Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Helloooooooo!!! I be back. :) How are you all?

I'm here to report about the weekend/yesterday. :) Well...

On Saturday Mum, Dad and I went up to the University of Surrey to refresh my mind about the course and the Uni and to make sure that I 100% want to go there next year. - The actual University was a lot nicer than I remember it - and the course sounds just as interesting. I'm sort of raring to go now! lol. But I'm going to make the most of this year. It was also the first time that Mum has seen the Uni, and she said that she could imagine my being there, which was good.
Then we drove on down to Bournemouth so that I could meet up with Ben. Mum and Dad pottered round the shops for a bit and then left me with Ben for the weekend.

On Saturday we walked along the beach. There's a pier there, amusements, an aquarium, etc. etc. etc. - and there was a big sign that said "Boat trips to the Isle of Wight! £22" - which was very odd! lol. We could see the Needles from Bournemouth, which was also odd.

In the evening, we went out for a reeeeeeeally posh meal to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. It was a brand new Italian restaurant that's just opened up in Bournemouth. It was so nice. I had this really posh pasta and Ben had a really posh pizza. It was WELL tasty. We had pudding too, which was also yummy. I had this little thing that was like the top of a cheesecake, but more foamy with other bits in, wrapped in slices of lemon, with some leaves on top and some different foamy stuff in two corners of the plate. It was one of those really posh courses where you have very little on the plate to make it look extremely posh. lol. I didn't really know what it was...but it was yummy. :)

Then on Sunday Ben and I went SHOPPING! I think Ben gets annoyed with me because I look around a shop, pick out a few clothes that I like, and then put them back because 'they're quite expensive'. Ben's tighter than me, but he still gets annoyed! :-S I did buy myself a new winter coat though. It's a red duffle coat and I got lots of money off because I had a voucher and Ben's a student. lol

In the evening we went to see Michael McIntyre live at the BIC. He's my favourite comedian by far. Here's a link to a clip from his DVD if you haven't heard of him... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCjThSMve7U

He was amazing. :D

And yesterday, I came home. - All on my own! lol. I caught the train, then the bus, and then the ferry. I was a bit nervous to begin with, but I got used to it and then felt very grown up. lol. :) We're a tad sheltered coming from the Island. I expect people have been going about on trains and stuff since they were about 13. lol. And here I am - nearly 19 years old - feeling proud of myself because I managed to get on the right train!

Anyhow - that was our weekend - I thoroughly enjoyed it. :) - I'll be back later to write another post about CD matters - but I have my driving lesson first. :) - Speak soon!

Holly xxxxxxxx


LarryC said...

Welcome home, Holly! I am so glad you guys had a great time, and congrats on your trip back home alone. And more congrats on your five year anniversary. I trust Ben is getting settled in a bit by now and is doing well. Thanks for sharing your weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at how often you used the word POSH in this one! Ahhh you're adorable!!!! love from Susan and Spoggy xxxx

Anonymous said...

ooh spooky, you know when you leave a comment it gives you a word to type in and the word was


mabye it's a sign, do you know anyone called ALF at the UNI - or maybe you chould take an alf doll (remember him) with you when you go!