Wednesday, 25 November 2009

At the Travs

Hello everyone :)

Thankyou so much for your great comments on the 'identity' post. You're all so wise. :)

I've come to write a little bit about the Travellers Gig last night. :)

It was a really great night actually - I enjoyed it lots. :) I was a bit nervous in the first half. - I don't know why. It may have been because I knew I was going to sing 'Carey' with the Dulcimer in the second half. :-S

I have a few nervous habits that I really need to stamp out too - these include...

Telling people after each song that I'm going to have a drink of water.
Telling people that I might go wrong.
Not tuning my guitar properly when doing DADF#AD tuning.

Amongst other things. But I'm learning, and I'll get there in the end.

I did my normal kind of set - but with a few newer ones such as...

Me and My Uncle...


And a new original called 'Warmer in May'...title chosen by the audience. :) That one is probs going to go on the CD. :)

Anyhooooow, I hope you are all well.

Lots of love xxxxx

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Thoughts on identity...

Hi everyone. :)

I thought I'd just write a little bit to go along with the song I've just posted. - Not so much an explanation, but other thoughts on identity etc....

You probably already know that it's something that interests/puzzles/frustrates me. Lol. "Pushing, pulling with my conscience just to find what's underneath..." Trying to work out who you truly are...feeling as though you have to find a place to fit it...maintaining your uniqueness...

It's all a bit confusing really. If you worry too much about being true to yourself, ignoring influences/advice from others, you can end up isolating yourself - and feeling unhappy about who you are.

Sometimes I feel as though I'm deceiving people with my appearance/the way I come across...I think that's why I like to try out lots of different styles. I'm showing people the different sides of me, and exploring my identity at the same time.

I have a friend who (no, it's not me. Lol) genuinely thinks she's inferior to those around her, and can't seem to value herself for who she is. She doesn't seem unhappy, but has sort of accepted herself as 'inferior' and just carries on leading her life, goes out, has fun as per norm. I get a bit frustrated with this, and try to ask exactly what it is that makes her feel a lesser being than those around her...but she just says..."I know I'm not really, but it's hard."

And I was thinking then - 'who am I to talk?' I'm always trying to stop myself feeling inferior.

Anyhow. I'm trying to say stuff, but I don't think I'm actually saying it. Lol. So I'd best be off for now...if you have any thoughts on the topic, then they'd be great to hear in the comments box - perhaps we could have a little discussion. :)

TTFN xxxxx

P.S - These lyrics just came on the ironic... Lol

Everybody's searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone to fulfill my needs
A lonely place to be
So I learned to depend on me

Who are you? - An original by Holly Kirby

Hi everyone,

I tried to post this yesterday but it didn't work. :-(

Hopefully it works today...

Lots of love xxxxxx

Friday, 20 November 2009


Hiya everyone :)

Just to let you know that the voting is now open for Live/Wired. :)

Here's a link for it. :) ....

I hope you are all well. :) - Thankyou for your comments yesterday. - I spoke to Brooke in the evening and I think she had a good day. ;)



Thursday, 19 November 2009

Howdy. :)

Hi everyone. :)

How are you all?

Today it's Brooke's birthday. :) - Into the double figures now! :) A little fellow scorpio. ;)

Next week I'm going to check out a venue - possibly for an album launch gig. :) Which will be pretty cool. - Hopefully we can sell a few CDs there. :) - And I've got the gig at the Travellers on Tuesday. :) They sent out this message on Facebook...

Hi guys
Just to let you know that Holly Kirby is playing at the pub on Tuesday 24th November. If you didn't make the open mic nite come along and prepare to be amazed.

Which is really cool - but makes me a little bit scared. Lol. I hope I can do a good job. :-S They seem to like Joni's songs up there - so it's an excuse to learn more! Yaaaaaay!!! :D

Anyway - I'd best be off now - I need to get some recording done. :)

Speak soon.xxxxx

Monday, 16 November 2009

First post as a 19 year old! :P

Hi everyone! :)

I'm back. :) - I'm sorry it has been a while...

