Tuesday, 27 October 2009

YouTrax.tv interview is up! :)

Hi peeps :)

Just to let you know that Michael has uploaded the interview now to www.YouTrax.tv :) You can watch the video on his homepage. :D

The cover I was talking about is at the end of the interview. :) (Was it the one you guessed Larry? ;))

Hope you like it! :)

Holly xxxxxx

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Studio Number 2

Hmmm...I've been thinking about the studios and I think I've made my decision. :)

Today I went to see a studio in Southampton. The chap(s) there seemed really nice - and again very helpful. The studio looked great and everything he was saying sounded really good.

I reckon that I'm going to pick this second studio. The one on Tuesday was also really good, but I kind of get a feeling that number two is the one for me. :)

We had a discussion about doing the songs with just guitar and vocals and piano and vocals, and came up with the idea of doing five that way, and five with a few more instruments. I was thinking of songs like Tea Leaves and Old Magazines and thinking that they might lose something if they were just guitar and vocals.

I've put together a list of songs. It was really difficult knowing which ones to use and leave out...but this is what I've come up with...

(They aren't in order at the mo)

Tea Leaves and Old Magazines
I Live Through the Song
Gold and Blue
Topsy Turvy World
Tripping Through Violets
Beautiful Deceit
My Little Ukulele Song
A Woman You Don't Know
Quite Blue

I may take one out of that list and put in another new one (called 'To Ireland I'll Away' (recognise that title? :))) - but I don't know what to take out.

Those ten tracks will take about 4 days in the studio. I'm not sure which ones will be the 'simple' ones though. Possibly...Gold and Blue...To Ireland I'll Away...I don't know...looking at the others it sort of seems as though I should add more instruments...but that would probably mean 5 days in the studio. I'll ask Gareth (the chap there :)).

Whilst writing this blog entry I'm currently listening to Joni Mitchell's 'Cactus Tree.' It's such a beautiful song, it's making me go all gooey! Lol. My friend Vic leant me 'Song To A Seagull' and it's gorgeous...well it's Joni...so... ;)

I was thinking earlier...Joni's music is like unwrapping a present that has an infinite number of layers, or a nice cup of tea that goes on forever and changes its taste at every sip so you never get sick of it. :) Or your favourite jumper that has the smell of memories, or your favourite book - you could read it a million times over and notice something special that you didn't notice before at every read. Well that's how it's making me feel anyway. :) I really feel like sitting in a really quaint cafe where the sun beams through the windows, sipping one of those cups of tea right now...I'm getting all carried away. Lost in my own funny head.


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Studio Number One...

Hellooooooo! Again! :)

I'm now here to write about the studio yesterday.

First of all, I get the impression that it's going to be a VERY hard decision to make. Rupert - the man yesterday, was really nice and genuinely passionate about music and the sounds he wanted to produce. Because it was at his house - it obviously had a very homely feel. He was such a nice chap and I think I'd feel really comfortable about 'expressing' myself there.

So now I just have to visit the other studio in Southampton on Thursday and make a decision. :-S Ooh Thursday is tomorrow. I forgot about that. Lol. Cool!

I'll keep you updated when I get home tomorrow (as long as it's not too late!) :)

Lots of love

Holly xxxxxxxx

P.S - Violet has found a new home. I don't know why I look so weird in this photo. I think I was talking to Dad at the same time. That's my excuse anyway! Lol.

The Quay number three. :)


I'm back. :) I shall now write about the Acoustic Originals night at the Quay and show you some piccies. :)

I had a slightly longer set this time. Here's my set list...

Tripping Through Violets
Beautiful Deceit
Quite Blue (a new one :))
Gone For Good
My Little Ukulele Song
Gold and Blue
Topsy Turvy World
Poetry (I nearly wrote 'Pottery' then. Lol. Maybe not)

I think it was in that order. I may have muddled a few around. It was a good evening - I really enjoyed it and I had some lovely feedback too. - There was a lady there called Suzie who did a little write up about me on her website... - here's the link... http://www.new-reviews.co.uk/Holly%20Kirby%20Review.htm

I thought that was really nice. :)
I shall now proceed to show you some photograaaaaaphs that my luverly sister took. I've had my hair cut a bit differently and I'm still getting used to it so it's a bit funny seeing it in photographs. Lol.

Here you go...

When we'd just arrived...Holly making it particularly difficult for her sister to take a 'proper' photograph...

This homemade ukulele strap is really cutting into the back of my neck :-S...A 'proper' one...

