Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A visit ;)

Last week a person who may seem rather familiar to you YouTubers came down for a visit... :) I thought I'd write a little blog about it. :)

On Thursday morning we went to the ferry terminal to pick Rob up...we were a tad nervous...well I was anyway! lol. But the time came and we were watching the people coming off the ferry saying..."is that Rob?" "Nooo..." "Is THAT Rob?" "Nooooo..." and then finally......"That's him!" :D

We said hi - and I think we were all how we expected each other to be. Rob's a genuinely lovely chap and we had a lot of fun mosying round the Island.

On Day 1 we pottered down the beach and walked along to Cowes which was good - it was beautiful and sunny too. Then in the evening we went up to see Donna, Andy and Brooke. They'd just been away so it was lovely to see them.

The next day Donna, Andy, Brooke, Rob, Ben and I went out in the camper van. It was really good fun - and reeeeeally sunny and hot. We went to the beach first and stayed there for a few hours before going on Chale, Shanklin, Ventnor and Sandown.

Then the next day Mum, Dad, Rob and I went to Tennyson Down and recorded a little bit of video - which you can't hear at all because of the wind! lol. But the picture looks good! Then we went for a very nice pub lunch and then to Sainsbury's on the way home to get some food for a BBQ. Donna, Andy and Brooke came round for the BBQ, which was rather yummy.

Then the next day we had one of Mum's lovely roast dinners before Rob departed in the afternoon. It was sad really - we had a good couple of days - it was great having him to stay.

Here's a pic taken just before he left...

Here's Rob's YT channel if you don't know who I'm on about! lol.

TTFN peeps. :)

Holly xxxxx

P.S - Isn't Violet getting big?! :)

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LarryC said...

Great to hear that Rob got there OK, and that you guys had fun. Outstanding! Hope you guys made a video for us fans, lol!

Yep, Violet is growing right on up! :)