Thursday, 17 September 2009


Post number 90 :)

Today I went to Isle of Wight Radio to do an interview.
Here's a link... if you want to have a look at their site. :)

The interview is being aired on the show 'Live and Local' with Glyn Taylor. - He's a really nice chap. It was fun doing the interview, but I know that I'm going to cringe when I listen back to it! lol. I don't even remember singing in tune! lol. I hope I did... :-S Aaaaaaah.

I think it's going to be aired on September 27th, which is Sunday week I do believe. Please tell me if I'm wrong! lol. 7pm is the time I think. It may be 8pm - but 7pm to be safe! lol.

You can listen online I think - I should also have a copy on CD and therefore I can upload it to the website. :)

Hope everyone is well :)



LarryC said...

Oh how nice! I suspect that your 'tune' was just fine, lol. Sunday week is right and I cannot wait to hear it. :)

gassyoldman said...

Hi Holly! I'm catching up :) I forgot I had subbed to your blog!!

I listened to your interview some time back and was very impressed by your lovely voice, oh so posh accent, and the singing! It was out of this world!! It was almost better than your carefully recorded stuff!

Bill xxx