Friday, 9 October 2009


Waheeeeeeeey!!! 100th post! lol. I made it.

I just wanted to say that I'm going to be away for the next few days so you may not hear from me until about Tuesday. I'm going to visit my boyfriend at Uni which should be good. :)

When I was younger I used to go to Elocution lessons...pretty much like acting lessons. The teacher (Mrs Wills) would put you in for Speech and Drama festivals and Acting exams. I really enjoyed it and did quite a few exams. I actually got up to Grade 8 Acting which I think is the highest you can go to before you do Bronze, Silver and Gold. I got Honours for my Grade 8 which is the highest you can get. :) I enjoyed it a lot, but stopped going when I got to High School because of all the other things that were going on. I used to play Netball and the school Netball club was on at the same time as Elocution, so I stopped Elocution (after 10 years!) only to do Netball, but stop that after about 3 weeks. :-S I'm not generally that fickle...or perhaps I am? No. I'm not. Actually...I am...oh you get the idea. lol

Anyhow...after 4 years of not going to Elocution I've decided to start again. :) I'd really like to start doing my Acting Exams again, just for fun. I'm going today. (Aaaah!) I'm quite nervous actually - there are only 3 people in the class - one being me, the other being my cousin, and the other being one of my friends - so I don't know WHY I'm nervous. Well - I guess it's because I haven't done it for so long. Part of the reason for going back is to try and make me a little more confident again. I was standing in front of audiences and reciting poetry/prose from the age of 5 - and actually winning cups for doing so! (Which was rather cool.) - But I think I'd find it a bit trickier now. lol. Anyway, let's see. :)

TTFN peeps. :) - I may even be able to blog from Ben's laptop - we shall see. :)

Lots of love xxxxxxx


LarryC said...

I am so happy for you that you are going to see Ben! It must be very hard being without him. I pray that he is well and that you have a fun and safe trip. Tell him 'hello' from the other side of the pond, lol!

The elocution sounds like a wonderful idea and I just know that it will help a lot to ease your anxieties. A very good move, imho.

Again, have a safe trip and have lots of fun! :)

Holly said...

Thankyou Larry :D I'll say 'hello' to Ben for you. :) - I went to Elocution today - it was good fun. I'll do a write up soon (probably when I'm at Ben's. :))

Anonymous said...

I thought that you must have done some electrocution classes when you did your Magic Song with Rob. You sounded very Julie Andrews (compliment - because she speaks so clearly). You always sing with clear enunciation.
Hope it goes well. Xenonrush