Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Anchor

Hello again! Wow - this is becoming rather regular! Lol. ;)

You know Nick, who I told you about in the last post? Well - on the night of the Open Mic Night he asked me if I'd like to play in the break of his set at another pub on Wednesday night...last night. :)

Nick is part of an acoustic duo called 'Shoot the Moon' with a lady called Becky (who's really nice and has a brill voice) - and he's also part of a band that plays regularly in Cowes and beyond.

So yesterday I turned up at the pub and did about half an hour in their break at the Anchor. :) I got some really nice feedback and the manager said that he'd like to book me for some solo gigs. :D Cooool. :) I also may be playing at his own party in December. :) - And also there were two ladies from another pub in Cowes who want to book me. :) Cooooool. :D Yay! :)

And I also have my driving lesson today...driving in the dark for the first time! Scaaaary. I think I'm going into the busy part of the Island today for the first time. - I'm a bit scared of traffic at the moment - clutch control and hill starts etc. - I'm getting there though! Lol.

Anyway - I'd best be off now. :)

Lots of love xxxxx


Larry said...

Wow! That is great to hear! Get ready for that 'exponential expansion', LOL! Today, I slept in about an hour later than usual but now, here I am with my cuppa reading lovely things. I am so happy for you!

Yes, driving is a scary thing to learn. Just remember that you are learning the 'basics' in your lessons, and as your experience grows, so shall your confidence, as your skills become sharpened. I am certain that you will be fine and become an excellent and safe driver. Try to relax a bit and you do great!

D.N.H. said...

Sounds like your booking calendar is going to start filling up. Good for you! I agree with what wolfgang said about you enchanting people with your singing. People of disparate backgrounds and musical tastes all love to listen to you.

Larry said...

Holly for president!!!

wolfgang said...

Y e s, we had a singing president in Germany from 1974 to 1979 and Holly would sound even better.

Larry said...

I am sure, lol!

Larry said...

Here I sit with my cuppa at 6:17 am and am thinking how happy I am that Holly survived the scary night-driving lesson, lol!

I never had any lessons except from Dad letting me drive the car on old country roads. A very special car at that. A fast 'race car' as in 'for running moonshine', lol. And I got my license on my 15th birthday! Over 48 years ago!!! :)

"The times, they are a changin'"

gassyoldman said...

Holly, it's great that your gigs are ever multiplying!! I hope they pay well. But it's all good experience anyway. By the way, I am not subscribing to replies, so if you want to reply to me, do it on YouTube please.