. Then I opened my window and shook the spider out of the container. Then, with slight trepidation, I brought the container back into the room. There was a moment of anxiety when I thought that the spider may have crawled on to my hand, or clung on to the container for dear life, not wanting to leave the warmth of my room, but no, all seemed fine and the spider was nowhere to be seen.

So I'm guessing that the spider is now outside, enjoying his new found freedom. Making webs wherever he pleases, catching flies and other creepy crawlies, eating other bugs and scaring different people.

That, or he's found his way back in here...


Monday, 18 October 2010

When you write what's in your head...

Today I am going to write a stream of consciousness.

Today I am feeling quite blue. I'm missing Ben and I'm in need of one of his cuddles.

I have a roommate now. An uninvited one. He's just there, watching me. Well it feels like he's watching me. He's probably got his eyes shut. Can spiders shut their eyes? Do spiders blink? I think this spider must be the one who left me that beast of a web when I'd only been here a couple of days. That was a scary thing to wake up to. Or maybe I swallowed that spider in my sleep, and this is his/her sister/brother out for revenge.

I'm not sure if I should be scared of this spider. I went out this morning and observed the position that he/she was in. When I came back, he/she (...let's just call it a he instincts tell me he's a he and when it comes to realising a person's gender, my instinct are usually quite trustworthy...) ...where was I? Oh yes. When I came back, he was in the same position. However! When I looked up looked up to the ceiling just now, I realised that he was no longer tucked up in a neat little spidery ball, but his two front legs were spread out in quite a menacing position. Hmmm.

Last night I saw a really cool Suzanne Vega poster advert thing on eBay and I think I might treat myself to it. I don't know why, but I just like it lots. It'll be my first eBay purchase and it's from the USA. Rather exciting.

I'm lunching at the moment. I had bran flakes with rice milk (because I'm lactose intolerant) for breakfast and I decided to have the same for lunch. Not because I don't have anything else to eat. I have lots that I could eat. I'm just really avant garde. I'm breaking the mould man. And for dessert, I'm satisfying my sweetcorn addiction. Because I caaaaaan duuuude. Extreme lunching.

And now I shall listen to music and anticipate a tummy ache.

TTFN xxxx

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Waiting for a potato

Hellooo there. :)

I just thought I'd do a blog post. :)

I think I'm getting into the swing of Uni life now. I'm starting to feel grown up and I'm getting to grips with looking after myself! Washing, cooking, cleaning, being tidy, working - it's hard to fit it all in!

I'm enjoying the course - I find all of my lectures interesting. My favourite lectures are about Electronic Music. Our lecturer is trying to help turn us into 'thinking musicians'...we're constantly questioning what music is and what can be classed as music. Where does the term 'music' actually end? Or is it an infinite term?

I find that kind of thing really interesting. Stuff that makes you think. :)

We've just been set the task of writing a piece of music which contains only one pitch! Which will a be a challenge - but a very cool one. It'll be interesting to hear everyone's unique interpretations. I have to decide what I'd like to express and then get recording! I'm quite excited actually.

I'm writing this blog as I'm waiting for my baked potato to cook. They take ages don't they? I think I need to invest in a metal skewer as it says on the packet that it halves cooking time - and I'm slow enough as it is already!

I've also found myself some recording equipment now, so I should be a little more active. :) I'll post my one pitch piece when it's done too. It'll be very different! Hopefully not too terrible though! Lol. I'm quite liking the limitation of this task actually. When people give you too much choice things start getting scary and I tend to drift aimlessly from one idea to the next. Boundaries provide comfort sometimes. :)

Anyhow, my potato is nearly done.



Monday, 4 October 2010


Hello everyone :)

So, here I am - at Uni.

I'm coping better than I thought I would. Things are so busy at the moment that you don't really get time to dwell on things. I feel very lucky to have met some lovely people too. :)

The course starts today, which I am quite excited about. :) I have Electronic Music at 11am.

I'd better go now and get ready. :)


I hope you are all well. :)


P.S - Sorry for this being really short. - I'll write little updates and things when I

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Quite Blue - an original song by Holly Kirby

Hi everyone. :)

Here it is - my 200th post and my last video before University. (Only three sleeps to go! Eek!)

I hope you like it. :)

Lots of love xxxxx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Smooth Talking - original song by Holly Kirby

Hi everyone - one of a few that I intend to post on YT before I go (next week). (AAAAH!)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bestival :)

Hello everyone. :)

So the other day I played at the Bestival, which was rather cool. :)

This time, I had company on stage - in the form of the lovely Olli, who helped me to produce my album.

So we arrived at Bestival, and set off to look for the Gazebo In The Woods, where we were set to be playing. It took us about 40 minutes to actually find the gazebo. It was hidden well! Well actually it wasn't, but we took a turning off when we should have just followed the straight path.

- Anyway, after a while we managed to find the gazebo and watched the act before us whilst we got ready to play.

We had half an hour - here's our set list...

Beautiful Deceit
Warmer In May
Sweet Romance
Gold & Blue
Smooth Talking
Riddles & Rhymes
99 Luftballons


And here are a few piccies. (Ta Donna! :))

The Gazebo in the Woods...