I've entered Live/Wired now. :) Thankyou for all of your suggestions and advice. :) Tea Leaves and Old Magazines is actually over 4 minutes long. - So I couldn't enter it into the competition as it was. :( This song entry was for the online voting stage. - There's just a short bio, a picture and a song to listen to from each artist/band. The public vote online for their favourite, and then the top three acts go into a live heat. There are two live heats and then a final. - Last year I got into the live heat, but was poorly so couldn't perform. :(

I did submit Tea Leaves - as I thought that Tripping Through Violets was a bit too summery sounding - but I chopped out the guitar section in the middle. If I did get into the live heats, of course I'd do it properly - but I couldn't really think of any other songs that would be appropriate. I was going to submit Poetry - but then thought that I probably shouldn't, as it doesn't represent my whole sort of style very well - with synthesizers and everything.

Ooh and also - I played at a different pub on Saturday evening - in Nick's band (Helter Skelter)'s break. It's called The Crispin. It was really fun actually. :) The audience seemed to like my set and I got some great feedback. :) - Someone said that I should go to the Open Mic Night at the Comical - so I'm going to look that up! Lol.

And yesterday was my birthday! Lol. Hoooray! Thankyou SOOOO much for your lovely birthday wishes here and on the website, you're all so lovely. :) 19 now...
Now I know what grown-ups mean when they say 'time flies...'
20 next year! :-S How very strange...

Ooh - by the way - Deborah (the lady I mentioned about two posts ago) now has a YouTube channel. I'll be adding some more videos for her today, but there's one there at the mo. Please feel free to have a looky - she's brill and a lovely person. :)

Thankyou ever so much for your continued support - you really are wonderful people. :)

Lots of love and hugs xoxoxox

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hmmm...what do you think?

Hello peeps - I sort of need your help...

I don't know if you remember, but this time last year I entered a competition called LiveWired - run by our local paper. The prize was to win a place on the Acoustic Stage at the festival. I got through the online votes, meaning I had to perform in a live heat, but then got a horrible chest infection meaning that I couldn't perform. :(

This year I'd really like to give it another go - but I don't know which song I should enter to begin with and that's where I need your help. Last year I entered Topsy Turvy World, but I've written quite a lot more since. This song will hopefully go on the website as a representative of my music.

At the moment I've sort of got Tripping Through Violets in my head as that's more true to my live performances. - Oh the song has to be under 4 minutes too. I think TTV makes that by a few seconds. Lol.

Anyway, what do you think?

TTFN xxxxxx

P.S - I've got driving later. :-S It was a bit scary last time - partly because of the dark - partly because I was a bit rubbish! Lol. Dithering is my worst trait when driving. :-S Eek.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I be back. :)

Hi everyone :)

I'm back from a weekend in Bournemouth. :) I left early on Saturday morning and arrived home yesterday afternoon. :) It was a really great weekend - just chilling and stuff. :)

On Friday I videoed a concert that my friend Vic put on for a lady called Deborah Hodgson at Brading Church. Deborah is an amazing musician. Here's a link to her website... and her myspace...

She played in the Big Top at the Isle of Wight Festival this year. - She came round yesterday evening with Vic for a cuppa and a chat. :) She gave me a copy of her CD and I've been listening to it all morning! It's so good. I think some of the footage that I took on Friday may be going on YouTube soon. :)

I've got choir today again...hopefully it'll be easier than last week. Fingers crossed! :-S

I may be back later on today. :)

I hope you're all OK.

TTFN xxxxx

P.S...You may have seen this already - but now it's on YouTube too...

Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Anchor

Hello again! Wow - this is becoming rather regular! Lol. ;)

You know Nick, who I told you about in the last post? Well - on the night of the Open Mic Night he asked me if I'd like to play in the break of his set at another pub on Wednesday night...last night. :)

Nick is part of an acoustic duo called 'Shoot the Moon' with a lady called Becky (who's really nice and has a brill voice) - and he's also part of a band that plays regularly in Cowes and beyond.

