Monday, 28 December 2009

Hellooo! :)

Hello everyone! :)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. - Lucky you if you had actually got a bit warmer over here - no chance of a White Christmas. :-S Oh well. Perhaps we'll get some in February like we did this year. :)

I'm just going to do a little write up on the Boxing Day gig with Nick. :)

It was a really nice actually, I had a lot of fun. It's good playing with someone else for a change. - I don't know if I explained before, but I'm going to be playing some gigs with Nick - who is a great musician and part of a few musically things. He's part of an acoustic duo called 'Shoot the Moon' - and Becky, the lady who usually plays with him can't do some gigs in the I'm kind of stepping in. - And this gig was one of those. :)

We tried to do a kind of varied set...we both played guitar on some songs and just Nick sang, then I just sang, then Nick would play and I sang, and we also used the dulcimer and Nick used his mandolin which was cool. :)

I've learnt a few new covers too...such as...

Seven Days
A Case of You

(I'll put a video clip of each song at the bottom of the blog - just in case you don't know them and want to have a listen. :))

Here are a few photos...

Scary eyes!!! :-S
This could be Rotterdam...*or anywhere...Liverpool or Rome...* :P

I don't know why, but I really like that third picture...there's something really...vintage about it. Lol. :) Good work sis. :)

Anyhow, I'd best be off. :) - I plan on having a go at that software today, so hopefully I can show you some video soon.

TTFN everyone, I wish you a happy and healthy New Year. :)

Lots of love.xxxxx

P.S - In answer to Uncle Tim's question, I just used the Martin D-28. :)


Larry said...

Wow, lol! That sounds like a lot of fun! I just can imagine that was a fab time. It must have really felt awesome and different. Gosh!!!

White Christmas? How about a wet one, lol. That is what we had here, warm and wet, as usual, lol.

Great work on the photos, Sis. Thanks for all you do!

Larry said...

Dulcimer and mandolin... you know, you are getting closer to a Bluegrass setup. Just add a fiddle and a banjo and you guys could play the 'Clinch Mountain Backstep', lol. Oh yeah, I was born on that mountain!

xenonrush said...

Vintage walls, nick nacs and picture but not sure about the speakers. I notice that in picture four Nick's pint glass is still quite full whilst yours is drained. Singing must have been quite fluid by then. Or are you going to claim that the light colour was in fact mineral water? Like the bow on your top. Did you knit it over Christmas?

H said...

@ Larry - Lol! That's really cool. - I actually have a tenor banjo...we'll have to see about that. ;)
@xeno - Haha! Mine was actually full too, but not of mineral water...tap water. :-P I occasionally have a Magners cider (not when I'm working though ;)) but I'm not really into alcohol. I prefer a good ol' glass of H2O. Lol.

D.N.H. said...

Live gigging is rewarding isn't it? Luka is the only one of your new covers that I've heard before. Tanja (Orleanz88 on YT) did an excellent cover about a year ago. "Seven Days" sounds like a very nice duet. I'd like to hear Nick's and your version.

xenonrush said...

Just been watching the remake of the Day of the Triffids. The IoW was the safe refuge from the Triffids. Who'd have thought it.

Larry said...

They really came from the Dismal Swamp. Right, Mum? BTW, have not seen the movie.

PBS said...

I wish I had watched it now. I wanted too but hubby found the original too scary!

PBS said...

*to* even!

xenonrush said...

To PBS ~ Couldn't he have hidden behing the sofa?

me said...

Lol @ Larry ~ I agree ;)

The original must have been made in the Dismal Swamp!!! ~ that's why I wasn't keen to watch this new version - lol!

We had the new version on but I got fed up part way through ~ too long winded and a bit boring imho ~ original definitely spookier *shiver*
I heard about the IW link though ~ haha! ~ this would definitely be a safe haven ~ the triffids couldn't afford the boat fare across ;)

Larry said...

There were things far scarier and real in that swamp. Even the old legends depict it. I have seen things back there that I would not even want to repeat!

xenonrush said...

Took the camera out for a walk this morning. Very frosty. Looks like the gulls came to London so they could practice walking on water (the frozen variety).

Larry said...

xeno, did you know that Holly's new studio video is on YT now? Just up:

xenonrush said...

Larry - Yes. Mum posted a message. Can't think how they got anything recorded they seemed to be having such a good time.

Larry said...

Lol, yes indeed! I saw your comment when I went back to the video after my post here - just wanted to be sure you knew. Amazing, isn't it! Now, I am really excited about the album! I feel that it will be even more that I had imagined, lol. Yeah, I just love that video, lol! BTW, gotta go check out your link now. A while ago, I copied it but got tangled up and did not get there, lol.