Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Interview (clips)

Hiya peeps :)

For anyone who wasn't able to get the radio interview... :) Here are both halves. :)

Thanks Uncle Tim!!! :)

Hope they're OK - thank goodness I wasn't horribly out of tune the whole time! :-S

Night night,

Love Holly xxxxx


LarryC said...

Holly, lol, you singing 'out of tune' would be something equivalent to me singing *in* tune, lol! Unimaginable!

The show was just wonderful! It is nothing less than a great pleasure to hear your beautiful voice and laughter. Yes, it was so lovely! Congrats on a very nice performance, all around. You came across as friendly, humble and professional. Very well done, my dear friend! I am proud of you. Now, the next time, you need not fret so much, lol. And, thank you for sharing.

And Uncle Tim, I am beholding to you for making it possible for me to hear it. You must know how much I wanted to hear it, and I could not get the player to work on this PC. Their videos worked OK but not the 'Listen Live' player (WMP). It said, 'Ready' but would not play. Anyway, thank you so much!

wolfgang said...

Thanks for the immediate transfer on MP3, Uncle Tim!
Holly, you were great, I never heard your voice so clear, just as sitting next to you. You are a very impressive live singer and somewhere, somehow I will hear you on stage. Versprochen!!!
Larry hat schon alles Wichtige gesagt. Ich werde mir die MP3s noch einmal anhören, dem Tempo von 2 Wight-Insulanern kann ich als Deutscher nur mühsam folgen. Ich freue mich jedenfalls schon auf Deine CD.

Anonymous said...

me too, i couldn't get the radio player to work. thanks uncle tim!!!
holly! you are super talented and very well done on the radio interview. you sound fantastic!! thank you so much for