Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Acoustic Originals number 2

Now to the Acoustic Originals. :) lol

I've got a few piccies for you here. There aren't many of me actually playing but I'll just put on what I've got. :)
Tuning up...concentrating hard...

Concentrating again...one of the only actual playing ones...

Just chatting...(I wonder what was so funny? lol)

I'm sorry - I really don't have many as Donna's camera ran out of battery.

I enjoyed playing, but I didn't feel as pleased with my performance as I did last time. That may be just me being really picky, but I didn't feel as confident. I don't know why. I think I'm going through a bit of a blip. I haven't written any songs worth sharing and I'm a bit...kind of...uninspired. I'm going to Farringford tomorrow. Hopefully that will make me feel a little better.

I'm playing at Acoustic Originals again in October. - I'll try to write something new before then.


Holly xxxx


wolfgang said...

Danke für die schönen Bilder!!!

Holly, ich weiss nicht, wie es Dir in Großbritannien geht. Aber über uns in hier in Deutschland hängt so etwas wie eine bleierne Trägheit, etwas Zähes, sehr wenig Inspirierendes. Es ist, als wäre Alles in der Zeit festgefroren, obwohl es noch sehr warm ist. Es scheint mir nicht nur eine politische Stagnation, auch eine geistige. Ich habe selten so viel Ratlosigkeit erlebt.
Gestern hab ich mir ein Video von "Silbermond" mindestens 30 mal angeschaut. Es hat mich auf eine Zeireise in die Vergangenheit entführt, zu den glücklichsten Momenten meines Lebens. Dieses Video ist extrem dynamisch, der Protagonist rennt durch sein Leben. Ich hab meine Bemerkungen in Englisch beim Musikspiel gepostet.
"Silbermond" mochte ich anfangs nicht, aber jetzt gefallen sie mir sehr gut. Sie sprechen sehr wichtige Themen auf der Gefühlsebene an und sind auf der Höhe der Zeit, obwohl Du erheblich besser singst als Steffi Kloß.

Übrigens: Die Resonanz auf Deine Lieder im Internet nimmt ständig zu, Du wirst wahrgenommen!!!

LarryC said...

Thanks, Holly. Maybe you are just being too hard on yourself? It is a proven fact that you do beautiful - heartfelt work. Many fans have spoken! Relaxing and 'letting your hair down' on stage is something that I can well imagine is difficult to do but something that I suspect will become more natural as time marches on. Hang in there and let the positive reaction of your audiences speak to your heart.

Everything about you and your art is so special to so many people!

Hope you enjoy your trip to Farringford tomorrow and that it does indeed 'make you feel a little better'!

Audience member said...

Holly - you ARE too picky!
You were brilliant on Monday, with only the tiniest hint of nerves which is only to be expected from even a seasoned performer when people are staring at you and listening intently to your music!
Remember that when you play in clubs etc there is a general noise of chatter etc so you feel a lot more confident. Whilst you were singing you could hear a pin drop because the audience were spellbound!!!...what more do you want?....chiiiiiillllll! ;)and stop being sooooooo pernickety! :D

wolfgang said...

Stop being..., how should this work? We cannot change the indirect variables in our live by instructions: "Be creative, be spontaneous, don't be uninspired, don't be picky...!"
We only have more or less influence on the circumstances of these variables.
Hugh, ich habe gesprochen. :-)

Audience Member said...

You certainly HAVE spoken Wolfgang! ;)
...very interesting observation :)