Wednesday, 25 November 2009

At the Travs

Hello everyone :)

Thankyou so much for your great comments on the 'identity' post. You're all so wise. :)

I've come to write a little bit about the Travellers Gig last night. :)

It was a really great night actually - I enjoyed it lots. :) I was a bit nervous in the first half. - I don't know why. It may have been because I knew I was going to sing 'Carey' with the Dulcimer in the second half. :-S

I have a few nervous habits that I really need to stamp out too - these include...

Telling people after each song that I'm going to have a drink of water.
Telling people that I might go wrong.
Not tuning my guitar properly when doing DADF#AD tuning.

Amongst other things. But I'm learning, and I'll get there in the end.

I did my normal kind of set - but with a few newer ones such as...

Me and My Uncle...


And a new original called 'Warmer in May'...title chosen by the audience. :) That one is probs going to go on the CD. :)

Anyhooooow, I hope you are all well.

Lots of love xxxxx


Larry said...

Glad you had good fun. It sounds like that audience is proving to be a big help with making you a comfy stage star, lol. Fantastic!

xenonrush said...

Don't tell people you might go wrong. They will be so captivated that they won't notice even if you do make a mistake.

wolfgang said...

Holly, it is very easy to stamp it out: Imagine to be a man. It's a recommendation from Prof. Gitta Mühlen-Achs. I had a workshop with her on Wednesday. We did several role playing games on gender behavior. A fascinating issue, so full of stereotypes.

wolfgang said...

A little poem:

Living at the museum

Spontan und doch mit Überlegung,
ausgestopft und in Bewegung,
liebend und doch schon am Ende,
keine Antwort, wenn ich sende.
Entspannt und doch nach vorn gewandt,
festgefügt im losen Sand.