So yesterday I turned up at the pub and did about half an hour in their break at the Anchor. :) I got some really nice feedback and the manager said that he'd like to book me for some solo gigs. :D Cooool. :) I also may be playing at his own party in December. :) - And also there were two ladies from another pub in Cowes who want to book me. :) Cooooool. :D Yay! :)

And I also have my driving lesson today...driving in the dark for the first time! Scaaaary. I think I'm going into the busy part of the Island today for the first time. - I'm a bit scared of traffic at the moment - clutch control and hill starts etc. - I'm getting there though! Lol.

Anyway - I'd best be off now. :)

Lots of love xxxxx

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Am I a bit late for the cuppa? Lol.

Hello! I be here to write about the Open Mic night. :)

It was a lot of fun. :) I had a really good time and met some great people. I also got the chance to play with two other people there on two separate songs. :) - 'This Is The Life' and 'Run'. :)
Nick - the chap who was sort of organising it - is also a musician - a really good one at that. He did some songs first, and then I did a few (three)...I think I did...'Beautiful Deceit', 'Tripping Through Violets' and 'Big Yellow Taxi' first. :) I really love singing that last one - you may actually be able to see a video of it at some point - because someone was recording it for the pub's Facebook group. :)
People kept saying that I reminded them of Joni Mitchell last night too - which I was incredibly chuffed about. Not because I want to be like her - know...because I admire/hero worship her a bit/a lot.
Maybe it's the fringe. Lol.

I think she's just brilliant. :) Well, not JUST brilliant. But anyway... :) I have decided that she's my all time favourite singer/songwriter/musical person. (She's even a tiny bit above Enya...eek!)

Anyway - there were a few people who did bits and bobs last night. Every so often Nick would invite me back up to do another set of three, and I went on a few times. I think this is how the sets of three went...

Beautiful Deceit
Tripping Through Violets
Big Yellow Taxi

The Show
Tea Leaves and Old Magazines
Gold and Blue

This is the Life (with another guitarist and Nick on the drums. :))
If You Could Read My Mind

Streets of London
Topsy Turvy World
Cactus Tree

Run (with Nick and another guitarist - lovely chap - but I forgot to ask his name! :-S Numpty.)

After I'd finished, I was told that I'd be getting a solo gig at the pub within the next two weeks. :D Coooool! :)

Mum also took a pic. Glowing eyes! Lol...

That poster in the background doesn't JUST say 'KILL YOUR MATES' - it's actually a 'don't drink and drive' kind of poster from our local council. The whole thing says...
'Go out, get wrecked, drive your car, KILL YOUR MATES. Don't drink and drive.'

It's a bit scary really - I think the Island has the highest number of road accidents in the country. :-S And I'm just learning to drive at the mo. :-S Eek.

Anyway! Lol. Today Brooke is coming round for her music lesson. :) I'm teaching her the piano/guitar/singing. :) It's really enjoyable - a lot of giggling goes on! :) I've got a few pics from one of her lessons a few weeks ago...

Actually - that's the only sensible one - I spoil the rest...oh no, wait - I have another sensible one...There we go. :)

And also, I took this video of Violet - she was in her 'play with meeeee pleeeeeease' mood. :) She's getting bigger now! But she's still little. :)

Corr! - This is turning into an online scrapbook! Lol. :)

I'd better go now before I go on forever! :-P

TTFN xxxxx

P.S - Do you remember a while ago I did a post about a TV show called 'Waterloo Road'? Well it's back on telly! I'm so excited! :D It's on tonight - the second show in the series. :) Yay! All is good. ;)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I just thought I'd write another blog as I've just got back from choir. It was quite hard today actually. Everyone seems to be scared of getting the notes wrong or something and won't sing loudly.

It's quite frustrating for me because I know how good they could sound if only they were a little braver. It would help if we had a few more people - just to boost confidence.

I always seem to come out of choir with a bit of a funny throat. I think I talk more in that hour than I do for the rest of the week! Lol. It's all practice for the future if I do decide to become a teacher though. That's what I'm aiming for anyway.

