Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Family Fun Day

Woah! I haven't posted in ages. :-S

Oops. :-S

I'll cast my mind back...aaaah...there we go.

On the August 31st I performed at a family fun day at a local community club. It was quite fun actually - you may have seen a few piccies on the website 'photos' section.

I arrived, ready to play at 2pm - just with my guitar - as that was all that was needed...(they supplied the rest.) But then they said "We'll just wait for half an hour - they need to do some of the children's races." I was there with an entertainment agency on the Island - well...not WITH them - but performing because they asked me to. (They're called The Stardust Agency

So...we waited for about half an hour...and then the adjudicator man said: "Stay with us folks! Only a few more races to go and then we've got music from the lovely Holly Sibley!"

Apparently I'm called Holly Sibley well as everything else I've been called...

Molly Kirby, Holly Kirkby, Lucy Kirby, Hilly Kirby...Holly Sibley. An easy mistake to make. :-/

The chappy (Dave) from the agency laughed and said: "Oooh nooo...I even wrote it down for him because he couldn't get it right!"...So we had a little chuckle about that.

Then after two more races (and about half an hour) the adjudicator man said: "Only FIVE races to go now and then we've got Holly Sibley playing for us!"

We had another little chuckle...and then my sister said..."Hang on, I'll go and give him one of Holly's business cards so he gets it right!"...

So she went over to him, handed him a business card and you just heard him say through his microphone..."OH! Hello Holly! It's lovely to meet you! Thankyou for the card!"...thinking that my sister was me. So that didn't work. Though at least he knows now that it's Holly Kirby, rather than Holly Sibley. :-S

Then I was introduced by a chappy from the agency, and I started with 'Home Again'. Then as I reached the chorus I heard this loud, booming voice coming through the speakers - and it was the adjudicator man again, just having a conversation with someone into his microphone! So, naturally I burst out laughing, but he just carried on. And so did I - after pulling myself together!
It was a nice sunny day and I really enjoyed it. I went on for about 45 minutes doing a mixture of covers and originals. It was a good day - and the minor, comical blips just made it funny. :) are a few piccies...

Did he just say...'Sibley'?

Was that five more?...right...

Action shot...

Here's the moment the chappy started talking over my singing.

TTFN xxxxx


D.N.H. said...

Nice pics Holly. Looks like it was a nice day. Like the hat.

Anonymous said...

it makes me chuckle and smile:) too reading your blog. Outstanding!! thank you!

wolfgang said...

Fine to have you on the screen again! "Strandleben" with Holly S.;-).Stardust Agency would be better called Angeldust Agency:-).

LarryC said...

Hollypie! You came back! LOL

Sounds like you had quite a time and if I may say so, you looked amazing!

Bet you guys are swimming in tomatoes by now, lol! :)

BTW, ever heard of Daniel Lanois, a record producer & artist? Just posted one of his songs to the 'Artists' thread on your site, and he really reminds me of of our Rob for some reason, lol.