Monday, 2 November 2009

Porchfield etc. :)

Hello! I be here to tell you about the Porchfield Charity Gig. :)

Well - we arrived quite early to settle down and have a soundcheck etc. - It was literally just like a big living room/lounge area. :) Lol. - It was really nice though - very homely.

(The man who supplied the lighting forgot to supply the lighting mixer thingy, so Pete (the man who was organising it) decided to use a lamp from his house. - And just for a bit of a laugh he put a table and chairs with it - along with cups, a teapot and some teabags - like something out of a Harold Pinter play! Lol.)

So anyway - I had the soundcheck, which was good. :) And then we had a bit of a chat with Vic and waited for the audience to arrive. :)

At about quarter to eight everyone had arrived and all the tables were full. I reckon there were about 40ish people there. - Including Eva Cassidy's brother Dan. :)

So, at about quarter to eight I did my set which consisted of...

Tripping Through Violets
Beautiful Deceit
Tea Leaves and Old Magazines
Gold and Blue
Topsy Turvy World

(and then I looked at Pete to see how many more I should do and he said 'one?')

So then I said - this is my last one - and did 'Poetry.' - And said thankyou very much - but they were wooping and going 'more!' which was so cool!!! :D So I did my second ever encore! Lol. I did a cover of Lenka's 'The Show' - and then finished. :)

And then after David Hughes' set (he was really good - a great guitar player as well as a brill songwriter) there was a break. :) - So I went off to the loo - and when I came out I bumped into a man who said "Your songs are brilliant, we really enjoyed your set - we brought our friend with us today - Dan Cassidy - Eva Cassidy's brother." - and I was like...

Then he introduced me to him - he seemed really nice and said that he really enjoyed my songs - then I spoke to him a bit later too and I said about going into the studio etc. :) - Then a few ladies came up to me at the end and asked if I had a CD they could buy and where else they could watch me. I don't actually have anymore gigs at the mo so I couldn't say that I was anywhere.

I'll really have to try hard to get some more. - It's really hard to get anywhere to give you a chance though.

- I don't have any piccies from yesterday because it was very dark - pics wouldn't have come out showing anything but dark or extreme light. Lol.

Lately I've also been trying to do some album artwork. (And failing a bit.) Lol. Oh well. I'll keep trying! :)

TTFN xxxxx

P.S - After the break a man called Duncan Jones played a set - he's amazing. His songs are brill - he's such a natural. :) He's supporting Boo Hewerdine at the Quay Arts soon. I'll definitely be going to that one. :) Boo is also a great singer/songwriter. - He also plays guitar for Eddi Reader. And he wrote this song - it's quite a famous one...


Larry said...

Thanks for sharing that with us, Holly. That was a great write up and went very well with my morning cuppa at 6am, lol. It was like I could see it all in my mind's eye. :)

Isn't it exciting the way you are always received? As I have said before, if more people knew of your work, you would have an incredible fan base. You capture people's hearts!

Just be patient and the gigs will come. It does not usually happen overnight, and I foresee an exponential expansion in the days ahead.

Your art work has a nice special feel to it and I really anticipate the cover. At my age, abundant patience and relaxation are the norm, and I will be sending you some of it in my prayers to help you out! :) You are doing great and I am proud to be your fan and friend!

D.N.H. said...

I enjoyed your gig report. They are a nice way for us who cannot attend to share the experience.

The YouTube widget "H's Vids" in the blog sidebar seems to be misbehaving. It occasionally shows a set of videos that are definitely not yours.

H said...

Oh goodness! :-S Thankyou Dan. Why do you reckon it does that? How annoying. :-S
I've removed it for the mo - just so it doesn't play up again! :-S

Larry said...

Holly, it might still be hainted from Halloween!

H said...

Lol! Perhaps Larry! Haha. :D

gassyoldman said...

That is so cool that you got an encore! And asked if they can buy your CD! Maybe the CD needs to reflect your stage performances, so people can relate to it that bit better? When it is available you must remember to casually mention it near the end of each gig, "...and here is a song off my latest album...", and make sure you have some with you!! You need some contact details on the sleeve for peeps to book you or order copies.