Sunday, 13 December 2009

Studio - Day 2...


Tuesday consisted of the same sort of thing as Monday. We were going through tracks and quantizing, recording guitar and also recording the vocals on a few songs. Before I started singing I was actually quite nervous, but when I got into the swing of it I was fine.

There's nothing much to report for Tuesday aside from that. :-S

Ooh - by the way - I did take a little bit of footage, but I'm having probs with my editing software. (Grrrr...) - I'll try to upload some little bits and bobs next week after we've finished. :)

TTFN xxxxx

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Larry said...

I can well imagine that you were nervous. It isn't every day that someone records a CD! But you calmed right down and got to business. Kind of like a very complex gig, eh? LOL!