Tuesday, 13 October 2009

CD matters

Hello again!

I just wanted to ask to you a few things about the CD. :) I should be going to have a look at a couple of studios next week, which will be good. :)

I just wondered... which tracks do you think I should put on the CD? It depends how much studio time I can afford as to how many tracks I put on. - But I hoping to do about... 7-10.

I can only do originals - because covers can get a bit tricky - but I can also do traditional songs such as... 'She Moved Through the Fair', 'How Can I Keep From Singing?'

After I've done a couple more YouTube videos I'll try to do some album artwork too. I'll do a few options so that you can pick one. :)

Any suggestions/ideas would be very much appreciated. :)

Ta very much. xxxxxxx


LarryC said...

Wow, what a question! There is no way I could pick. There is so much superb material... The art work... maybe I could venture an opinion, lol! I think you know best, and there must be some consolation in knowing that you cannot go wrong, imho, lol. How exciting!

LarryC said...

A second thought:

As an afterthought, I was thinking that this CD is likely to gain more exposure for your work, and well, if it were me, I think that I would try to put things on there that portrayed me in (a) the way I would most like to be portrayed. What I felt were my strongest points or maybe things I would like to just 'get across' - a subjective matter.

Or maybe think of it as an introductory CD? How would you introduce yourself? I wish I could be of more help to you. We can all pick out our favorites but I am trying to look beyond that. And I have every confidence that you will do a great job on selection when everything is said and done. You will formulate a good plan that has deep meaning. My best wishes, blessings and prayers are with you always. :)

wolfgang said...

Larry is right, there are too many good original songs to make a decision. But one with the piano is inevitable: "A Woman You Don't Know". Would make me curious, when it was the title of the CD.

D.N.H. said...

An arduous task, trying to choose which to enclose and which to exclude. I cannot make a list of 'only these'. However, if it is any help, I'll list a few that I hope make the cut.

Gold & Blue
Tea Leaves

H said...

Thankyou so much for your comments - it's certainly food for thought.
Larry - Thankyou so much for your lovely comment, it really made me think a lot more - and I will certainly take everything you say into account. - Very wise words. :)
WG - Aha! Very good idea! A very intriguing title...yes. - I was trying to think of a good title today. - I'll certainly keep that one in mind. ;)
Dan - I'll see what I can do. :) Those songs do lend themselves to quite simplistic arrangements - which is good! :) Thanks for your suggestions. :)
Thanks again guys! :D

Anonymous said...

I like WG's suggestion of a CD title, here are a few more from one of your fans who reads and sings your lyrics a lot! You should recognise them for you sung them all in your originals. :-)

Dare to show what's real
I'm right here
Do you feel this too?
I live through the song
Brings me back to you
Life's what you make it
It's time to fly
The flame that burns for you
Promise me please
Tripping through violets

there, just a few suggestions :-)

You go Girl and remember, I was a promotions and marketing manager so if I can help you at all, let me know!

I'm just positioning myself!
The oily girl
Alan Rickman forever grrrrrrr

love and light
Susan xxxx

Anonymous said...

All I say say is that I particularly like "A Woman You Don't Know", "Poetry", "Gold and Blue" and "I Live Through the Song", that "Gone for Good" made a deep impression on me, and I rather like "Lady and the Past" and "Impossible" from your website too!

Palhadein said...

I'm a little late but I have an opinion on everything, that's why I have to give my point of view on that important matter !

Whatever the songs you'll choose, I imagine your CD as a musical journey through time (with songs from or evoking the past like 'The lady and the past' or 'Claddagh ring' or 'Carrickfergus' and "modern ones" like 'Poetry' or, let's say 'Topsy turvy world') and space... that's why I love the idea of 'Tripping through violets' as the title of the album !