Thursday, 19 November 2009

Howdy. :)

Hi everyone. :)

How are you all?

Today it's Brooke's birthday. :) - Into the double figures now! :) A little fellow scorpio. ;)

Next week I'm going to check out a venue - possibly for an album launch gig. :) Which will be pretty cool. - Hopefully we can sell a few CDs there. :) - And I've got the gig at the Travellers on Tuesday. :) They sent out this message on Facebook...

Hi guys
Just to let you know that Holly Kirby is playing at the pub on Tuesday 24th November. If you didn't make the open mic nite come along and prepare to be amazed.

Which is really cool - but makes me a little bit scared. Lol. I hope I can do a good job. :-S They seem to like Joni's songs up there - so it's an excuse to learn more! Yaaaaaay!!! :D

Anyway - I'd best be off now - I need to get some recording done. :)

Speak soon.xxxxx


Larry said...

A joyous Happy Birthday to Brooke!!!

Glad to hear things are moving along in the right direction. Of course you will do 'a good job', lol. Just let your hair down, smile real big and be yourself. :)

Uncle Tim said...

Hi Holly. You certainly do seem to have made an impression with quite a few people :) and things seem to be getting nicely busy!

Have you seen the (draft?) live/wired profiles on the IOW county press site? I notice yours doesn't seem to have any links (yet?)...

xenonrush said...

What a great message on Facebook from the Travellers! But obviously aimed at the people who have yet to hear you since we all know you are amazing.
Hope you had a great day on the jelly and cake celebrating Brooke's birthday.