Ooh look! A fairy! :P (Or butterfly...)

Holly and Olli - the fact that our names are so similar caused a great deal of confusion. Lol...

A winking, drinking

If you'd like to see some more Bestival photos then there's a gallery here. I'm sure you can get the general vibe from the pics. ;)

IWCP Gallery

I hope you are all well. :)



Saturday, 4 September 2010

Urge For...Writing

I have an urge for writing, but I have no idea what I'm going to write, so I'll just go with the flow and see which letters my fingers choose.

Things are gearing up towards going off to University now. I'm pretty nervous actually. I'll miss the Island and the people on it so much. I'm very much a home-bod and I don't like to be away for any long stretch of time. For me, a month is a long stretch. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be fine. It's not like all ties will be cut or anything. I have technology to help me out there. I've also cyber-met some people from the course, and they seem nice, so that's all good.

I've been thinking a lot about lyrics recently. - About the rhythm that they make, the different sounds and emotions that they generate. I think a big part of why I love singing so much is actually about how the words feel when they come out of your mouth. Ok, that might sound a bit weird, but it's true. Sometimes I listen to a song, and there's a certain line or phrase that just clicks with me, so I do a cover, just so I can have a go at singing those lines. I think that's part of the reason that I love Suzanne Vega's songs. They're very lyrically focussed. The lyrics are very clever, imaginative and make you think. I was just going to try to pick out an example from one of her songs, but there are too many parts in too many of her songs that I love. Instead I'll leave you with a little selection of some of my favourites of hers...

In Liverpool, Blood Makes Noise, Gypsy.

When I write songs I now think more about how the words sound, rather than making the meaning concise. The meaning behind the words is still very important to me, but sometimes it's nice to let the mind wander. In the more ambiguous songs it's like you're giving a kind of framework to the listener and they build their own unique story around it. As a listener I find that very freeing. And inspiring. An ambiguous song holds a variety of different meanings, whereas a concise one is limited.

I've recently written a song which doesn't really 'end'. It's not a never-ending song, but there's no conclusion. It kind of makes you feel uncomfortable and I wonder to myself how it will go down at performances. Whether people will be intrigued and talk to me about it...or think...well that's a bit annoying! - However - the subject of the song is waiting and waiting for something...and when the time that she's waiting for arrives...nothing really happens. - So it kind of fits in with the mood of the song.

When you write from inside you, you are writing your direct thoughts, and thoughts are continuous. They don't end - you always continue to wonder...

I would post the song, but I've currently got a really annoying cold. :( I've had to cancel a gig because of it. Grrr...

I'm performing at Bestival next weekend and the fancy dress theme this year is 'fantasy'. I have no idea what I'm going to go as. There are the normal fantasy kind of things like fairies and stuff, but I normally like to go for something a bit different. I might take 'fantasy' in the more abstract sense of the word. Imagination rather than fairytale.

Anyway, I'd better go now.

Speak soon. :)


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Wickham Festival & BBC Radio Solent

Hello everyone :)

How are you? I hope you are all good. :)

Things are pretty busy around here at the mo. I've got a few things to report on, and have a few more coming up soon. Also, I have started getting ready for Uni! Another chapter is about to I'm kind of mentally preparing myself for that too. I will continue to write in my blog whilst at Uni...but not from home. Aaaaah! From my room at Uni. How very strange that thought is. I'm a little scared/apprehensive...but I'm ready to embrace the change. I think it'll do me good.


Friday was a very exciting day - I was invited to play at Wickham Festival! So early in the morning, (too early for me) we got up and set off for the mainland. Wickham is a little place near Botley in Southern's the festival's website...

It was so lovely and chilled. A really family friendly kind of festival. Everyone (well, almost everyone) had brought their own fold-out chairs to sit on. - The stage was a big top kind of thing. And it was quite big! I said in my set, I think it's the loudest I've ever been! Lol.

Here are a few piccies from it. (Courtesy of Donna Taylor)

I had my own artist portacabin!!! How cool is that?!

And it had my name next to the door and everything!!! :D The toilets were rather posh too! And the soaps had a little 'welcome' on them...

I thought that was particularly impressive.

Here's a picture of me onstage with a singing face.

And here's one of a part of the audience too...

So that was pretty cool! :) I had a lovely time - and they were a really nice audience. The organisers were also really nice and we were made to feel very welcome.

Then the next day we got up early again and headed of towards the Mainland. - This time to BBC Radio Solent. :) I was very excited about this as we have it on at home every day and was looking forward to seeing what it looked like and how everything works there.

I went over on the ferry with Dad, Donna and my guitar to sing some tunes on Sally Taylor's Saturday morning show - aka - Sally On Saturday. Here's the link...

The show was live (aaaaah!) so I was a bit nervous about that! But I managed to get through the songs and interview without any cringeworthy mistakes. (Phew! Lol.)

The interview/songs are available to listen to on my website...

...halfway(ish) down the page.

I had a really great time and it was lovely to meet Sally and Geoff (the producer). The songs I sang were 'Smooth Talking' and 'Warmer In May' - I haven't put these on YouTube yet - but I hope to soon. :)

Here are a few pics...

