Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Quay number three. :)


I'm back. :) I shall now write about the Acoustic Originals night at the Quay and show you some piccies. :)

I had a slightly longer set this time. Here's my set list...

Tripping Through Violets
Beautiful Deceit
Quite Blue (a new one :))
Gone For Good
My Little Ukulele Song
Gold and Blue
Topsy Turvy World
Poetry (I nearly wrote 'Pottery' then. Lol. Maybe not)

I think it was in that order. I may have muddled a few around. It was a good evening - I really enjoyed it and I had some lovely feedback too. - There was a lady there called Suzie who did a little write up about me on her website... - here's the link...

I thought that was really nice. :)
I shall now proceed to show you some photograaaaaaphs that my luverly sister took. I've had my hair cut a bit differently and I'm still getting used to it so it's a bit funny seeing it in photographs. Lol.

Here you go...

When we'd just arrived...Holly making it particularly difficult for her sister to take a 'proper' photograph...

This homemade ukulele strap is really cutting into the back of my neck :-S...A 'proper' one...

I'll try to add a few more photos on the website ( - Blogger is being a bit funny and it's really tricky for me to add them here. :-S

I'll be back shortly with a post about the studio visit yesterday. :)


Holly xxxxxxxx

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Larry said...

Great pictures, Holly! You look quite stunning and the hair is so lovely. It gave me a little gasp (of delight) when I first saw it, lol!

Glad you had a good time. I know how much you like Quay Arts and it sure looks like they like you right back, lol.

Do they make shoulder straps for that uke? If so, pick out one and let me know the cost. I will be happy to provide one for my favorite artist!

Great job on the pictures, Sis!