Saturday, 12 September 2009

A girly day out

On Thursday Donna and I went out for a lil trip. :) We went up to Carisbrooke Castle to get some exercise and then went for lunch. It was really nice spending time with Donna, we don't do many girly day out things like that.

I've got a few pics that Donna took and has sent me, but she didn't send me the ones that she's in! lol. So they're all of me at the mo. :-S I'll try to steal some from her soon though. :)

Ok - so here's Holly looking like a bit of a wally. - Mid-speak/wave or something, but I included it so that you can see a bit of the castle in the background.

There's a walkway that you can walk on (funny that! lol) all around the top of the castle. We didn't go on it on Thursday, but I remember as a school child on school trips being too scared to go up the stairs. What a wimp. I don't think I've ever been up them actually...I should do that sometime...

Here's Holly looking goofy and trying to shell a prawn at The Blacksmiths. Donna had to teach me how to do it... lol.
It was a very yummy lunch. :) Tiger prawns cooked in garlic butter with tiger bread and salad. Yuuuummy. And now I know how to de-shell prawns too! lol.
I'd better go now. It's getting late here.
TTFN xxxxx


LarryC said...

Lovely, lovely pictures! Castle? What background? hehe

Yes, do try to 'steal' one with Donna in it. She has the prettiest little dimples! And such a beautiful smile.

Still trying to figure out what a 'prawn' is. From the description and picture, I would venture to guess it is what we call a 'shrimp', lol. If so, they are yummy indeed!

Glad you guys had a great day of sisterly love!

H said...

Hi Larry - lol. Yes I'll certainly try to steal one of D. :)

Here's a tiger prawn...
lol. The normal prawns are smaller and pink. If you click on the link then that's probably the actual size. They look a bit scary really! lol

:) xxx

TV said...

They actually taste much better than they look like :D

LarryC said...

Thanks, Holly. That picture (the color) looks like what we call Crayfish which live in freshwater habitats. Our shrimp are saltwater guys. But heck, they are all just little lobsters to me. Yummy! And, shrimp and crayfish (crawdads) are dark like that until cooked, whereupon they turn the pink color, lol.