That scary red light means that we're live. (Aah!!!)

Here's one of Sally, Holly and Geoff. :)

So that was a very cool day! :D

And tomorrow I have got another gig at the Anchor, at which I hope to meet some very special German friends! ;) ...and it's also a certain photographer I know's birthday! ;)

Anyway, I'd best be off - hope you're well! :)

TTFN xxxxx

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Gigs number 2 :)

Hello peeps! :)

I'm back with the 2nd instalment of the recent gig blog thing.

Ok now where were we?...

Ah yes.

After Folkstation I had a nice gig at the Woodvale. I say 'nice' because it's a good place to play. It's kind of like practice. - I don't mean that in a bad way - I just mean that people are sort of listening, and sort of not. It's kind of in between a concert and a pub gig. Anyway - I did my 2 hour set. Actually I think I did 2 and half hours - and I felt it the next day. :-S

Here's a photo taken by a friend called Ben (hope it's OK to use it!) at the Woodvale...

Then the next day I woke up feeling very tired with a croaky voice...and I had two gigs to do. :-S

The first one was a really lovely little festival called 'FONStival' - the FONS standing for 'Friends Of Niton School'. A lady asked me to play there after seeing me perform on the Acoustic Stage at the IW Festival. She has a lovely little girl who also sings and plays the guitar. Maybe a duet is in order! :)

Then later in the evening I went out to perform at Dimbola Lodge. It's a lovely place and I met some great people. Dimbola Lodge was home to the Victorian photographer, Julia Margaret's the website if you're interested in having a look...

I performed at a gig called 'Home Made 2' along with two other acts - Michael Champion and Hosanna Rhythms. It was Vaguely Sunny's 150th gig so it felt a bit special to play there... :)
Here's a pre-event article...
(Do you think they're running out of pictures? Lol)

I felt especially lucky to play at Dimbola because of its history. Tennyson would have been to Dimbola many times, so Lady felt very much at home there. ;)

I'm afraid I don't have any pics from those two events as Donna wasn't there. Lol.



Friday, 30 July 2010

Some gigs. :)

Hi everyone! :)

Thought it was about time I did a quick update to say 'hi' and to let you know what I've been up to recently. :) where were we?!...Ah yes...

The last gig I seem to have written about was the IW Festival...and that seems like ages ago now. Next up was a gig organised by Vaguely Sunny and Nichola Bailey for Ryde Arts Festival. - It was held in a lovely little cafe called Missy J's. There were 5 acts playing altogether. - It was lovely meeting other musicians - and they were all really nice. It was a really intimate gig - I think there were only about 36 tickets available! But it was really different and quirky. :)

Here are a couple of pics...(ta Donna! ;))
The venue!

Some person plinking around before her set.

The lads' set + intimate audience.

Next up after that was Folkstation! :) Folkstation is a little folk festival set up by Oila Woighers at Havenstreet - a really lovely old railway station. We were exceedingly lucky with the weather (brilliant sunshine). There was a lovely chilled out atmosphere too. I did a 45 minute set and I really enjoyed it. I felt a tad nervous which was a bit annoying, but everyone seemed really friendly so I chilled out a bit after a few songs. It was a really hot day and the lights on the stage made it even more hot too. :-S

Here's our local paper's article (mini version) - they did a big piece about it in the actual paper...

And I had a really nice little sentence bit!!!...It said...

Island singer Holly Kirby was a particular highlight, drawing one of the biggest crowds of the weekend.

Hehe!!! How cool!!! :D

And I also had a really nice bit in The Gazette as well...

Next up was Holly Kirby, who at only 18 (actually 19 but we'll let them off :P) is fast becoming famous for her lyrical style and soulful clear voice. Her latest CD 'AWoman You Don't Know' is particularly memorable and her voice has been compared to Joni Mitchell's.

Bit cool!!!! :D :8D (That's a blushing face. Lol)

I also have a few more to write about, but I'll come back to those because this post will be quite big if I do them here. :)



Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I've always had a thing about image. - Well, not a thing about it. - Fascinated by it really.

I experimented with it a bit in my video 'Who Are You?'

The words of the song are about discovering who you are, your acceptance of that person, and acceptance from others. And as well as urging the listener to do the same, I was sort of pushing the boundaries a bit...wanting to know if they'd still accept me if I messed around with my hair/face.

And the comments were really interesting. I think I got one comment that said "creepy"...and there were a lot of really nice positive comments about the message of the song. The "creepy" comment was interesting. - Sometimes when we come across things which are very 'different' to us, we kind of block them out or label them as 'a bit weird' because it makes us feel uncomfortable. But people change, and I think as we grow older, we become more accepting. New ideas are refreshing and anything which challenges us to think differently is good.

I've never really gone through the whole - I'm going to experiment with my image - stage. And I want to desperately. When I was seven or eight I had really long blonde hair down to my waist. Then I wanted to have it cut. So I had it cut all short. Bit like a boy really. And when you're a young child, you don't wear make up or anything, so I got called 'mate' and 'nip' quite a lot. Then I grew it again and about seven years later I had it cut short again, and really didn't like it. It's like the seven year itch, but with hair. Lol. And if that rule applies, I'm due to get fed up and cut it again soon. I was planning on doing it just before I go to Uni, because then people wouldn't have seen me with long hair. But I don't know...

