Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Holly at the Woodvale

I'm back to do my Woodvale post. :)

I've got a few piccies (ta Sis. :)) but the lighting was very...ummm...pubby. lol - So they're a bit fuzzy.


I played at the Woodvale from 9 - 11pm. When I arrived there were people eating their dinner and I felt a bit mean about interrupting, but that's why I was there. lol - So I got on with doing so. :-P I did all the songs that I did at Gurnard Sailing Club but with a few taken out and new ones put in...such as...

Where Do You Go To My Lovely?
Gold and Blue - original
Streets of London
Quite Blue - *new* original. lol :)
The Queen and the Soldier
Life for Rent
Fields of Gold
There weren't a great deal of people there, but I had my group of followers there! lol...Mum...Dad...Donna, Andy, Brooke, and my lovely ex-German teacher Chris. :) There were also a few people who were just in the Woodvale for a drink and stayed to listen, which was nice. :) Hang on, I've made it sound like there was literally no one there. It was near full at the beginning - but people went home as the evening went on.
Anyway - photos. ;)

Ooooo! and I had some rather exciting news today - Ashton Kutcher - (the most followed person on Twitter! - as well as being a lurvely American actor) tweeted about my cover of 99 Luftballons! lol. I was so chuffed. :D (Mum thinks he's scrummy. lol) The views have gone up by about 4000 just today!

WooOOoooOOOooo!!! :D

Lots of love xxxxxx


wolfgang said...

Ach, fast hätte ich es vergessen: Ich kenne noch eine berühmte Person. Ihr Name fängt mit H an und hört mit y auf.

LarryC said...

Wow! How lovely to hear about all of this! I feel that much of the world would be at your feet if they just knew about you! Love the pictures. Ty PBS!

DoctorCastille said...

So much well deserved excitement in your life Holly !! Hey, I agree with your mother: Ashton Kutcher is "scrummy"....but who cares, extra views are extra views, right? Good on you !!