Sunday, 20 December 2009

Studio: Days 4 & 5 :)

Hi everyone :)

I thought I'd do these two days together - hopefully to give you a bit more to read which is hopefully a bit more interesting. :)


Thursday was a veeery exciting day. :) It waaaas...drummer day! We paid for a real life, properly amazing drummer to come in and play on my songs.
He arrived at the studio earlier than we did to set the drums up and also because he had to leave earlier than normal. When we arrived he had already listened to a few of the songs and had written some notes on them.
We tried 'Topsy Turvy World' first, so he went into the live room (or the 'lonely room' as Olli called it!) and started playing straight away. - It was actually brilliant. He knew exactly what to do, and it was soooo good. Especially with all the fills etc. :) - and then we did the others too. He just had to listen to each song once, and then he could play it. He was brilliant - I think he was described as a 'machine with groove' a few times. :)
I could still say things like 'please could we change that fill there?' or 'please could you close the hi-hat for that bit?' and he was fine with that - well I didn't have to say it very often anyway. :)
He managed to get 9 songs done in the day! :) Well - from about 9am - 3.30pm, which is pretty impressive!
After that there was just a bit of editing going on. And I think we may have recorded the vocals for 'Impossible'...or maybe that was...


:) We decided to wait until after the drums were done to record the vocals on 'Impossible' - (yes! It has drums :P) because we thought my singing style might be a little bit different due to the change in instrumentation.
Friday mainly consisted of finishing touches. - We added some electric guitar and bass to Impossible, Topsy Turvy, and a few bits of backing vocals to Tripping Through Violets, Impossible, A Woman You Don't Know, Poetry and Quite Blue...we'd already done My Little Ukulele Song. :)

And that was pretty much it for recording! :) I'll be back soon with some video clips - hopefully - as I've got some new editing software. :) My other stuff kept playing up and doing really weird random things. :-S

Anyhow, best be off. :)

TTFN xxxxx

P.S - Susan - Tea Leaves & Old Magazines still has the guitary bit in the middle. :) It's sort of emphasised because of the drums and strings. :) (I'm listening to it now just to make sure! ;))


Larry said...

Thanks for sharing that with us, Holly. It is so interesting to read all about your experience. It sounds like it was quite a wonderful one!

wolfgang said...

Vielen Dank für die interessanten Berichte, Holly! Ich freu' mich schon auf die Videos. :-)

xenonrush said...

Ooooo! I am really really looking forward to hearing the finished product. The new Impossible sounds intriguing and I particularly liked the old version (despite it being without a video). From your write-up it sounds as though the whole thing has been a really good learning experience for you.
What's your new video editing software? Adobie Premiere Elements seems pretty good to me. I started off with Ulead but at that time it only allowed 2 video tracks whereas Premiere allowed 99 (not that I have ever used more than 4 at a time). Looking fwd to the video, will we get a taste of the new tracks?

H said...

Hiya everyone :)
Thanks for your brill comments. :)
I'm actually using Final Cut Express now. :) - Just working out how to use it all. ;)
Just about to start putting the footage on the computer. Fingers crossed! Lol. xxx
P.S - I'm currently trying to work out how I should give you a preview. :)

Larry said...

Good luck with the new software. I am a bit anxious trying to get an old (1947) recording on YT. It is Pennario on an old radio show, lol. When you get through, maybe you could jet over and give me a hand? lol :)

Uncle Tim said...

Final Cut Express? Isn't that a Mac product? Interesting. Are you already beginning to convert to using Mac stuff now?

Larry said...

I am having thoughts about avoiding a preview and going for the maximum shock, lol. For sure, it will be one. Yes, maybe have a big party for the Grand Occasion. Hmmmm

xenonrush said...

If you want to do a preview for a limited number of people how about creating a new youtube account and uploading it to that and then disseminating the URL to the worthy? Just had a look at the spec for Final Cut Express. Seems like the audio editing etc is a bit more advanced than my version of Premiere Elements. Looking fwd to seeing it. I expect it will be skillfully done as usual.

me said...

Hi all ~ H is still plodding along with the video editing. As it is new software she is having to learn as she goes ~ so don't get too enthusiastic in case it all goes horribly wrong! Ooooops! Fingers crossed though :)

To ~ Xenonrush ~ Holly said ~ if you would like to listen to a preview of impossible, just let her know :)

You will be able to hear short clips of the songs in the video, when it eventually arrives Larry, so if you would prefer to wait, I thought I had better warn you :)

Tim ~ Holly has got her MacBook Pro ready for uni, as her pc laptop is dying :S

Larry said...

Thanks, Mum. It was just a thought for a monumental occasion, lol. I will just go ahead and listen now. Consider: What if I did wait and savored the anticipation of the moment when I would hear it in all its glory, and then croaked the day before it arrived? I would have missed it!

me said...

LOL @ Larry ~ don't say things like that! Mind you ~ remembering how long H takes to get things finished it may be you and me both ;)

Larry said...


xenonrush said...

To me (not myself) ~ I've sent H an e-mail. If H is going to make the MacBook Pro last until uni I guess it's got a huge disc drive (and backup drive) to hold an entire year's creative music / video etc before she actually arrives at uni.

To Larry ~ Did you get the habit of croaking from when you lived in the Great Dismal Swamp?

Larry said...

xeno, actually, it came from fishing and catching 'Croakers' in the bay and ocean. They 'croak' when you pull them out of the water. Loudly, too!