I'm not a very confident person and I think you've got to be a really brave, strong person to do experiment with how you look. I'm getting better as I get older, but I still have this annoying little worry inside me about what other people think...and I'm writing songs about it not mattering!

The other day I got an email from someone telling me that I should eat less and get back to the weight I was before. At first I was really upset and angry, but I don't really feel that now. I've had it before...and 'hurting don't come easy to the scarred'. ;) And if I did get back to the weight I was 'before' - whenever that was - I'd have to put on weight. I'm quite tall (5'10") and for the past few years I've been hovering around the 11 stone mark. My BMI came right in the middle of the 'healthy weight' category, but I made it my new year's resolution to lose weight by exercising more. I don't eat a great deal, but singing and making videos doesn't burn many calories. So, now I do more exercise. And I currently weigh 9 stone 11 pounds. I've probably just broken all of the womanly rules by stating my weight, but it doesn't really bother me. It's about how you feel, rather than the number, and I feel OK. I'd like to tone up a bit, but I'm working on it.

Anyway, this wasn't meant to be about my hair and weight. It was meant to be about image and how people are portrayed.

I'll just leave you with this video. I'm now embarrassed of this video, as I am with all my old ones, but never mind...the message is still valid I think...


Thursday, 1 July 2010


Hello everyone :)

I thought I'd better introduce you to the latest member of our family. Her name is Phoebe. Yes, I've given it a name because I'm really cool. ;)


How cool!!! :D

She's a little Ford Fiesta Finesse. (Hence a name beginning with an 'F' sound too.) I got her yesterday. Dad drove her back from the owner's house, with me in the passenger's seat, then we got petrol and I bought an air freshener. Lol. I felt I had to. Not because it was smelly, but it's the kind of thing you buy for a car, and I hadn't had to buy anything for a car before. I also bought a little bear for the dashboard, but he's a bit big for the dashboard really, so I strapped him into the back seat. (Don't say anything.)

After getting the petrol, we drove to a place where I could have a little potter around and get used to the car. And that was fine. I think Dad was a bit worried about getting in the car with me though. And the drive home kind of reinforced the reason to worry. I drove Dad home. It's only about three roads/five minutes away. But in that time I managed to stall twice and put the windscreen wipers on nearly every time I meant to use the indicators. One stall was when I was just setting off, so that wasn't too bad. No one was around. Then one was on the drive at home. Ooooops. Then we got home and had a little chat and after that I drove Dad and I down to the beach and around some roads and stuff, and I was fine then, and I felt more comfortable. It's really just getting used to things in the car, the clutch, indicators etc....they were on the other side in the car that I learnt in. ;)

Then after that I dropped Dad home and drove to the beach again to surprise Ben. He was pretty surprised. Lol. :) I think he was a bit nervous about me driving to start with, but he said he trusts me. We're WELL rebellious really, speeding and everything *cough cough*'s a conversation to prove it...

Holly: "It's hard to believe we're only doing 25mph!" (In a 30mph limit)
Ben: "Yes, it feels much faster!"

Hahaha. :)

It's a really strange feeling suddenly having this freedom. When I was driving on my own last night, I put a CD on and felt like I was in my own little bubble (I was still concentrating and everything, but you know what I mean)...I felt comfortable driving.

The other day I went into HMV and bought Suzanne Vega's latest album - 'Close-Up, Vol 1, Love Songs' and also, 'Retrospective' which is her 'best of' album. I had a listen to the Close Up one straight away - (highly recommend it by the way!) but I thought - I know - I'll save Retrospective and make it the first CD I play when I get a car. I already knew the songs on it, but it's good to have them all on one CD. I didn't know when I'd be getting a car at that time, but I knew/hoped it wouldn't be too far away. If it took longer than a couple of weeks I don't think I could've resisted opening it. But as it happens, it didn't take too long, so I put the CD on and found myself driving along to 'Small Blue Thing'. :)

I'll put up a few photos later. I did take a couple earlier, but they're a bit naff.


OK, here's a photo of her. :)

She's so coooool. :) We're still getting used to each other at the mo, but having fun doing it. :)

TTFN xxxxx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I think it's called my destiny...

Today I feel like I have a tidy must be because I tidied my room recently. But because I have a tidy mind, I can see all of the things that were previously blocked out by clutter.

I had a bit of a moment today where I suddenly thought...

This is what I want to be. I want to be a singer/songwriter. I know this whole year has been aimed at me doing my music and working as a musician. But I know now that this is what I want to do.

I've always 'wanted' to do it, but not with a great conviction. When you're at school, you're asked what you want to do after you've finished school, and generally it's a career which is based around your education...your GCSEs, A-Levels or whatever...and you aim towards that particular career. I'm currently on this path. I have accepted my place on a University course to study Creative Music Technology, after which I plan to study to become a teacher. The theory I have been following is this: if anything magical happens along the way, then that's great. If it doesn't, it doesn't. But now...I don't feel that's enough.