I'll try to add a few more photos on the website (www.hollykirbymusic.com) - Blogger is being a bit funny and it's really tricky for me to add them here. :-S

I'll be back shortly with a post about the studio visit yesterday. :)


Holly xxxxxxxx

Monday, 19 October 2009

Bits and bobs

Hi again peeps. :)

Thankyou so much for your great comments on the 'CD matters' post. I'm really excited now. :) After I've been to see the studios and have chosen one it will be all systems go! Then I'll have to finalise the track listing, pick a title and create some artwork! Yippeeeeee! :D I'm guessing it'll probably be released around Christmas time - fingers crossed! (Hopefully a bit before.) Oooooh...it's well exciting! :D

Tonight it's Acoustic Originals at the Quay Arts again - yaaaaaaay!!! :) I really enjoy these evenings and I think I'm getting less nervous each time, which is good. :) I think I'm going to take the Ukulele tonight as well...just for a bit of variation - hope the sound peeps don't mind.

I hope to be doing a new video soon by the way. An original. - Not long ago I did an interview with Michael of YouTrax.tv - and this song will be an exclusive one for the interview - then 7-10 days later it will go on my site as per norm. Soon (I don't know how soon) you'll see a video on my YouTube page that I recorded as part of the interview which tells you the address of the site and about Michael's YT channel etc.... I found it really tricky to do actually and I think I spoke a lot of rubbish. Lol. Oh well, let's just see how it turns out!

Ooh - and I got really excited yesterday... - because I saw my cousin in the audience on X-Factor!!! Well - he's actually my second cousin. He's called Richard and he's an actor. :D
After I saw him I googled him and found that he's been on one of my favourite TV programs and I didn't even notice him! Then I found the clip on YouTube and realised why...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kquaVh6wm2U - you can skip to 3:35ish if you like - that's where he starts talking - he's the 'rake' man. Lol. - No wonder I didn't recognise him!!! Haha. :)

Ta ta for now. :D

Holly xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

CD matters

Hello again!

I just wanted to ask to you a few things about the CD. :) I should be going to have a look at a couple of studios next week, which will be good. :)

I just wondered... which tracks do you think I should put on the CD? It depends how much studio time I can afford as to how many tracks I put on. - But I hoping to do about... 7-10.

I can only do originals - because covers can get a bit tricky - but I can also do traditional songs such as... 'She Moved Through the Fair', 'How Can I Keep From Singing?'

After I've done a couple more YouTube videos I'll try to do some album artwork too. I'll do a few options so that you can pick one. :)

Any suggestions/ideas would be very much appreciated. :)

Ta very much. xxxxxxx


Helloooooooo!!! I be back. :) How are you all?

I'm here to report about the weekend/yesterday. :) Well...

On Saturday Mum, Dad and I went up to the University of Surrey to refresh my mind about the course and the Uni and to make sure that I 100% want to go there next year. - The actual University was a lot nicer than I remember it - and the course sounds just as interesting. I'm sort of raring to go now! lol. But I'm going to make the most of this year. It was also the first time that Mum has seen the Uni, and she said that she could imagine my being there, which was good.
Then we drove on down to Bournemouth so that I could meet up with Ben. Mum and Dad pottered round the shops for a bit and then left me with Ben for the weekend.

On Saturday we walked along the beach. There's a pier there, amusements, an aquarium, etc. etc. etc. - and there was a big sign that said "Boat trips to the Isle of Wight! £22" - which was very odd! lol. We could see the Needles from Bournemouth, which was also odd.

In the evening, we went out for a reeeeeeeally posh meal to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. It was a brand new Italian restaurant that's just opened up in Bournemouth. It was so nice. I had this really posh pasta and Ben had a really posh pizza. It was WELL tasty. We had pudding too, which was also yummy. I had this little thing that was like the top of a cheesecake, but more foamy with other bits in, wrapped in slices of lemon, with some leaves on top and some different foamy stuff in two corners of the plate. It was one of those really posh courses where you have very little on the plate to make it look extremely posh. lol. I didn't really know what it was...but it was yummy. :)

Then on Sunday Ben and I went SHOPPING! I think Ben gets annoyed with me because I look around a shop, pick out a few clothes that I like, and then put them back because 'they're quite expensive'. Ben's tighter than me, but he still gets annoyed! :-S I did buy myself a new winter coat though. It's a red duffle coat and I got lots of money off because I had a voucher and Ben's a student. lol

In the evening we went to see Michael McIntyre live at the BIC. He's my favourite comedian by far. Here's a link to a clip from his DVD if you haven't heard of him... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCjThSMve7U

He was amazing. :D

And yesterday, I came home. - All on my own! lol. I caught the train, then the bus, and then the ferry. I was a bit nervous to begin with, but I got used to it and then felt very grown up. lol. :) We're a tad sheltered coming from the Island. I expect people have been going about on trains and stuff since they were about 13. lol. And here I am - nearly 19 years old - feeling proud of myself because I managed to get on the right train!

Anyhow - that was our weekend - I thoroughly enjoyed it. :) - I'll be back later to write another post about CD matters - but I have my driving lesson first. :) - Speak soon!

