Friday, 20 November 2009


Hiya everyone :)

Just to let you know that the voting is now open for Live/Wired. :)

Here's a link for it. :) ....

I hope you are all well. :) - Thankyou for your comments yesterday. - I spoke to Brooke in the evening and I think she had a good day. ;)




Larry said...

That sounded like the winner to me, lol!

Glad little Brooke had a delightful day. :)

D.N.H. said...

You did a good job on the Tea Leaves remix. Or was that a new recording? I listened to all of the Live/Wired entries, some all the way through, and some part way. Several, including yours, are very professional sounding. There is some strong competition represented there. I liked Alex Mountford, Dave Kenyon, and a few others, but I only had one favorite. I'm confident you have what it take to move up to the live heat. I'll vote from all my IP's, and spread the news on my blog and facebook. Good luck!

xenonrush said...

I listened to all the entries too which was in interesting test for someone who has the patience of an internet link hopper. Many of the intros were far too long for me and the tracks were a bit of a disappointment when the vocals finally started. Like D.N.H. I though Alex Mountford and Dave Kenyon were quite good but not good enough to get my vote. I've sent the link to friends who like your songs when I send them the links (and hopefully check your youtube channel themselves now).
Onward and upward. Good luck.

H said...

Thankyou so much for your great comments and the support in the competition. :D
That was the same mix as on the video for Tea Leaves, but I just chopped out the middle guitar section to make it shorter. Hopefully I can get a proper PROPER version in the studio. :D
Thanks again you two. :)

H said...

Lol. Xeno, we must have been doing our replies at the same time. :) - Thankyou very much to you too, that's really cool. :D

xenonrush said...

to H... Did you like Fred's version of The Boxer? It always makes me smile.