Singer/songwriter for a living has always been an afterthought. But if it's what I love to do, then why is it an afterthought?


There's no stability in the career.
There are so many who want to be the same thing.
Much of it is being in the right place at the right time.
It's a gamble.

But recently I've come to realise that it really it is what I want to do.

When I see a stage, I want to be up there, and when I'm up there, I don't want it to end.

I live by Walt Disney's quote: If you can dream it, you can do it.

But why am I ignoring this when it comes to a career in music?

It seems that now, things are picking up, and I'm getting more gigs and I'm learning a lot and I'm enjoying it. I'm getting some lovely feedback from people, the Island's music scene is brilliant, and when I go to Uni, it's just going to stop. I can say that I'll come back for gigs, but it's easier said than done. The total journey time is about 2 and a half hours, and I'm sure that I'll be busier up there than I first imagined I'd be.

Which leads me to think about my Uni course again. Over the past year and a bit I've been iffy about it. - Wondering whether it's the course for me etc....

Thinking of Holly as a musician...I put myself into my songs. I don't want to go to Uni to learn how to write better bass lines, or to create better mixes. I don't have to do everything myself. When I'm at gigs I present myself, my voice, my words, my simple chords, my melodies and it seems to go down well.

I'm not saying that's all I need. But to grow and become a better singer/songwriter I don't need to know how to create a really good mix. I have a basic knowledge of production etc. and I know how I like things to sound. To grow as a singer/songwriter, I need these things...

Life experience
Guitar lessons (!)
A larger range of vocabulary

That's what I feel I need. Recently I haven't had a chance to do any reading, so I'm not improving. Sometimes when I'm writing lyrics I feel as though I'm trapped in a pen or something. (Not the writing implement kind, but the other kind.) And the boundaries are closing in and so is my mind. And you can't write songs with a closed mind. And I don't think studying Creative Music Technology will improve my vocabulary.

Yesterday I had the pie in the sky idea of doing an Open University course in English from home and still being able to pursue a music career. So now I'm going to do a list of pros and cons...

Let's get the cons out of the way first...


It means that I'd be living at home still, and I don't want to be sponging of my parents if I don't have any gigs for a while. (I imagine they'd probably like some peace and quiet too!)

I wouldn't gain the 'life experience' that Uni has to offer.

I wouldn't have a base to do gigs from in Guildford.

(I'm sure there are more...I'll come back to it...)


I'd be able to continue with my Island gigs. Regular slots etc.

I wouldn't get homesick!

I'd still get a degree and I'd HAVE to read.

My vocabulary would improve and I could have guitar lessons on the Island.

(I got an A for A-Level English and a C for Music (a D for the composition section))

And I've done OK living on the Island this year. I've had some wonderful experiences. The trip to London...meeting Suzanne incredibly fun album launch...making the album...gigs...passing my driving's not like I've missed out by being here.

I wish I didn't feel as though it's expected of me to go to University. But that's how it is. To get a good job, that's the general, secure way to go.

I'll stop now before I start going round in circles.

TTFN xxxxx

Monday, 14 June 2010

Isle of Wight Festival 2010

Yo yo everyone :)

Goodness! It's been a while! Lol. Now what is there to report...?

AH! Yes, Isle of Wight Festival! :)

Well, on Friday I played in the Kashmir Cafe. :) I played for about 45 minutes, and it was really fun. :) There's always a lovely atmosphere - very chilled. Here's a pic...

(All photos courtesy of Donna ;))

I don't know what I was doing there. But this photo shows that I have legs so I thought I'd put it on.

I did a mixture of covers and originals. I think that 'Paint It Black' had the biggest clap. Lol. :)

Then on Saturday I wasn't playing at all so we just enjoyed the day (though it was very tiring) and watched the artists. In the morning we watched Melanie perform. I thought she was brilliant. At the end of her set she sang with one of our local choirs, which was really moving. I had tingles the whole way through!

Here's a video of the performance on Youtube...(They also went into 'Give Peace A Chance' at the end which was brilliant, but it got cut off the end of this video.)

We also saw Little Boots on the Acoustic Stage who was brilliant. She's got a great voice and is a fab piano player too. After that we watched Crowded House, who were good...and then in the evening we watched Blondie who were cool. :)

I also got to wear my uber cool wellies. (Please excuse the legs!)

Then on Sunday came the day for me to play on the Acoustic Stage. :D When I woke up in the morning I was a bit nervous, but when I was getting ready and saw the people who were going to be watching I felt fine. :)

So I started off with Gold & Blue. I was singing away happily, but I could tell that something wasn't quite the ticket, as people were pulling funny faces and the sound people looked a bit flustered. Then, near the end of the song people started clapping. :-S That confused me a lot...then I was told that people could only hear my guitar, and not my voice! I think that someone was left with the audio who wasn't really sure what was going on, and a setting was selected that shouldn't have been. But the man who was controlling my monitors (who was very good) went and sorted it out. :)

After that I did 'Beautiful Deceit', then 'Gone For Good', 'Riddles & Rhymes', 'Gold & Blue' (with voice!) and finished with 'Poetry'.