Holly xxxxxxxx

Friday, 9 October 2009


Waheeeeeeeey!!! 100th post! lol. I made it.

I just wanted to say that I'm going to be away for the next few days so you may not hear from me until about Tuesday. I'm going to visit my boyfriend at Uni which should be good. :)

When I was younger I used to go to Elocution lessons...pretty much like acting lessons. The teacher (Mrs Wills) would put you in for Speech and Drama festivals and Acting exams. I really enjoyed it and did quite a few exams. I actually got up to Grade 8 Acting which I think is the highest you can go to before you do Bronze, Silver and Gold. I got Honours for my Grade 8 which is the highest you can get. :) I enjoyed it a lot, but stopped going when I got to High School because of all the other things that were going on. I used to play Netball and the school Netball club was on at the same time as Elocution, so I stopped Elocution (after 10 years!) only to do Netball, but stop that after about 3 weeks. :-S I'm not generally that fickle...or perhaps I am? No. I'm not. Actually...I am...oh you get the idea. lol

Anyhow...after 4 years of not going to Elocution I've decided to start again. :) I'd really like to start doing my Acting Exams again, just for fun. I'm going today. (Aaaah!) I'm quite nervous actually - there are only 3 people in the class - one being me, the other being my cousin, and the other being one of my friends - so I don't know WHY I'm nervous. Well - I guess it's because I haven't done it for so long. Part of the reason for going back is to try and make me a little more confident again. I was standing in front of audiences and reciting poetry/prose from the age of 5 - and actually winning cups for doing so! (Which was rather cool.) - But I think I'd find it a bit trickier now. lol. Anyway, let's see. :)

TTFN peeps. :) - I may even be able to blog from Ben's laptop - we shall see. :)

Lots of love xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Holly at the Woodvale

I'm back to do my Woodvale post. :)

I've got a few piccies (ta Sis. :)) but the lighting was very...ummm...pubby. lol - So they're a bit fuzzy.


I played at the Woodvale from 9 - 11pm. When I arrived there were people eating their dinner and I felt a bit mean about interrupting, but that's why I was there. lol - So I got on with doing so. :-P I did all the songs that I did at Gurnard Sailing Club but with a few taken out and new ones put in...such as...

Where Do You Go To My Lovely?
Gold and Blue - original
Streets of London
Quite Blue - *new* original. lol :)
The Queen and the Soldier
Life for Rent
Fields of Gold
There weren't a great deal of people there, but I had my group of followers there! lol...Mum...Dad...Donna, Andy, Brooke, and my lovely ex-German teacher Chris. :) There were also a few people who were just in the Woodvale for a drink and stayed to listen, which was nice. :) Hang on, I've made it sound like there was literally no one there. It was near full at the beginning - but people went home as the evening went on.
Anyway - photos. ;)

Ooooo! and I had some rather exciting news today - Ashton Kutcher - (the most followed person on Twitter! - as well as being a lurvely American actor) tweeted about my cover of 99 Luftballons! lol. I was so chuffed. :D (Mum thinks he's scrummy. lol) The views have gone up by about 4000 just today!

WooOOoooOOOooo!!! :D

Lots of love xxxxxx

Monday, 5 October 2009

Haymakers' Sunday Joint :) Alroit bumpkins. :D

Hello peeps :)
Sorry it has been a while. - I'm here now though - just to do a write up about the gigs...well...today I'm going to write about the Haymakers' Sunday Joint because I have the photos ready for you. - I'll write about the Woodvale gig asap. :)

So! Yesterday was the Haymakers' Sunday Joint! :) - It was a nice day - despite being a little overcast. It was very chilled and there was some groovy music going on.

The was a big marquee in which there was a bar and a cake stall - and a stage for the musicians. :) The sound quality was really good actually (I thought) - well - it FELT good anyway. I could hear myself and the levels seemed to be good too.

Outside there were bales of straw...hay...straw...I always get confused! :-S - on which people were sitting, chatting, (smoking lol) and just generally chilling. When the music played not many people went in the marquee/tent (delete as appropriate) to watch the musicians, but just listened from outside (which was fine by me!). I didn't feel nervous at all actually - it was just a really cool, chilled event. I performed a 20(ish) minute set...here are the songs that I did in order...

Tripping Through Violets
Beautiful Deceit
Topsy Turvy World
Gold and Blue

And then they went "MOOORE!!!" so I did Tea Leaves and Old Magazines. :D It took me by surprise that they shouted more. No one has ever done that before...well only at the Anchor Night gigs that I used to do for school, but they were my friends so they were probs just being supportive. I've got a couple of pictures from the event...

(They're a tad blurry...and I'm pulling some proper funny faces.lol)

(Uber lol at the straw on my tights!...hay...straw?)

I'll try to get the Woodvale one done asap too. :)

Hope you're all groovy. :)

Lots of love,

Holly xxxxx