Friday, 25 September 2009

CD... :)

Howdy peeps :)

I didn't go to Farringford the other day. :( The lady was busy or something. Another day I guess.
Now...I need your help. ;)

I've been thinking and thinking about my CD for aaaaages, and I haven't managed to get anything done. I don't have many pennies which is my main problem. Recording an album goes into thousands and thousands of pounds, which I just don't have.

So my idea is this...

I reckon, rather than spending lots of money on session musicians/fancy production - I should just keep the music simple. - Just me and the guitar - but recorded in a studio. What do you think? - It means that I'd have a bit more money to spend on the actual CD, getting the artwork printed etc. - It's only my first album, so it doesn't have to be amazingly amazing, just a bit more professional. What do you think?

I'd better go now - it's getting late.

TTFN xxxxx


wolfgang said...

Seems to me a very good idea, but I'm no expert. Professional quality and the ability of earning money are the only reasons to make a CD nowadays. The CD on the long run is a medium for the red list, with constantly decreasing numbers of selling. But there is no alternative, because the internet will never provide a secure platform of earning money with music.

LarryC said...

My first comment did not post here so if it shows up later...

Holly, your idea sounds logical, practical and prudent to me. The first album could serve to 'get your feet wet' and 'test the waters', a learning experience. The natural progression would seeming lead to something 'amazingly amazing' in time.

I really know nothing about what you are up against. What I do know is that whatever you do will be well received. Maybe Rob has some thoughts?

It is my hope and prayer to see you enjoying your life, talents and art, and not be pressured by them. Life will flow to a beautiful natural rhythm if we but let it. :)

TV said...

I know lots of musicians, who did their recordings in a homestudio and those're sounding good. So you don't really have to go to the studio, if you can do proper recordings at home.
We're going to do the same thing with my bands album. Completely for free.
I, for my person, would love a guitar only album :D But you have to be careful, because people often consider that boring (I know that from experience :D).
So, my recommendation: Try to do a mixed one, try to do it not overelaborately or try to find a sponsor. It's always a good thing to ask people you know, maybe they know somebody who will help you doing it cheaper. It's a matter of time and luck, but it works.


Oh: I'm still expecting your voice on those 2 songs :D Our recording date is 12.10. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can only speak from the experience I have of listening to your live shows.
Your audience always seem totally enveloped in your music, and even when you play in a club and people are chatting, lots of them seem to be desperately trying to listen to your words. People love your voice Holly! Although it is great to hear all the other instruments too, sometimes I have heard simple songs totally spoiled when the simplicity has been drowned out!
Your songs are simple and always very meaningful so I think just you and guitar would be a great start - to whatever life brings you. Just enjoy :D

wolfgang said...

Holly, is there a possibility to preorder your CD? Anonymous, this lucky man, is totally right. Your voice is so beautiful and will enchant many, many people. Personally I would like some songs accompanied by the piano.

Anonymous said...

hi holly,
go with your instinct! thats how i think to save cost. i kown you are a perfectionist, even just you and the guitar, you will make it a showstopper! and with your amazing voice nothing will go wrong! xxx

Anonymous3 said...

I think Wolfgang is right. You have a lovely voice, and keeping it simple should be best, but it would be nice for some of the songs to be accompanied by the piano.

A fan said...

Very interesting comments :)
I agree with Wolfgang too Holly - guitar and piano - wonderful ;)

Michael said...

I also think it is a great idea to keep your first CD simple, but I would definitely do it in a studio where you can be completely sure of the sound quality and to maximise the fantastic quality of your voice :)

Looking forward to it Holly :o)

ascom said...


I have been listening to your music for several months now. I have been mixing it with other music which was professionally recorded. I have always been listening over headphones (which are quite sensitive to poor recording quality, especially as I am using really good ones). And I am quite a 'sound quality nerd' (a lot of praised classical recordings just suck to me because of poor recording quality and I could never listen to that stuff over headphones).

I said all this to give you the right background for what I'm going to say now: I never had any problem with the quality of your later, more elaborate recordings. They blend very well with all the professional stuff. No need to worry about spending money on studio time etc. for your first album.

Ok, maybe I sound naive, it's just my point of view.

Professional production may be required if the arrangements get more complex etc., but when musicians start doing this its often the point at which they start to suck anyway (because they lose their focus). ;-)