I really really enjoyed it, and people said some really lovely things afterwards. :)

Here are a few piccies...

I particularly like this one....Haha! This lady just started dancing in front of the stage. I dedicated Beautiful Deceit to her and she did a big ending and everything! Lol...

And I gave her a special clap at the end too. :)

Then in the evening we went back to the Acoustic Stage to watch Suzanne Vega. :) And because I played on the stage earlier I had my backstage pass - so I went back and met her! :D She's really nice. - I had my piccy taken with her too. :)

Her set was definitely the highlight of the Festival for me. :)

I hope you're all well. :)

TTFN from a very happy Hollyxxxxx

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A (not so) speedy update...

Hello everyone :)

Just thought I'd do a quick update. :)

I've got a gig tonight so most of my day has been spent preparing for that. It's at the Anchor Inn this time - 9pm start. :)

Also...I did my driving test today.


First time too! YEAH!!! I thought that I'd failed when we arrived back at the test centre, but he said..."I'm pleased to tell you that you've passed. Congratulations." And I said "Really?! Wow! Thank you!"

I got five minors. You're allowed to have 15 minor faults - 16 and you fail. One was for moving off safely...I think one time I moved off I was still partly looking over my shoulder. One was for observations at a junction...I didn't see a car until the last minute (but it was still safe)...and the other three minors were for going too slowly. OOPS! Lol.

Anyway, I'd better go and practise for tonight's gig.


Lots of love,


Thursday, 27 May 2010

YES!!! :D

Hello there! :)

How is everyone? It's been a little while since I've done a post, as I've had a busy week!

Now, where do I start?...Ok...

On Friday (May 21st) I had a gig at the Woodvale. - It was a very enjoyable gig, as it always is down there, but a few things went wrong...for example... we had a lot of feedback from the equipment. It's probably our fault because we're novices, but it's very frustrating. Then it goes away, and you don't really know why it's gone away. Anyhow - that was a bit annoying. And then at the end of the second set, my music stand decided to give up, throwing all of my music on to the Luckily it was at the end and I only had about three more songs to go, so I just picked the three up and got on with it. Then at the end a lovely man came up to me and said that he'd been watching me on YouTube for a while and had come all the way from Germany to the Woodvale to watch me! :-O So the gig had some really cool bits! And also some not so cool bits (stand etc.)! Lol.

The next day I was up bright and early (after falling into bed at about 1am - eek!) to go to Platform One for the Wight Noize industry showcase. It was a bit scary, but the judges said some lovely things about my voice, words, image...which was really cool - and I made it onto the shortlist for the Acoustic Stage at the IW Festival! Which is cool. I'm just waiting to hear a bit more from them about that. :)

And then on Sunday I went out to Ventnor to do a bit of filming...well...I wasn't doing the filming, I was being filmed for a promo vid for Ventnor Fringe Festival. ( It was lots of fun. :D They were making a set of little videos in the style of La Blogotheque's Take Away Shows.
( )
One of the recordings involved me walking into a cafe full of people whilst singing Beautiful Deceit - which was very fun! :D Hopefully you'll be able to see them at some point.

Then I had my driving lesson on Monday, and I was shockingly terrible, or terribly my test is looooming... :-S I also went into Newport to sort out some extra bits and bobs for the album launch...

Then on Tuesday...


I woke up in the morning and felt very very nervous and also pretty tired...Violet kept waking me up in the night as she wasn't very well. :-S Then I got my set list prepared and organised things for the evening...

In the afternoon Mum and I went up to the Quay Arts for the soundcheck and met a duck who was on his travels. The duck, whose name was Xeno, filmed the performance in the evening, which was very kind of him. :)

After the soundcheck Mum and I whizzed home and I quickly got changed for the evening and had something to eat. Then we whizzed back to the Quay and I tried to calm down a bit whilst feeling very nervous...

Then the bell rang for the audience to come upstairs and take their seats. I hid behind the wings and spied on the audience coming into the theatre. - As I watched more and more people come in, I felt less and less nervous, and more excited! It was such a cool feeling. Then Stuart, the brilliant sound/lighting man introduced me and I went onto the stage. All of the seats were filled and there were some people standing too!!! I was like :-O

I had such a brilliant time. It's the first time in ages that I've felt so comfortable on the stage. Actually, I think it's the first time ever. There have been times before that have come close...but this was a different feeling. I felt comfortable on the stage, and I also felt comfortable being me. I'm a bit of a wally, and generally I feel a bit embarrassed for being a bit of a wally, but on Tuesday it felt like people were accepting me for my wallyishness and laughing at me in a good way, rather than in a bad way. And I had some lovely, lovely feedback from people (not the screechy noise kind!). In the break and at the end, people were queueing to talk to me and for me to sign things!!! That's never happened before! Lol.

We have some pictures from the evening too. - I do believe that the aforementioned Xeno took some, and we also have some courtesy of Donna...I shall put them on Facebook and come back and put a link on here. :) Here's one of them just for now...