The thing about teaching at the moment is that I don't know if I'm doing it right. Sometimes they say that they enjoy it, and other times they don't say anything - but I guess that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't enjoy it. Oh I don't know...

Anyway - I'd better go and prepare a few songs for later on.

I'll try to do a little blog later - depending on what time I get back. I may do it in the morning so that Larry can read it with his cuppa again. ;) xxxxx

To open mic...or not to open mic...

Tonight I'm going to do an open mic night. - I'm a bit scared as I've never done one before. I'm not sure what it will consist of...but I'm going to have a go. Lol.

I gave my promo pack to the pub where it's being held - but they never got back to me - so I'm trying to use this as a little 'remember me?' kind of thing. Lol. I don't know if it will work - but it's worth a try. If I don't have a go I doubt they will ever get back to me! I think pubs are also booking their acts for next year now - so the plan is to get in there quick! ;)

Worth a try anyway. :)

I'll let you know how it goes. :) xxxxx

Monday, 2 November 2009

Stuuuudioooo :)

Ooh - just something I forgot to say earlier... (three posts today! Lol)

I'm going into the studio in December. :D Yay! I've booked my time. :) Hooraaaay! :)

Now to work on the artwork etc. :) I think a lot of it is going to be trial and error! Lol.

TTFN xxxxx


Wow! After saying that I don't have any gigs, I just got a call from a man at the Woodvale giving me 5 more gigs next year! Cooooool. :D

Porchfield etc. :)

Hello! I be here to tell you about the Porchfield Charity Gig. :)

Well - we arrived quite early to settle down and have a soundcheck etc. - It was literally just like a big living room/lounge area. :) Lol. - It was really nice though - very homely.

(The man who supplied the lighting forgot to supply the lighting mixer thingy, so Pete (the man who was organising it) decided to use a lamp from his house. - And just for a bit of a laugh he put a table and chairs with it - along with cups, a teapot and some teabags - like something out of a Harold Pinter play! Lol.)

So anyway - I had the soundcheck, which was good. :) And then we had a bit of a chat with Vic and waited for the audience to arrive. :)

At about quarter to eight everyone had arrived and all the tables were full. I reckon there were about 40ish people there. - Including Eva Cassidy's brother Dan. :)

So, at about quarter to eight I did my set which consisted of...

Tripping Through Violets
Beautiful Deceit
Tea Leaves and Old Magazines
Gold and Blue
Topsy Turvy World

(and then I looked at Pete to see how many more I should do and he said 'one?')

So then I said - this is my last one - and did 'Poetry.' - And said thankyou very much - but they were wooping and going 'more!' which was so cool!!! :D So I did my second ever encore! Lol. I did a cover of Lenka's 'The Show' - and then finished. :)

And then after David Hughes' set (he was really good - a great guitar player as well as a brill songwriter) there was a break. :) - So I went off to the loo - and when I came out I bumped into a man who said "Your songs are brilliant, we really enjoyed your set - we brought our friend with us today - Dan Cassidy - Eva Cassidy's brother." - and I was like...

Then he introduced me to him - he seemed really nice and said that he really enjoyed my songs - then I spoke to him a bit later too and I said about going into the studio etc. :) - Then a few ladies came up to me at the end and asked if I had a CD they could buy and where else they could watch me. I don't actually have anymore gigs at the mo so I couldn't say that I was anywhere.

I'll really have to try hard to get some more. - It's really hard to get anywhere to give you a chance though.

- I don't have any piccies from yesterday because it was very dark - pics wouldn't have come out showing anything but dark or extreme light. Lol.

Lately I've also been trying to do some album artwork. (And failing a bit.) Lol. Oh well. I'll keep trying! :)

TTFN xxxxx

P.S - After the break a man called Duncan Jones played a set - he's amazing. His songs are brill - he's such a natural. :) He's supporting Boo Hewerdine at the Quay Arts soon. I'll definitely be going to that one. :) Boo is also a great singer/songwriter. - He also plays guitar for Eddi Reader. And he wrote this song - it's quite a famous one...