Monday, 19 October 2009

Bits and bobs

Hi again peeps. :)

Thankyou so much for your great comments on the 'CD matters' post. I'm really excited now. :) After I've been to see the studios and have chosen one it will be all systems go! Then I'll have to finalise the track listing, pick a title and create some artwork! Yippeeeeee! :D I'm guessing it'll probably be released around Christmas time - fingers crossed! (Hopefully a bit before.)'s well exciting! :D

Tonight it's Acoustic Originals at the Quay Arts again - yaaaaaaay!!! :) I really enjoy these evenings and I think I'm getting less nervous each time, which is good. :) I think I'm going to take the Ukulele tonight as well...just for a bit of variation - hope the sound peeps don't mind.

I hope to be doing a new video soon by the way. An original. - Not long ago I did an interview with Michael of - and this song will be an exclusive one for the interview - then 7-10 days later it will go on my site as per norm. Soon (I don't know how soon) you'll see a video on my YouTube page that I recorded as part of the interview which tells you the address of the site and about Michael's YT channel etc.... I found it really tricky to do actually and I think I spoke a lot of rubbish. Lol. Oh well, let's just see how it turns out!

Ooh - and I got really excited yesterday... - because I saw my cousin in the audience on X-Factor!!! Well - he's actually my second cousin. He's called Richard and he's an actor. :D
After I saw him I googled him and found that he's been on one of my favourite TV programs and I didn't even notice him! Then I found the clip on YouTube and realised why... - you can skip to 3:35ish if you like - that's where he starts talking - he's the 'rake' man. Lol. - No wonder I didn't recognise him!!! Haha. :)

Ta ta for now. :D

Holly xxxxxxx


LarryC said...

Yes, it is exciting about the CD!

Hope you have a well grand time at the Quay Arts tonight!

D.N.H. said...

Christmas sounds like a perfect time for a CD release.