Waffle hands! Lol. :)
TTFN! :)

Lots of love from a very happy Hollyxoxoxoxoxox

P.S - I'd just like to say an ENORMOUSLY HUGELY MASSIVE THANK YOU! To Vic of Vaguely Sunny promotions who helped me so much - and also to the lovely Xeno (who in fact is a human, and not a duck!) Larry and Trevor and Uncle Tim and Wolfgang and the Tassie Gang - for always being there - I couldn't have done it without you. :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Howdy :)

Helloooo everyone :)

Just a quick update...

Things are getting quite busy at the mo - I've got a few things in a row later on this month...starting on Friday actually!

I'm at the Woodvale again on Friday, May 21st, singing out a mixture of originals and covers. :) Then on May 22nd I've got an 'industry showcase' thingy. - I've entered the competition 'Wight Noize'...the prize is a chance to play on the main stage at the festival, which would be incredible!...Here's a little bit about it from our local Island news blog...

And then on Sunday I may be shooting a little video for the Ventnor Fringe Festival...

Which will be rather cool. :)

Then on Monday I'm what's on Tuesday.........

Oh yes.


I'm going to call Quay Arts in a mo to check the ticket sales out. :) I'm also planning a few quirky things for the actual evening to make it a bit more...interactive. Lol.

And then I've got a little bit of a rest (performance wise) before the IW Festival. :)

Now I'd better go and call Quay Arts...

TTFN xxxxx

Friday, 14 May 2010

A trip to London...

Hello everyone :)

I am back and I shall now tell you a bit about London. :)

Day 1

On Monday morning we (Donna and I) set off bright and early and boarded the Red Jet to get us across that little stretch of water. We were a bit may be able to tell...
Then when we reached the other side we went to the bus stop - after stopping off for a cuppa on the Southampton Red Jet side.
It's the first time we caught the Greyhound coach...but it was ever so easy. Here we are. :)

Then we got to Victoria Station and it was all very Londonish and exciting. We had been told to meet Tomas in Starbucks so I struggled with my phone, trying to find out exactly
where we were and how we'd get to Starbucks. We couldn't really work it out so we thought we'd just go for it and leave the station. After doing so we saw Starbucks directly opposite us. Hmmm...So we waited there for a bit before going to meet Amanda.

Amanda is a brilliant person. She's got such a's hard to explain. It's great to be around her...a very refreshing feeling. I wish I'd had more time to talk to her about things.

After meeting Amanda we caught the taxi to Katy's house, which is where we were staying. Katy is really lovely - she was very welcoming and made us feel really comfortable. :)

Carl, who was the DJ at the party, was also staying at Katy's...

Then later on we went out shopping with Amanda for something to wear. We
met Dounia and her lovely Mum too. Dounia is the very talented little girl who was also singing at the party. Shopping with Amanda was really cool and we got some lovely things. :)

In the evening Donna and I went out for a Thai meal. It was reeeeeally yummy. :D
Day 2

On Tuesday we got up and went to go and see Amanda again. Whilst she was at her tango lesson Tomas took us along Sloane Street. - We were going to see the Saatchi Gallery, but when we got there it was closed, so we just had a potter round and Tomas and I went to Subway and had a meatball roll thing. It was YUM. :)

Then we went back to Amanda's and I played some songs to her...we decided that I should perform Beautiful Deceit and Riddles and Rhymes at the party...

At that we went back to Katy's and ordered a yummy takeaway. :)

Day 3

On Wednesday (party day!) we went to the venue for a soundcheck. It was a lovely decommissioned church in Mayfair...

Then we went back to Amanda's to have our hair and make up done, which was really cool. :)

Here's Dounia and I...

Then we made our way to the venue to get ready for the party. :)

Dounia was on before I was - she was brilliant. She has such an amazing voice. Here's one of her videos on YouTube...

Then it was my turn. - I wasn't nervous really - more excited. It seems that once I get nervous I can't get rid of the feeling...but I managed to keep it at bay this time. So I went on and did my songs and then came off again. I got some claps which was good. :)

Then we enjoyed the rest of the party. :)

Amanda and Holly...

Then we went back to Katy's and went to sleep. :)

Day 4

On Thursday morning we both woke up feeling very tired. *Yaaaawn* We went downstairs and had breakfast and a chat before packing our bags, saying our goodbyes and heading home. :)

It was a great adventure...but it's also nice to be home again. :)

TTFN xxxxx

Friday, 7 May 2010


Hello everyone :)

I thought I'd just do a little blog to let you know that I'm going to be away for a few days. Well, I'll be back on Thursday. :)

I'm going up to London to play at a party in Mayfair. It's very exciting. I'll be sure to take some piccies. Donna's going up with me, so that'll be cool. :)

Amanda Eliasch found me on YouTube and enjoyed my music, so she contacted me through my website about playing at her birthday party. I'm really looking forward to it. :) - Being from an Island makes going on to 'THE MAINLAND' quite a big thing. It's funny what that little stretch of water can do...
Anyhow, it's sure to be a bit of an adventure - I'll let you know all about it when I get back. :)

We had a little choir performance today. - They were very good - they made me proud. :) We'll now be working towards the celebration evening at the end of term which will be good.

