Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I just thought I'd write another blog as I've just got back from choir. It was quite hard today actually. Everyone seems to be scared of getting the notes wrong or something and won't sing loudly.

It's quite frustrating for me because I know how good they could sound if only they were a little braver. It would help if we had a few more people - just to boost confidence.

I always seem to come out of choir with a bit of a funny throat. I think I talk more in that hour than I do for the rest of the week! Lol. It's all practice for the future if I do decide to become a teacher though. That's what I'm aiming for anyway.

The thing about teaching at the moment is that I don't know if I'm doing it right. Sometimes they say that they enjoy it, and other times they don't say anything - but I guess that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't enjoy it. Oh I don't know...

Anyway - I'd better go and prepare a few songs for later on.

I'll try to do a little blog later - depending on what time I get back. I may do it in the morning so that Larry can read it with his cuppa again. ;) xxxxx

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Larry said...

LOL, thanks, Holly. It *is* my routine to check here and then go to the site. Actually, I have software that auto checks this page for changes every 5 minutes but it isn't configured quite right just now. Lot going on here, lol.

Teaching, eh? Well, hope you took some psychology classes, lol.

Hope you have lots of fun tonight!