Monday, 28 September 2009

Just a Monday :)

Hellooooo! :)
Thankyou for your lovely comments about the interview. :) You're very kind! :) - I'm glad that you could get it OK. I just found out that the interview will be playing out again tomorrow night between 9 and 10pm BST (the first half) and also (the second half) on Wednesday (same time). :)

Today I'm hoping to get at least one whole song recorded. - But I'm extremely slow and picky/fussy, so I may not. Lol - but that's my aim anyway! I think this one is going to be called 'Quite Blue' - I know I've caught on to a bit of a theme with colours at the mo, but the title just seemed to fit this one. - Again it's something rather different! lol. But hopefully it'll turn out OK.

Anyway, I'll go and get on with it!

Lots of love xxxxx

P.S - Here are a couple of photos for you. - She follows me around, and even helps me with my music! lol :)


LarryC said...

Oh, how precious! I have heard that Snowy has been known to help you as well, hehe. :)

wolfgang said...

Nice picture! Nature in the neck, technology in front. Seems to me like a metaphor for the situation of mankind. Lol.

wolfgang said...

Holly, while waiting for your song, I found a poem written by Joseph von Eichendorff:

Die blaue Blume
Ich suche die blaue Blume,
Ich suche und finde sie nie,
Mir träumt, dass in der Blume
Mein gutes Glück mir blüh.

Ich wandre mit meiner Harfe
Durch Länder, Städt und Au'n,
Ob nirgends in der Runde
Die blaue Blume zu schaun.

Ich wandre schon seit lange,
Hab lang gehofft, vertraut,
Doch ach, noch nirgends hab ich
Die blaue Blum geschaut.