Also, I've booked my driving test...but I'm not going to tell you when it is. ;) It'll make me even more nervous! Lol. I'll just tell you when I've done it. :P

I hope you're all well and I'll speak to you soon. :)

TTFN and lots of love xxxxxx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Album Launch & a lack of ideas...

Hellooo there everyone. :)

I'm back with news of my album launch. :)

It will be held at the Quay Arts Centre, on May 25th (a Tuesday evening). Doors are open at 7pm, and the performance starts at 8pm. :) There is a bar (watching you Xeno) and there will be people tearing up tickets and everything. :D Cooool.

You can contact the Box Office on 01983 822490 :) - tickets are £1. :) There's the venue's site with my little piccy there. - There should be some more text there shortly. :)

Also, - found out about this lovely write-up on the Bestival website today! How cool is that?!

Local Isle of Wight singer songwriter Holly Kirby has been writing and singing her own songs pretty much as long as she can remember. A gifted musician her folk based songs are beautifully lilting, intelligently written tales of love and loss held together by her wondrously heartbreaking vocals.

Her influences include Joni Mitchell, Loreena McKennitt and Sandy Denny and it’s no exaggeration to say that this young lady is well on her way to becoming as accomplished and successful as any of her heroes.

I think that's mighty lovely. :)

On the video front, I'm currently suffering's block. :-S Darren and I have done a trancey tune, and I'm really stuck for ideas. It's so tricky... :-S I'll keep thinking. I really want to get it on YouTube asap, because Darren has done such a great job with the music! Hmmm...

Better get to it!

Lots of love xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Hi everyone. :) I hope you are groovy. my 'mock test'...well, it wasn't reeeeally a mock was kind of just for me to see how a real test would be. I guess I've just defined 'mock test' haven't I? :-S Anyhooow...if it had been my real test, I would have...

failed. :-S

Right, what happened waaaas...I driving along this road, and then there was a learner driver (bloomin' learners) doing a turn in the road. So I stopped, all good. And then she continued along the road, and before I moved off again, I forgot to check over my shoulder, so that was an instant fail.

You can have up to 15 minor faults on your test before you fail, and no serious or dangerous faults. But I got 5 minors (dipping the clutch when I didn't need to, being too hesitant at a junction, not checking my mirrors in slow moving traffic, being a little bit far out from the kerb on a reverse round a corner, not looking in my mirror before changing gear) and a serious. It's OK though, it just means that I'll be extra, extra observant in the future. :)

I have also uploaded a little video of choir's Zombie. :) Sorry the sound quality isn't very good - it was done through my laptop.

Check out the harmonies for the chorus :D - I can't take credit for those - they were made by the lovely Chloe. :)

Anyway, I'd best be off now. Lots to do. :)

TTFN xxxxx

Monday, 26 April 2010


Hello everyone. :D

I though I'd just do a blog post before I go out driving. I'm a bit scared at the mo because my teacher says that I'm ready for my test. :-S It's a scary thought for me...and probably for other drivers too. :-S

So today we're doing a mock test to give me an idea of how I'd get on in a real test. Uh ooooh! Bit scared.

On the music front, my album sales appear to be going well. :D I finished my first box yesterday. (I got 10 boxes in total... ;)) I'll be publicising it a bit more over the next few days and will probably be putting a video on YouTube about it. :)

Other YouTubey things......Darren Smith and I have created another trancey tune. (Sorry TV! I know you love it really! :P) and I hope to be making a video for that one shortly. (As soon I have an idea.) gorgeous choir have a little performance opportunity coming up shortly so we're preparing for that at the mo. On Friday we sang Zombie by The Cranberries. They're really quick at picking things up. I actually recorded a take of Zombie on my laptop - the quality isn't great, and the door opens and closes a few times and makes a funny sticky noise, but you can still hear their uber cool singing. :) I'll try to upload the audio track to show you when I come back from driving. :)



Monday, 19 April 2010

***Debut album available now!***

Hi everyone!

I've just got back from the Post Office where I sent off the pre-orders/donator's CDs. - Hopefully they should be with people soon - but I can't say exactly when because of the mahoosive volcanic ash cloud thing. :-S UK orders shouldn't be affected though.

So - Holly's first ever/debut album is finally available on the website under the Holly's Shop section. :D Phew! And the orders are coming in, so Holly is busy. :D All is groovy. :)

I'd better go and do some of my admin. I am now a business woman as well as a musician. Hah! I've always fancied the idea of power dressing...

:) TTFN xxxxx

Friday, 16 April 2010


Yaaaaaaay!!! At last! They're here!!! All covered in plastic and new and cool. :D

Here are SIX of the TEN boxes!

I have a new seat! Hooray! Lol.

Now...have they sent me the right CDs?

They certainly have!!! :D

Reading the booklet! :)

Now comes the hard part...delivering etc. Hopefully all will be OK though. :) I can feel a to do list coming

I guess I'd better get started!

They should be available for sale on my website this weekend/next week. I'll let you know. :D

TTFN xxxxx